Thursday, April 9, 2015

March Miles and Beaver Sightings

So the calendar says "spring" but the weather here in Maine is still shit winter.  It's opening day for the local semi-pro baseball team and we get 4" of snow.

welcome to Maine!  fuck you!

Seriously, Mother Nature.  You suck.  Or in the words of my 9 year old son this morning, "Mother Nature is a butthole".

Yes.  Yes she is.

Anyway, despite the craptastic weather that we've been having, I seem to be able to still rack up the running miles.


Which included 4 long runs of 16, 14, 20 and 17 miles.  Just one month ago the longest run I had ever done was a half marathon.  Now, a half marathon seems like an "easy" day.  Go figure.

20 miles sucked and was ugly and took me close to 3:30 to finish so I have no idea how I think I might finish a full marathon in 4 hours, but you never know.

me hating all things running

Boothbay Harbor is the land of all the hills so a flat course might be in my favor.  With my luck it will likely rain like hell or be sunny and 80*.  Either way, I'm sure to die, vomit, curse, dehydrate, chafe and slog to a +4:00 finish.  On Mother's Day.  Cause what else would I want to do on Mother's Day?

So enough of all this mileage shit and marathon talk.  Let's get down to the real reason you are reading this blog.  Unless you care about me and running, the reason you are here is to find out what the heck I'm doing talking about beavers.  And you likely have your mind in the gutter.  And you'd likely to be right on with that thinking.

Read on folks.....

So on Monday evenings for the past month or so, I've been running a field hockey clinic at the Y with the varsity coach for younger girls.  This Monday was the same.  I came home from work, put on my running gear (in which I go commando,,, this is important.  remember for later.....)  and headed to the Y to get a couple of miles in on the track before field hockey at 6:30.  Fine.  Ran my 2 miles, did the field hockey clinic in which I played some 2 on 2 with the girls, then came home.

Dinner was ready when I got home so we started eating.  I happen to eat standing up at the counter and my husband says to me--what's on the front of your pants?  I look down and much to my horror (and everyone else who's eating dinner at the time) the seam of my running capris are split from the band at the waist all the way down to the crotch.  My entire crotch/bush/beaver/hoo-hoo whatever you want to call it was completely hanging out for all to see.

I did not tear this further, this was the actual hole in my pants.....


How does one's pants split open completely in the front and you don't even notice???!!!  How long did I walk around flashing everyone at the Y?  And worst of all, how come no one told me??

Ummm, excuse me coach?  I think your hoo-hoo is sticking out.

Omg I can't even imagine that conversation.

Seriously.  It's a wonder they let me volunteer.  Or maybe that's why they let me volunteer......

I guess I'm going to have to re-think the commando thing.....

Anyway, that's what happening in my end of the world.  No spring, snow again, more miles and beaver sightings.  Good stuff.  And my running friends, they are so supportive.....

Happy April.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Three Things Thursday

I haven't done a TTT for some time now, so there must be at least 3 things that I have to say, right?

1.  In my brain, today is Friday.  I thought last night was Thursday night and I think today is Friday.  What a disappointment to realize that it is not.  The kids have tomorrow off for a teacher in-service day so for them, it is actually Friday, but for me, well, people still want to have their eyes checked.  Wah.

2.  This morning was the third morning in a row that my running buddy and I managed to get up and run at 5 a.m. before work.  Three days in a row!  On the time change week!  That is nothing short of amazing.  It was dark as shit, but also pretty warm (for Maine) and quiet.  The first night, I barely slept at all I was so worried about oversleeping and missing the 4:45 a.m. alarm.  who the fuck gets up at that hour??  stupid people. that's who.  The second night, I slept like a rock but woke up at 4:40 on the nose and last night was similar.  Today I actually feel pretty normal like I didn't do anything special at all.  Like getting up and running at 5 is perfectly sane and regular behavior.  huh.  Maybe I could be an early morning runner.  I will say, it's pretty nice to get it out of the way.  Leaves more time for things like laundry and snacking at 8 p.m.

