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Mid-Winter Classic 10 Miler 2015 Edition--in which I become a rockstar and find new places to chafe

Hey!  It's me!  I decided to come out of blogging retirement finally.  I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but I just haven't felt like blogging lately.  Yesterday's race gave me a reason to return.  I realize that I haven't bothered to recap either January, the year end or even December yet, but I'll get to that in another post.  Since it is the way I keep track of my running total, I will get to it eventually.

So yesterday was my third year running the Mid-Winter Classic 10 Mile race in Cape Elizabeth.  It's usually a pretty fun race in that all my best running buddies are there and also, it's right in the middle of winter.  And really, what else have you got to do in the middle of winter but head out in (usually) frigid temperatures and run 10 miles?

I don't know if you've been following the weather here in Maine, but we have been seriously dumped on with snow over the past week.  18-24" on Tues-Wed and another 8-12" on Friday.  That's a lot of f'n snow.  They were considering postponing the race if the road conditions were not going to be safe because of all the snow but I guess the plow guys in Cape E. do a nice job because they decided on Saturday to hold the race anyway.

Temperatures on Sunday were 4* when I got up at 6:30.  Expected high was 16*.  Not super warm but better than what I had originally heard, which was -4*.  I packed a whole bunch of stuff just in case I would need it because I really hate to be cold.
~Trail shoes and regular shoes--if the road was really snowy, I wanted to run in my trail shoes.
~two jackets to wear over my thermal shirt
~wore one set of long thermal running pants and brought another to wear over them
~hat, gloves
~sweatshirt and sweatpants to change into afterward
~various forms of fuel


I arrived around 8:20 and went in to get my shirt and bib.  I always like the shirt, it's long sleeve and this year it was red.  Most of my running buddies were not there this year (sad sad panda face) but I did find a few.  Mandy (my super fun tri friend) was there and I was so happy to see her!  I haven't seen her since last year's race when we had #allthefun.

really, we had the most fun

here we are again, she's trying to keep me from throwing up everywhere from nervousness pre-triathlon

So anyway, I was really happy to see her. So happy, we didn't even bother to get a selfie.  Total fail.

She was there to run, but also to help recruit people to sign up to be a bone marrow donor.  Which of course, I did.  All that it involves was filling out some paperwork--name, address, blah blah, then swabbing your cheek with a q-tip.  There is a young girl in her community who needs a bone marrow transplant and she was there for her.  I hope you find your donor, Haley.

team Haley, getting donors.

After chatting with Mandy for a bit, I found a table with my friend, Andy, to relax at while waiting for the race to start.  We chatted a bit and I also ran into my high school friend, Todd.  It was nice to see everyone but I was missing my girl friends--Danielle, Sara and Sarah.  Danielle was solo parenting, Sarah hates the cold and other Sara has some fancy equestrian business that she needs to run.  Whatever.  I missed all you bozos anyway.

Like usual, my stupid Garmin never seems to work when I want to use it.  Somehow, it was not hooked to the charger in the morning.  I thought it might have enough charge to get me through the race, but no.  Of course it didn't.  I went to set it at the start line and it went dead.  Womp womp.

My plan was no plan.  Just run.  I had no goals, no time planned, nothing.  Really, just to have fun and finish.  Andy, Jim, Carrie and Jen were also all planning on just having a fun run to we were going to try to run together and take #alltheselfies.  Well, that failed too.  Jim, Andy and I could not find Carrie and Jen anywhere at the start so we just started together.  9:00's were planned.  Jim and Andy started their watches (since mine was dead….), the cannon went off, and we were running.

The start was crowded and snowy to start but once we got on the main roads, it was pretty clear.  The temperature ended up feeling pretty perfect.  I wasn't cold at all.  The sun was bright and the white snow everywhere was just beautiful.  Honestly!  It was a perfect running day!

Andy, Jim and I ran together for about the first 3 miles.  Jim tells me that we were around 9:20, 8:40 then 8:30.  I was pretty surprised that I was running below 9, since I was not winded at all and really felt like it was easy.  I pulled away from Jim at that point and ran with Andy for awhile.  Maybe around mile 6 (? not sure) I pulled away from Andy as well.  I was watch-less at this point but just kept the pace I was going.

me in all black to the left--courtesy of Maine Running Photos

There were some hills at the start of the race and a few in the middle but these 'hills' are nothing at all like what I've been training with at home.  They really just felt like a bump in the road to me and I just ran through them without issue.

I was passing people left and right at this point.  It was a pretty awesome feeling!  Unlike my first year running this race, no old man in jeans was going to pass me this time.  Around mile 7, Andy caught back up to me again.  I was so happy to have someone to run with, I hoped we would finish together.  At this point we were doing 8:12 according to his watch.  I couldn't believe it.  8:00's!  At mile 7 of a 10 mile race!!  Here was where I knew I could really make a good time.  I was gonna turn it on here.

Andy stopped for water at the Mile 8 water station and I just kept going.  There was no slowing down for me at this point--I wanted to PR and I wanted to do it big.  I picked off runner after runner.  Not one person passed me after around mile 4.  Not one.  Mile 9 marker appeared and I pushed it a bit more.  Only one more mile to go.

Then came to turn into the high school where the race finishes.  You think you are done because that is where the race started, but no!  The finish is out back and it's about 1/4 mile to get there.  ugh.  But I still had gas in the tank.  I turned on my kick and passed 5 more people into the finish.


Big, big PR for me.  Last year's race I finished in 1:31:xx so that's a good 6 minutes better!  And I could have gone faster.  I wasn't even trying at the beginning until I realized that I could actually PR.

You really just never know when you are going to have a good race vs. a great race.  This day was definitely a Great Race day!
yes, I'm totally clapping for myself.  you should always clap for yourself.  especially when you are a **ROCKSTAR** and kill your race.

not too shabby!

I changed in hallway, as I am the master of changing clothes while staying decent, said bye to all my friends and headed out for home.  The DQ is now open, thank you sweet baby jesus, so that was my post-race treat.  All PR's deserve a giant ice cream to celebrate, right?  Then home for the best part of any race--the shower!!

Now normally I wouldn't bother telling you about my shower however, this one had a very special surprise in store for me.  I hopped in to the hottest, steamiest shower ever and started warming up.  All of a sudden I had the worst pain known to man, or woman, in a place where you never want to feel that kind of pain.

Water hitting chaffed skin = the worst pain ever.  I promise you.

I had the worst chaffing on my inner thighs about as close to the who-ha, the Queen, the crotch, whatever you want to call it, as you can get without actually being the who-ha.  On both thighs.

(insert screaming face emoji here)

I have never chaffed there before.  Like ever.  So I had no idea what that was all about.  Then I remembered.

I wore these new running pants that my sister-in-law had gotten me for Christmas.  The were thermal and warm and comfy and I had worn them for 5 and 6 mile runs before.  I pulled them out of the laundry to see what was up with the crotch and this is what I saw.

That stupid triangle crotch thing is what got me.  That stitching.  I should've known that running pants from Kohl's would not actually be appropriate for running.  Silly me.  #fashionpants

So word to the wise--avoid this type of crotch on long runs at all costs lest you want to have a week of wearing yoga pants and walking like a gang-bang victim.  

Other than the chaffing, this race was the bomb dot com!  I love the local feel, the people, my friends, the course, the volunteers!  Everything.  This race is very well done.  The cost is low and it feels like a bigger race than it is.  I love it.

Thank you Maine Track Club for a great race, year after year.

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