Friday, May 31, 2013

Today was a Great Day!

Today was a great day.  For which I have no pictures.

But I do have words.  So I'll use those.

I had today off to take the kids to their yearly physical.  That got canceled yesterday because the doctor needed to be out of the office, so rather than filling in my morning with patients, I decided I'd rather have the 80* day off.  Good choice.

I brought the kids to school and then came home and got some dishes done.  I really don't know why I bother because somehow, just 2 hours later, the damn sink is filled with dishes again.  They multiply like freakin' rabbits.  Same with laundry.  But I digress.

After the sink was empty, I got my bike kit on and headed out for a bike ride before it got too hot.  Riding by the ocean on a beautiful 80* day really sucks if you've never done it so don't even bother heading to Maine this summer to try it out.

The traffic was a little busier than what I am used to since I usually try to ride early (6 or 7 am on the weekend) or evening.  I didn't really enjoy the delivery trucks going to and fro but everyone was very kind and patient in giving me plenty of space and not beeping at me.  Thank you, thank you.

After riding around 15 miles, I was back at home again to head to the dump.  I know I'm a bit weird, but I really like going to the dump.  Something feels really good about getting rid of the stuff that's cluttering up your garage and since I recycle everything, I end up feeling good about that too.

Bonus:  The garage doesn't stink anymore.  Woo!

Next on the agenda was my swim.  Double exercise in one day = winning!  The pool felt awesome because it was starting to get pretty steamy out even though it was only 10:30 a.m.  There was only one other person in the pool so I had the lane I wanted and no one bugging me or trying to chat with me.    My legs were sore from the bike ride just an hour earlier but by the time I had done 1500 yds, they felt normal.   Yay!

Next was a ride to the bank and the dollar store.  Can I hear a woo hoo for all the dollar store lovers?  Is there nothing better than getting paper towels, tissues, toilet paper and popsicles for $1.00??  Oh yes, and toothpaste.   Ramen noodles!  Don't forget the Ramen noodles!!  Yes, I am that pathetic that the dollar store gets me going.

Today was Girl Scout meeting day and I was taking the girls geocaching on one of the local land trust trails.  I used to geocache quite a bit before this triathlon stuff so I have found all of the ones that are within 90 mile radius from my house.  But most of the girls had never been so we went to find one that I had already found.

Quick tutorial on geocaching in case you've never been:  GPS treasure hunting.  People hide a container in the woods with toys and dollar store crap in it.  You use a GPS to find it and trade out stuff (if you want) and sign the log inside.  Log your visit online so the 'owner' knows it was found.

Perfect day for a short hike with the girls (and manimal,  Honorary Girl Scout).  The girls found it with no difficulty and we grabbed an ice cream on the way back.  Just the girls, not me.

Home again and I folded ALL THE LAUNDRY and washed ALL THE CLOTHES.  For now.  There's always more tomorrow but for that one hour, my laundry was all done.

Dinner out at a local restaurant while the sun set and I sat in a tank top and shorts on the deck.  These are the days we dream of in January, no?

If we could just duplicate this fabulous May day 300 more times in a year........

but we wouldn't appreciate the greatness of today without the misery of January, would we?  Yes, I would.  I promise I would.

I am going to do my darndest to get to where I can have a 4 day work week.  Maybe even 3 day.  That would make me so happy.  Even if I made less money, I think that would be a good trade.

happy happy happy

Like Duck Dynasty.  But without ducks.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Most Boring Post Ever

What I've been doing lately:





Too much of this on a rainy holiday weekend

on the one sunny day we had, I got to do this

Way too much of this

Leads to this

notice the dunlap?  You know, where your belly done lap over your waistband? 

But I do love the new Tough Chik bike top! 

What's going on in your corner of the woods?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spartan Race

Rose over at Eat Drink and be Meiri was hosting a giveaway for an entry into a Spartan Race and yours truly won it!  Woo!

I had kinda been wanting to enter one of these races but just never got around to doing it or finding the time to drive to Vermont where it had been held.  Not to mention they are ridiculously expensive.  They are kinda like the Warrior Dash but supposed to be more badass.  Some of the venues have different length races you can choose--3 mile, 8 mile and the 12 mile Death Race. 

There never seem to be many choices with these kind of races in Maine.  Usually there is one and it's somewhere in New England.  Which, for those of you that have been to Maine, even though Vermont looks close to Maine, it really is not.  Neither is Connecticut or Rhode Island for that matter.  Unless you live in the very southern tip of Maine--and you almost can't even count that as part of Maine.  It's more like a Masshole satellite.  You'd better plan on at least a 3-4 hour drive.  Ugh. 