 Day 1

 Day 2

Day 3
I don't always run at 5 a.m. but when I do, I wear an owl hat.  And apparently, I only own purple running clothes.

3.  So you know how you have your favorite bra?  And maybe you have 1 or 2 of the same ones and even though you have other bras you only wear the 2 favorites?  Well mine were getting crappy looking so I thought I'd buy 4 of the exact same of my current favorite ones.  Smart, right?  Then I would have 2 crappy old favorites and 4 brand new fancy favorites.  I looked at the number and bought the same ones X's 4.  

Guess what?  

New bras feel like shit.  They don't stay in place, I feel like they are too small (like that is even possible with my tiny boobs) or something.  They ride up and I'm constantly yarning (Maine word) on them and adjusting to make it feel normal.  Not a good look.  

So now I have $80 of bras that I hate and I'm back to wearing my 2 old crappy favorite ones.  

Yet another argument for wearing running clothes all the time.  Running clothes = sports bras.  And even though I have flat boobs in sports bras, they are all comfortable.

Yes.  This is yet another of my fantastically awesome #firstworldproblems.

How is your Friday Thursday going?  

Any bra issues you care to share?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

January and February Review

2015 is starting out fantastically for me as far as running is concerned.  I have been able to log crazy miles in the dead of winter thanks, in part, to my fabulous running friends and the fact that I have been far more disciplined with my workouts.  Yay me!


Miles Run--100.45.  You read that correctly, folks.  ONE HUNDRED MILES run in JANUARY!  In MAINE!  100 miles is a new record for me and certainly a huge achievement to get it done in one of the worst winter months.  Not to mention, we had record snowfall and bitter cold temperatures the last week of January extending into February.

I've had very little cross training lately, with 60 minutes on the spin bike and 1 measly hour of tennis. I can't do everything, it seems, so running wins.


Miles Run--111.  I love that number.  More than last month.  February is a shorter month and the weather continued to be atrocious but I still managed to get that many miles in.  I believe I had maybe 3 of those runs outside and the rest were on the treadmill and the track.


But all this mental training will be good for that marathon thing I have coming up in May, right??

Other notable events in Jan/Feb:

~10 mile PR at the Mid-Winter Classic, taking 6+ minutes off my best time.

~running 16 miles--longest run ever.  10 on the track and 6 outside, in the dark, in the snow and cold with my running buddy.  Big accomplishment.
~the oldest daughter's basketball team won their conference championship!  So very exciting.

But then lost unexpectedly in the first round of the playoffs.  womp. womp.

The day after the boys team lost very unexpectedly in the first round.

Both games at the buzzer.

~added on after original post--I just finished watching all the Breaking Bad episodes.  I'm kinda feeling like I'm having withdrawal.  I was a little late to the party on this one, but it was a great show.  Moving on to Saul and his new series?
~So many snow days. I think we got somewhere in the range of 90 inches of snow in the last week of January through February.  I don't think the kids had a full week of school ever in February.
~My oldest started driver's ed.  Want to feel old?  This is how you feel old--watch your kid driving a car for the first time.
also notable in this picture, the giant ass snowbanks we have.  and they are bigger now.

~some indoor field hockey where our little local team of 7 girls went up against club teams and much bigger schools and looked pretty damn good!  2-1-1

~and I can't leave the boy out, he started travel team basketball and scored #allthepoints in the first few games.  I hope this kid grows early (although I doubt it), cause he's gonna be something else on the court.  (things every single mother in the world says.... )

Moving on to March.  Let's hope the giant piles of snow melt before June......

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Catching Up--in which I finally recap Dec and the year 2014

So as I sit here in between patients (after the nine millionth snowstorm this week), I thought it might be a good time to catch up on all things blogging.


Run--62.74 miles
Bike--100 minutes
Swim--2000 yds
Tennis--6 hours
Weights--15 minutes

Review and totals for 2014

Miles Run--668.88
Bike--2155 minutes of biking or spinning  That is approximately 576 miles of biking.
Swim--44,000 yards which equates to about 27 miles of swimming.

