Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NEDA walk and supporting a friend

Be kind, because everyone is a fighting a battle that you know nothing about.

That quote had more meaning for me this past winter as I learned of a good friend who was struggling with an Eating Disorder.  I had no idea.  Not a single clue.

I thought she was this extremely motivated badass runner.  A super strong fitness freak.  Someone who I wished I could be like, have her muscles and fitness level.

She actually IS all those things.  Just with anexoria, bulimia and body dysmorphia.

After 4 years of suffering with the disease and another 6-9 months of active therapy both in house and out patient, she is now on her way to recovery.  If you care to read about her journey thus far, (and I recommend that you do! She is an excellent writer and her story is compelling.  I learned so much from her), please check out her blog here.  

She has been very honest and open with her struggles and thus is very easy to offer support and help her on her journey to recovery.

So the answer was obvious when she asked her friends to come walk with her on her team "Recovery Warriors" at the NEDA walk last Saturday.  Of course, I said YES and I actually got my 2 teen daughters to come with me too.  I did bribe them with shopping afterward, but whatever.

 Team Recovery Warriors!

homemade shirts for Doreen!

The walk raised over $9000 for NEDA here in Maine and our team alone raised $705.  We met some really special people, heard some really tough stories and all walked in honor of all those recovering. There are even therapy guinea pigs and my daughters bonded with them!  Mumu and Lulu came on the walk as well in their little red wagon.  Hysterical.

We walked 2 miles, slowly, since many of the walkers are still in active recovery and are not allowed to exercise (things I would never have thought of....).

It was a beautiful day to support a dear friend and I'm really glad we did.  And if you suspect someone of an eating disorder, by all means, please call them out.  Direct them to NEDA and the support system of doctors and therapists that they have.  There is help available.

  • 1-800-931-2237
  • Doreen's blog--please read