So anyway, I won this entry and didn't even know if there was going to be a date that I could even get to the venue to race.  The New England venue is scheduled in August in Amesbury, MA.  Super convenient as far as location because it's about 15 minutes from my Mother-in-law's house, however, the date stinks.  It's the weekend directly after the Beach to Beacon 10K and 2 weekends before the little 70.3 race I have on my schedule.  That's all is need to fuck myself up on some dumb mud run and not be able to race my A race.  Not to mention August is hotter than hell and I have already done the Warrior Dash at that exact location. 

So upon scanning the other locations of the Spartan Race, I found another New England race at Fenway!!!  As in Fenway park--like where the Red Sox play!  In November!  Fabulous!  My big races will be done, the weather will be cooler and it's at Fenway! Sign me up! 

I'm not exactly sure how they are going to make a trail race/obstacle course at Fenway (which btw is in the middle of Boston) but whatever.  It will still be fun.  And when will I ever get another chance to be on the grass at Fenway park?? 

Now I'm totally excited about a race I didn't even have on my radar this year.  I'm hoping that some other running buddies of mine will come down and do it with me....  hint hint Carrie and Jen and Danielle (never mind that baby you just had, Tyler can take care of him...)

Other Bonuses:

Spectators are free (unlike the Amesbury location)
Kids race
Did I mention it's in FENWAY PARK??

Monday, May 20, 2013

Softball Lessons

My oldest daughter is playing softball for the middle school team this year.  Our area is not known for it's softball... so the games often look like clips out of the movie Bad News Bears.  But really what does one expect when there is almost nothing for little league? 

In fact, the first game of this middle school season, was the first real game that any of the 7th grade girls had played in.  Like where the kids pitch and catch the whole game.  Like where you call ALL the balls and what ever strikes there may be.  Like if you walk the entire team and they score 15 runs, you still have to get the 3 outs in order to finish the inning. 

So, as you can imagine, my expectations for this season were not very high.  In my head, I had a goal of having one win.  With one game left to go, the girls have a record of 3-6!  So really, that's pretty good! 

This weekend was a double header and the first game was really close.  It came down to the final inning and the other team tied the game.  We has last ups because we were the home team so all we needed to do was score one run.  Sissy got a hit and got on base.  Then she stole second.  And then third.  The next girl hit a grounder to the second baseman and who got her out, but by then Sissy had run home and they won!  11-10 was the score.  It was really exciting because it was the first evenly matched game they had and they did what they needed to do to win.

Sissy at second base

Getting a hit

The second game we lost 23-10.  After a 15 run first inning.  Whatever.

So now on to the lessons in softball.  During the course of these games, there came a time when the infield popfly rule was in effect.  Which I did not understand.  At all.  I had never even heard of this rule.  My husband was very irritated not really very patient in trying to explain it to me but basically what he said was if the ball pops up in the infield, it is an automatic out even if the infielder drops it.  What?  She can drop it and it's still an out??  Apparently, yes.  He said it's to prevent the fielder from purposely letting it fall so they can turn a double play.  Ok.  Somehow, I just could not wrap my brain around an automatic out even if she drops it. 

Fast forward to a play when the infielder drops the ball on a pop fly.  Me and another mom are calling out for the infield popfly rule.  But nooooo.  There was no one on base so it doesn't apply.  Cripes.  Thanks for the clarification.

It happens again and there are girls on second and third.  Once again, we are confused and want the automatic out.  Nope, there has to be a force play.  Ok another stipulation.

And one last exception to the rule, it can't be the third out.  Jeeezz..  It took 3 games and 15 innings, but I think we finally get the rule.  If someone had just explained it a little better to begin with....