That is a total of 1271 miles, which is like driving from Boothbay Harbor, ME to Nashville, TN.  I guess I covered a bit of ground this year.  I also exceeded my running goal of 600 miles, so I'm pretty proud of that!

Favorites for 2014

Bradbury Mountain Trail Series

My first time racing on trails and I really, really enjoyed it.  It was hard, both mentally and physically but I did them all.  The 6, 9 and 12 mile race I finished and now can call myself a Bad Ass.  And I have the hoodie to prove it. Thank you Danielle, for helping me make poor life decisions... ;)  And of course, now I have to do it again next year so you can earn your hoodie!

 smiling fool, that's me!

see?  Bad Ass^^^

The Harborfest Half was so much fun in that Gary Allen came to run with us and I had a miserable sufferfest of a half marathon in which I ran (walked) #allthehills and sucked #allthewind.  It was long and awful and hard but I'll likely do it again next year.  

 will someone get him a cheeseburger?  Jeez.

I had a random 10 mile race in Massachusetts that I won an entry into.  No friends here, but a nice race with nice people and a cool photo.  Thanks, random photographer.

Surprisingly, the Santa Shuffle Half Marathon was a fabulous race!  It was well organized, parking was easy and plentiful and I had a great PR, finally, finally breaking the 2 hour mark at 1:55!!  AND we dressed up!  #allthefun  I cannot wait to do this race again next year.  So gimmicky, but extremely fun.

What's in store for 2015?

~I had a fantastic race at the Mid-Winter Classic 10 miler on Feb 1, which you can read all about here.

~I have done the unthinkable and ran over 100 miles in January, which brings me to the completely unimaginable--I signed up for the Maine Coast Marathon in May!  Never in a million years did I ever think I would sign up to do a marathon.  Never in ten million years did I ever think I would even be able to run a marathon.  I have to thank my running friends, Stacey and Lauren and Danielle, for helping me to make more poor life choices.  All of us fools (and so many more!) will be at this marathon, on Mother's Day, trying to finish and maybe, just maybe qualifying for Boston.....

Never in my wildest dreams (nightmares??) would I have entertained the thought of qualifying for Boston, but lately my running times and my old age have led me to believe that it just might be possible.

Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks or at least run many miles in 3:55......

~Also on the agenda is a redo of the Bradbury Mountain Trail Series.  It was fun and different and I plan on doing it again.

~Beach to Beacon 10K
~Harborfest Half Marathon--cause I enjoy suffering and this one goes right by my house.

That's it so far.  I need to find a half marathon sometime in April, if you have any suggestions in the New England area.  I'd also like to do a relay like Ragnar,

What do you have planned for 2015?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mid-Winter Classic 10 Miler 2015 Edition--in which I become a rockstar and find new places to chafe

Hey!  It's me!  I decided to come out of blogging retirement finally.  I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but I just haven't felt like blogging lately.  Yesterday's race gave me a reason to return.  I realize that I haven't bothered to recap either January, the year end or even December yet, but I'll get to that in another post.  Since it is the way I keep track of my running total, I will get to it eventually.

So yesterday was my third year running the Mid-Winter Classic 10 Mile race in Cape Elizabeth.  It's usually a pretty fun race in that all my best running buddies are there and also, it's right in the middle of winter.  And really, what else have you got to do in the middle of winter but head out in (usually) frigid temperatures and run 10 miles?

I don't know if you've been following the weather here in Maine, but we have been seriously dumped on with snow over the past week.  18-24" on Tues-Wed and another 8-12" on Friday.  That's a lot of f'n snow.  They were considering postponing the race if the road conditions were not going to be safe because of all the snow but I guess the plow guys in Cape E. do a nice job because they decided on Saturday to hold the race anyway.

