Monday, June 22, 2015

a shout out to the asshole

Hey you!  yeah you!  The asshole in the white Volvo that felt the need to yell at me while running today.  Why don't you suck it.  Just suck it.

So today, like so many other days at lunch time, I went out for my run.  I usually run from my office to the local high school and back which is about 4 miles.  The roads I run on are local town roads except for two times when I cross Business Route 1 (which is kinda a main street in our town) and then actually run on it near the high school.  But otherwise, all you city people would laugh and consider this town and its roads like being in the country.

Anyway, I left and went out on my run.  I pass the ONE street light in town, and the ONE fast food chain, and head down a back road that cuts behind the main road.  As I'm running I come up on two girls on the right side of the road.  One is walking, the other is riding a bike.  I am on the left side running against traffic.

There is only us and this one white Volvo coming towards me.  I look as he passes me because he has to slow down a bit, and he is screaming at me and waving his hands frantically as he goes by me basically motioning for me to run in the ditch.

Fuck you, Mr. Volvo.  Fuck you.

Here's a bunch of reasons I say fuck you.

1.  You do not own this public road.  It is not your private driveway.  I can run on it too.
2.  I do not have to run in the ditch just so you don't have to slow down to pass me.
3.  Speed limit was 25 anyway,  So sorry you had to slow from 45 to 40.  Pardon me.
4.  I'm pretty sure that my business, which is in this exact town, pays at least three times more than any property tax bill you might pay.  At that's if you even live in Damariscotta.
5.  We all know that you were speeding through the back roads to avoid the traffic on the main street.  So I apologize if you could not get to your Big Mac 20 seconds earlier.

Basically, you suck at life if you feel the need to yell at someone running on their lunch hour, on a back road because you had to slow down a little.

Take your road rage to Massachusetts or DC or somewhere where it fits in.