The lesson learned in softball this weekend:

Shut up because you don't know the rules.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Schedule

This is what is on the agenda for the summer:

1.  July 21 in Rockland Maine.  My friend, Bobbi and I are going to do the 50 mile event.
2.  Lobster Roll 5K in Boothbay Harbor on July 26.  It's the 4th year for this race and I haven't missed one yet, so I'm not going to start now.  Fun, local race that raises money for the track they want to build.  Come join, please.
3.  Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth, Maine August 3.  Again with Bobbi.  I sense a trend here.... No logo because they must have it copyrighted or something, I wasn't able to click and copy..
4.  Rev3 70.3 Half Rev  Old Orchard Beach, Maine August 25.  With the idea that if training properly for this race does not happen, I will drop down to the Olympic length.  No Bobbi this time.  Although I was thinking of trying to convince her and her husband to find a swimmer and do the relay.  <mmmhmmm wah haha>  I mean really, she'll be ready to do either the bike or run by then, right?
5.  Maine Half Marathon in Portland, Maine October 6.  Again with my friend, Bobbi.  It will be her first half marathon.  My goal is to break 2 hours, so that is her goal as well.  She just doesn't know it yet.  She might think her goal is just to finish, but she is wrong.
That's it folks.  Pretty sure that is enough.  I'm on the fence whether to do the Bath Sprint Tri June 2 again this year.  It's the race I 'won' last year.  (I use the term 'won' loosely because even though I did win, the event had been rescheduled due to poor weather and many of the athletes were at another race on the rescheduled day.  But it is still a win.)
What is on your race agenda this summer?
Are you tackling a new distance or event this year? 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Men Lose Things

So my husband "lost" his wallet yesterday.  Usually a "lost" item in my house equates to "I used it and didn't put it away and now I can't find it" so I wasn't really too concerned.  He, however, was all concerned and wanted me to check online all day to make sure that no one was using his card. 

He was all positive someone was out there spending all our money and having a grand ole time driving around with his license.

So I checked. 
Cause I knew it wasn't lost.

This is what he thinks happens every time he can't find something.

This is a major difference between he and I.  He is convinced that his wallet is lost and/or stolen and we MUST begin panic mode.  Someone is spending his money and we need to stop them.  He even suggested that we call the police.  Mmmmhmmm.   Yah.

I, on the other hand, know for sure that I have just placed it somewhere and don't remember.  No panic.  Unless I need money.  No calling of police.  No freaking out about needing to get a new license.  I know that it will turn up later that day when I look in my gym bag or under the car seat or wherever.

The end of the day arrived and he still hadn't found it yet.  I was quite positive it was in his car or pants or shorts or coat or overnight bag.  So I looked in the car, the pants, the shorts, the coat and the overnight bag and even I couldn't find it. 

Hmmm.  Might it actually be lost?

Just then I hear, I found it! 

Where was this "lost" wallet, you ask?  This wallet that managed to stay hidden under my husband's watchful eyes?  My husband who looked "everywhere" for it and was convinced it was stolen?  It was under a piece of paper on the counter in the same place that he puts it every, single day.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Last Minute Race and a New PR!

This past weekend was the Rocky Coast 5K/10K road race in Boothbay Harbor.  I have done this race quite a few times and it was my first 5K ever around three years ago!  I wasn't sure if we would be able to run it this year because Sissy has basketball on the weekends with her AAU team and last year we had to leave early to get to it.  Thankfully, they still allow on site registration so Friday night we decided that we were going to run it once we knew basketball was going to be late afternoon.  Sissy wanted to do the 5K, Manimal was going to do the 1 mile kids run and I would do the 10K. 

Manimal had his race first at 9:30 a.m. so we watched him race.  They changed the kids run from under 12 to 10 and under so he really wanted to try to win it.  I didn't think he would because there were quite a few fast 10 year olds running but I knew he would win his age group. 

It's a little less than a mile race, I think around .9.  They close the street and the kids run down to the grocery store and back.  We see the first of the kids coming and it's the older boys, but then I hear, Michelle, is that Manimal??

And it was!  He was in fourth place overall, only getting beat by 4th graders.  Manimal is in second grade.

He finished in 5:26.  First in his age group, and 4th overall.  <so proud!>

The 5K and 10K had the same start so Sissy and I started together.  The race didn't start until 10:30, which is a little late for a race.  I was a bit worried about it being hot but it worked out fine thanks to the coastal breeze. 

I had no expectations for this race.  Zero.  I didn't really have breakfast other than some raisin toast and a few sips of Mt. Dew.  The weather was perfect, 50's and sunny, so that was in my favor.  I hadn't done any exercise in two days due to crazy family life so maybe rested legs were in my favor. 
I forgot my headphones so it was to be a naked run, which is often better for me.  I get a pace and don't rely on the music to keep it for me. 

I started out with Sissy but took off a bit from her when we hit the first hill.  I was running next to a girl who has beat me before and then I beat her.  I knew we were around the same pace so I asked her if she wanted to run with me.  I told her my training pace had been around 9:00 so that was what I was shooting for. 