Temperatures on Sunday were 4* when I got up at 6:30.  Expected high was 16*.  Not super warm but better than what I had originally heard, which was -4*.  I packed a whole bunch of stuff just in case I would need it because I really hate to be cold.
~Trail shoes and regular shoes--if the road was really snowy, I wanted to run in my trail shoes.
~two jackets to wear over my thermal shirt
~wore one set of long thermal running pants and brought another to wear over them
~hat, gloves
~sweatshirt and sweatpants to change into afterward
~various forms of fuel


I arrived around 8:20 and went in to get my shirt and bib.  I always like the shirt, it's long sleeve and this year it was red.  Most of my running buddies were not there this year (sad sad panda face) but I did find a few.  Mandy (my super fun tri friend) was there and I was so happy to see her!  I haven't seen her since last year's race when we had #allthefun.

really, we had the most fun

here we are again, she's trying to keep me from throwing up everywhere from nervousness pre-triathlon

So anyway, I was really happy to see her. So happy, we didn't even bother to get a selfie.  Total fail.

She was there to run, but also to help recruit people to sign up to be a bone marrow donor.  Which of course, I did.  All that it involves was filling out some paperwork--name, address, blah blah, then swabbing your cheek with a q-tip.  There is a young girl in her community who needs a bone marrow transplant and she was there for her.  I hope you find your donor, Haley.

team Haley, getting donors.

After chatting with Mandy for a bit, I found a table with my friend, Andy, to relax at while waiting for the race to start.  We chatted a bit and I also ran into my high school friend, Todd.  It was nice to see everyone but I was missing my girl friends--Danielle, Sara and Sarah.  Danielle was solo parenting, Sarah hates the cold and other Sara has some fancy equestrian business that she needs to run.  Whatever.  I missed all you bozos anyway.

Like usual, my stupid Garmin never seems to work when I want to use it.  Somehow, it was not hooked to the charger in the morning.  I thought it might have enough charge to get me through the race, but no.  Of course it didn't.  I went to set it at the start line and it went dead.  Womp womp.

My plan was no plan.  Just run.  I had no goals, no time planned, nothing.  Really, just to have fun and finish.  Andy, Jim, Carrie and Jen were also all planning on just having a fun run to we were going to try to run together and take #alltheselfies.  Well, that failed too.  Jim, Andy and I could not find Carrie and Jen anywhere at the start so we just started together.  9:00's were planned.  Jim and Andy started their watches (since mine was dead….), the cannon went off, and we were running.

The start was crowded and snowy to start but once we got on the main roads, it was pretty clear.  The temperature ended up feeling pretty perfect.  I wasn't cold at all.  The sun was bright and the white snow everywhere was just beautiful.  Honestly!  It was a perfect running day!

Andy, Jim and I ran together for about the first 3 miles.  Jim tells me that we were around 9:20, 8:40 then 8:30.  I was pretty surprised that I was running below 9, since I was not winded at all and really felt like it was easy.  I pulled away from Jim at that point and ran with Andy for awhile.  Maybe around mile 6 (? not sure) I pulled away from Andy as well.  I was watch-less at this point but just kept the pace I was going.

me in all black to the left--courtesy of Maine Running Photos

There were some hills at the start of the race and a few in the middle but these 'hills' are nothing at all like what I've been training with at home.  They really just felt like a bump in the road to me and I just ran through them without issue.

I was passing people left and right at this point.  It was a pretty awesome feeling!  Unlike my first year running this race, no old man in jeans was going to pass me this time.  Around mile 7, Andy caught back up to me again.  I was so happy to have someone to run with, I hoped we would finish together.  At this point we were doing 8:12 according to his watch.  I couldn't believe it.  8:00's!  At mile 7 of a 10 mile race!!  Here was where I knew I could really make a good time.  I was gonna turn it on here.

Andy stopped for water at the Mile 8 water station and I just kept going.  There was no slowing down for me at this point--I wanted to PR and I wanted to do it big.  I picked off runner after runner.  Not one person passed me after around mile 4.  Not one.  Mile 9 marker appeared and I pushed it a bit more.  Only one more mile to go.

Then came to turn into the high school where the race finishes.  You think you are done because that is where the race started, but no!  The finish is out back and it's about 1/4 mile to get there.  ugh.  But I still had gas in the tank.  I turned on my kick and passed 5 more people into the finish.


Big, big PR for me.  Last year's race I finished in 1:31:xx so that's a good 6 minutes better!  And I could have gone faster.  I wasn't even trying at the beginning until I realized that I could actually PR.

You really just never know when you are going to have a good race vs. a great race.  This day was definitely a Great Race day!
yes, I'm totally clapping for myself.  you should always clap for yourself.  especially when you are a **ROCKSTAR** and kill your race.

not too shabby!

I changed in hallway, as I am the master of changing clothes while staying decent, said bye to all my friends and headed out for home.  The DQ is now open, thank you sweet baby jesus, so that was my post-race treat.  All PR's deserve a giant ice cream to celebrate, right?  Then home for the best part of any race--the shower!!

Now normally I wouldn't bother telling you about my shower however, this one had a very special surprise in store for me.  I hopped in to the hottest, steamiest shower ever and started warming up.  All of a sudden I had the worst pain known to man, or woman, in a place where you never want to feel that kind of pain.

Water hitting chaffed skin = the worst pain ever.  I promise you.

I had the worst chaffing on my inner thighs about as close to the who-ha, the Queen, the crotch, whatever you want to call it, as you can get without actually being the who-ha.  On both thighs.

(insert screaming face emoji here)

I have never chaffed there before.  Like ever.  So I had no idea what that was all about.  Then I remembered.

I wore these new running pants that my sister-in-law had gotten me for Christmas.  The were thermal and warm and comfy and I had worn them for 5 and 6 mile runs before.  I pulled them out of the laundry to see what was up with the crotch and this is what I saw.

That stupid triangle crotch thing is what got me.  That stitching.  I should've known that running pants from Kohl's would not actually be appropriate for running.  Silly me.  #fashionpants

So word to the wise--avoid this type of crotch on long runs at all costs lest you want to have a week of wearing yoga pants and walking like a gang-bang victim.  

Other than the chaffing, this race was the bomb dot com!  I love the local feel, the people, my friends, the course, the volunteers!  Everything.  This race is very well done.  The cost is low and it feels like a bigger race than it is.  I love it.

Thank you Maine Track Club for a great race, year after year.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

November Review

Hey look, it's half way through December, must be time to review November's totals, right?  At least I'm doing it before the end of the year.  November was surprisingly a good month for me.  I really had no idea where my numbers were going to be and I was shocked to see where they were.

Run Miles--78.49!!  Yes, you read that correctly--78 miles in November!!  Crazy.  I have no idea how I managed to find the time to run 78 miles, but I did.  I think part of it is that my "short" runs are really no less than 5 miles now.  I find it hard to even bother to get dressed to run 'just' 3 miles anymore.  It seems like such a waste of time.  My shortest run this month was 4 and longest was a half marathon.  

Total for the year so far is 606.  That's pretty darn good!

Spin Minutes--155  Not horrible.

Swim--5500 yards.  Slowly getting back into swimming again.  I do like it, it feels good for my body to do something different than running.  It's just so hard to change into a swim suit, go and be cold for 10 minutes during the warm-up, get all wet etc.  It's so much easier to just change into running clothes and run.

Tennis--2 hours  I had skipped tennis for most of the fall because I have to rearrange my work schedule to go and I had decided that I would rather miss work to see the girls' field hockey games than play tennis.  Now that field hockey is over, I can get back to tennis again.  I like it because it's fun and different but I really don't get as good a workout from it like I do on a 6 mile run.

Weights--50 minutes.  Lame.

Races Run--I did a kinda virtual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.  There was supposed to be an actual organized run that morning but the weather screwed everything up again and the roads were super icy so they moved the run inside the YMCA on the track.  Yuk.  My running buddy, Stacey, and I decided just to go a bit later and take it outdoors.  WAY better decision.