I didn't have my Garmin, but I did start my timer on my regular watch.  Mile 1: 7:40.  Eek.  That was a little faster than I had anticipated.  I felt good though and Karen was matching me step for step so we kept at it.  Mile 2: 15:46.  Oh my.  Still keeping that pace. 

I didn't know if I could keep it for the whole 6 but figured I would try.  I didn't see the marker for 3 and 4 and couldn't do the damn math in my head anyway so I don't know what those splits were.  I did know no one was passing us and we were kinda in the front for females. 

At the turn around we saw at least 5 females ahead of us.  One was absolutely flying!  She was seriously so freakin fast!  She ended up being 2nd overall with 37:56 time!  Impressive for sure. 

Karen and I kept together for the entire race.  Neither one of us slowed down it seemed and I didn't want to finish without her at this point.  On the last mile I decided in my head that I wasn't going to try to beat her.  I really didn't care.  We had run the whole race together and I didn't want to try to dump her at the end.  I don't know what she was thinking but she didn't try to dump me either. 

We crossed the finish at the same time.  They tore her bib first so she got in before me.  Whatever. 

I knew that it was my best race and I knew I got a PR.  My watch said 52:20 by the time I stopped it.  Official time was 52:13!  Woo!  8:25 pace.  I guess we must have slowed down some the last few miles. 

Karen and I coming to the finish.

Closer so you can see the awesomeness of my peacock shirt from InkNBurn!

Sissy had a great race too!  She finished her 5K in 27:24.  Pretty darn good for no training!

All photos courtesy of Peter Cole

Her time was good for first in her age group!  I ended up with 2nd in my age group, but only to Karen and we crossed at the same time. 

That made for a pretty great start to the weekend. 

Have you ever raced last minute and got a PR?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We Have Reached a Whole New Level of Rude

So I think I mentioned this on twitter the other day but it's worth bringing up again.  The level of rudeness the world has arrived at is mind boggling.  Each day we do things that were completely unheard of years ago and even if we could have dreamt them up, there is no way anyone would have done that shit because it is so unbelievably rude. 

Example 1:

I am doing an eye exam, as in EXAMINING THIS GUY'S EYES, and when I finish with the glasses part and put the dilating drops in, I usually take 5 minutes to explain what I came up with, what I recommend about glasses and any concerns I might have.  I am in the process of telling this 60 something year old man what I found and while I am speaking (yes, I was speaking and looking directly at him while I speak) he picks up his phone, which must have been vibrating, and answers it.

While I am in mid sentence. 

Not an excuse me, pardon me, hold on a sec, nothing!  He just starts speaking to whoever is clearly way more important than I am. 

I sit there for 30 seconds or so flabbergasted and then just get up and leave.  I mean, really?  Really??  Whatever was on the phone couldn't have waited the 2 minutes I was going to tell you about your eyes?  Jeez.  At least the teenagers pretend to listen to me while they are texting. 

Example 2:

Today I step in to greet my first patient and he has headphones on.  Ok. Fine.  He does take a moment to shut off or turn down his ipod, but continues to keep the headphones in.  Which is a little awkward because I'm not super sure if he's listening to me or the tunes.  Again, another 70 something year old man.  He wears the headphones for the ENTIRE eye exam.  Rude, yes?  Or am I being a little sensitive?  It just felt like he wasn't really listening to me.  I say, yes to rude.

Example 3:

Maybe not completely rude, but certainly annoying--Princess has dance on Tuesdays and we go up every week for lessons since September.  For some reason, they only starting learning their recital pieces after February vacation.  Ballet was done two weeks ago and they still have one more week to practice it.  Tap and jazz, for reasons I don't understand, they haven't even been taught the whole routine yet!  The recital is 5/11!  That is 10 days for those of you who are numerically challenged.  Which means we have one more lesson on Tuesday and then the dress rehearsal (which should be an Olympic event in trying of one's patience--but that's a whole other post in itself) to get this shit done.  Highly unlikely, so we now have to come to another lesson on Friday. 

Like I don't have any thing else planned for Friday.  Don't complain though or your kiddo might end up in the back behind the tall girls.... did I just say that in my out loud voice?

shut up abby

Let me remind you that because I am an idiot over-achiever mother, I drive my Princess to a dance studio that is 45 minutes away.  So that is really convenient.


I'd better get a Rockette out of all this hassle.

Have you noticed more rudeness in your life?  Or are they just rude to me?

Dance moms = train wreck show I cannot tear my eyes from.  What is with those parents anyway?