I also did the Santa Hustle Half Marathon this month and it was a BLAST!!  Really, one of the most fun races I have ever done.  Partly because it was actually fun, and partly because I scored a sweet PR, cutting around 7 minutes off my time!  BAM!

I loved dressing up and I loved running well.  You can read the race recap here if you wish.  But I would totally do this race again next year if they come back.  Loved it.

Books Read

~FINALLY finished the Game of Thrones Series.  Wow, that last one sucked.  It was long, boring and never really seemed to go anywhere.  I feel like a whole lot of nothing happened and I wasted 3 weeks trying to drudge my way through it.  Otherwise, I really enjoyed the series and I'm ready to watch the tv series now.

~Gone Girl--finished this book in about 4 days.  I had started this one about a year ago and never got into it, but then tried again this week and for some reason, I liked it much better.  Anyway, good book if you want to read it.  The ending was not at all what I expected and it left me a bit pissed.

New Music--all things country, again, all things pop are bugging the shit out of me.
~Chillin It
~Ready Set Roll
~Somewhere in My Car
~Take it on Back

New and Exciting--I guess the biggest thing right now is that after the high of such a successful half marathon, I got all delusional and signed up for a full marathon......  Excited and scared all at the same time.  The feeling I had after that half in November was the first time I really truly felt as though I had the stuff to complete a marathon.  I have never finished a half and not felt like I wanted to die.  This time I felt like I could do more.  It wasn't hard.   So I got all stupid and signed up for the Maine Coast Marathon in May.  On Mother's Day.  Cause really, who doesn't want to run 26.2 miles on Mother's Day?   Seriously, like I've got something better to do that day.

All things basketball are going on right now.  Big Sister made varsity this year and I think she will see some playing time if what happened in pre-season continues to happen during the regular season.  I think we have a pretty good team this year--going in underrated, we may just surprise some teams.  Unfortunately, the weather here has sucked this past week so the first 2 games of the season have been rescheduled.  ugh.  Opener is tonight.

Things I'm Loving 
~Loving my running and totals right now.
~Loving my accomplishments this past month in regards to running.
~Loving my weight and size.  Hovering around 137-140 which is excellent for me.  My stomach is close to showing legit abs.  Many of my pants are loose.

Things I'm Hating
~I'm hating this winter.  I'm hating all winters.  The cold sucks.
~I don't usually get all down on getting older but wow, I am really feeling it lately.  I can see how people go through a mid-life crisis.  It's not so much how I feel inside about myself, it's more how I'm being perceived.  Example--20 somethings look handsome to me, they look at me like, mom?   It must be a real struggle for those that have always been so focused on their looks and were always the beautiful ones.  I was never that girl, always very average and blah.  Not the one that anyone noticed at a party.  I cannot imagine going from being the beauty queen to the pretty woman in her 40's.  No wonder all of Hollywood has so much plastic surgery.  The struggle to stay young and relevant is real.
~Dark at 4:30 sucks the life out of me.  Maybe I have seasonal affective disorder.....
~Christmas sucks the life out of me as well.  I wish Christmas were more like how Thanksgiving is and less about the buying of presents.

I hope you all are having a great December thus far and good luck with Christmas shopping and celebrating!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Santa Hustle Half Marathon Race Report

The Santa Hustle race information showed up about 2 months ago on my facebook feed and I was so excited about it!  I signed up right away and tried like hell to get my friends to sign up too.  It is a new race series with a 5K and Half Marathon option.  You get a red sweatshirt, santa beard and santa hat as part of your race swag.  Christmas music and cookies would be found on the course.  I thought for sure I could get a bunch of friends to go with me and dress up.

But no one did.  It's a gimmic-y, costume-y, silly kind of race like the Color Run but there was a half marathon option which IMO made it more legit.  I still couldn't get anyone to bite.

Whatever.  I was going to go anyway and have fun all Santa-like without them.  Even though I am a grinch.

As the date got closer, I found that my friend Jim, was coming and he was going to help me get my sub-2.  Yay!  Then the week before the race I got my hometown running buddy to sign up, and another one from home and then all of a sudden there were tons of people I knew who were going!  All of who were on a mission to get me under 2 hours.

The race was supposed to start at 7:00 a.m. which was perfect other than I had to get up at 4:15 to get ready.  It's still pretty damn dark at 4:15, in case you were wondering.  I got dressed and headed over to pick up my local running buddy, Stacey.  She so kindly snapped a pic of me buying my pre-race fuel so that she could make fun of me on facebook.

don't be hating on the xmas outfit.  I rock the candy cane skirt.

Stacey refused to dress up and wear the red tights and tutu I had for her.  She did agree to the santa hat so there's that at least.

They had all kinds of xmas crap set up once we got there.  Inflatable snowman, inflatable reindeer, actual reindeer, candy and of course Santa Hustle gear to purchase.  

We walked around checking stuff out and met up with our group.  We started out in the 8 minute mile area but looked up to the 6 minute mile area and there was no one.  So we went there instead.  Cause that's how we roll.

Everyone I was running with was faster than me, but they were all either training or just taking it easy today so the mission was SUB 2 FOR MICHELLE.  I have to say, it was pretty awesome having my own pacing team.

 pre-race with Leslie photobomb!

The group posing is the group from Boothbay Harbor.  We also had a Mrs. Claus and Buddy the Elf running with us that somehow missed this photo.
best costume ever!  people kept yelling, "I hope you find your dad, Buddy!"  The irony is he's never seen the movie..... hahaha

And I also ran into my other running buddy, Leslie, who ended up finishing SUPA FAST in like 1:35 or something like that.  Whatever.  It's her stupid long legs... she has an unfair advantage.

The race was supposed to start at 7:00 but finally got going around 7:15.  I guess there was a traffic accident or something that the police needed to deal with first.  At 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday.  Weird. The temperature was perfect to start, probably in the 30's?  Something like that.  A bit cool but perfect for once you got going.

Mile 1:  8:31
Mile 2:  8:27
Mile 3:  8:33
Mile 4:  8:42
Mile 5:  8:42
Mile 6:  8:44
Mile 7:  8:56
Mile 8:  9:01
Mile 9:  8:53
Mile 10:  9:03
Mile 11:  8:57
Mile 12:  8:53
Mile 13:  8:49
.1:  :45

Total Garmin time:  1:54:58
Bib time: 1:55:00

131/466 overall finishers.  71/341 females.  11/56 in my age group.

This is BY FAR, my strongest race ever.  I felt great the entire race.  My splits were all pretty even and I never once needed to stop, I never got a cramp, felt tired, wanted to die... not even once.  This is the first time that I could ever even believe for a moment that I might, just might, be able to finish a marathon.

The whole race, I ran at a pace where I could (and did!) hold a conversation.  I never felt winded or out of breath.  I really feel like if I had wanted to step it up a bit, I certainly could have.

The race course itself, was pretty ugly and boring.  It was around the mall area in Portland and near the airport so there was some traffic and noise and nothing really worth seeing.  However, the course was flat so that probably contributed to the ease of this race for me and honestly, people did not sign up for this race for a pretty view on the course.  It was all about the santa costumes in this race!

I love this photo!

At the finish there was the usual water and bananas, but also mini M & Ms  yessssssss! and cookies! We got a cool santa medal as well.

All in all, I really enjoyed this race!  It was well organized for being a first time race here in Maine, there was good swag, good snacks, a medal, a PR, and perfect weather day--really just a great race overall.  There was plenty of parking, porta potties, volunteers and police support.  The only thing that was a little annoying was that the sweatshirts were really tiny!  I mean like a ladies M fit my 11 year old daughter who weighs 80 lbs......  I haven't tried it on, but really, it's pretty dang small.  But if that's the only complaint, well, I suppose the race is a winner!

If you get a chance to do a santa hustle in your area, I would totally sign up for it.