Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Month in Review

Well, here we are at the last day of August.  I can't believe summer vacation is over with and the kids are back in school.  I am glad because I don't have to pay childcare anymore!  But also sad, because colder weather is on it's way.  Here's a few pics of the kids as we waited for the bus this morning.

Clearly, I am not a photographer.....  I should take a class.  Maybe I'll retake them tomorrow and try to get the sun in a different position. 

Here's the recap for August:

Miles Run--59.45!  Wow!  This was up almost 16 miles from July!  Yay me!  It doesn't even count what I am going to run tonight, so add on 5 which is what I'm planning.  I hope this gets me a good enough base for the 1/2 marathon I signed up for yesterday. 

Miles Swam--2.5  Not so many but more than last month.  I hope to get back on track with that in the fall once we get into our school year routine.  I don't believe I'm doing another tri this year, so the running right now is a little more important.

Minutes on Spin Bike--240!  This is up quite a bit from last month as well.  Almost double.  I guess this counts me as a Spinstar!!  I'll have to notify Run with Jess that I completed her challenge.  She challenged fellow bloggers to spin 1, 2 or 6 classes for the month of August.  I went spinning 8 times!  I would also add that every single one of those minutes was me spinning all alone.  No class.  No instructor.  My lunch time class has been cancelled for the summer so it was just me and bike and clock.  I've got myself quite a little routine now--I'm pretty sure I could teach spin!  It was not as boring as you might expect.  Even when I forgot the iPod, I managed to get 30 minutes in each lunch.

Minutes Weight Training--120.  Again, double from last month.  Seems like I should be looking like a supermodel by now with all this working out.....  My stomach is nice and flat, but no supermodel.  Oh well, guess you need genetics for that.

Tennis--1 hour of tennis played

Races Ran--I completed my first 10K at the Olde Bristol Days Race.  I think that was it.  Slow month.

Current Excitement--I registered for the 1/2 Marathon.  Finally!  Now you won't have to listen to me blabber on about signing up for that anymore.

Current Obsession--I need a hydration belt!  The other one I bought ended up being too big, so I sold it on eBay.  (I made $10 on the deal!  ha!)  So now I need to find another one.  This weekend is when it's happening.  I need to get some long runs in and thus I need the fuel belt. 

Current Read--I am at a loss for books right now.  I have downloaded a few freebies off of Kindle but they all stink.  No offense to spiritual people but it seems like all the free ones are God books, as I call them.  Which bore me to tears.  So if you have any ideas on good books, please send them my way.  I have read just about everything that is popular at the moment so something older or obscure is what I am looking for.

Current Food Obsession--nothing at the moment.  I'm just trying not to eat everything in sight to not ruin all the good work I've been doing at the gym. 

Oh, I'm going to extend my Xperio Lens giveaway for another week to get a few more entries.  This is a really good prize!  I still can't believe my $70 sunglass giveaway got more entries than the $300 lens giveaway. 

How are your end of month totals looking?  Did you meet your goals?

Any good books to share?

Did you sign up for my giveaway???

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ok,  I've done it.  I registered for the Maine Marathon, the half version, on October 2.  Phew.  It was beginning to get full so I figured I'd better register before they closed registration.  This way I can race, but if I'm not ready then I don't have to.  Who am I kidding?  Even if I'm not ready, I'll still go and try.

After my bonk last Friday, I had two unplanned days of rest.  Saturday was busy with family stuff and Sunday, Irene was supposed to knock us all out.  I probably could have run on Sunday but I was a bit scared to in case it did get bad.  (It never did.)  Last night I got a quick 5 miles in and it was easy and nice.  I guess all that rest really did help.  Hmmm.  Maybe there is something to this 'rest' thing.

One small weird thing I have to confess about this 1/2 marathon thing.  I almost didn't register for this race because I found out that there are a bunch of people that I know from our area that are doing it.  I was kinda hoping that this 1/2 marathon thing would be just mine.  Self-centered, unrealistic, I know.  But I really don't want to see people I know, friends even, at the race and feel like I need to keep up, or try to beat them or whatever.  I just wanted to run my own race without any thoughts of anyone else in my head.  Now, I feel like people are going to ask or want to know, who beat who, who came in first, who had the better time, whatever.  Is that the stupidest thing ever?  Maybe it's just my weirdness.  Clearly, it's just my weirdness.   Does anyone else ever think that way too?

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kiddos.  I'm excited for a new year to start, but not so excited to begin the getting-up-and-getting-out-the-door-by-7 a.m-thing.  It is quite a process with 3 kids.  I should plan on making lunches tonight to make it easier on myself tomorrow morning.  Good idea in theory, whether it actually happens, we'll see.

I can't wait to share with you my end of month totals!  My running totals thus far have me shocked!  More coming on Thursday. :)

School started in your neck of the woods?  Sad?  Glad?

Any other weirdos who worry about racing against people you know?
Do tell!  Share with me your weirdness, so I don't feel alone. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I had my first bonk the other day.  I had big plans to do a long run (9 miles) on Thursday night.  My sister-in-law arrived for a visit and then it rained so it didn't happen.  Friday I was not working so I figured I could do my long run from 8-10 a.m. while Sissy was at field hockey practice.  The weather was a little sticky and humid but high 60's so not too bad.  I dropped her off and headed out.  I felt great at first and had a good rate for the first 3 miles.  I was planning on 6, get a drink and head back out for 3 more, but I could barely make my legs move after 4.5.  I had to stop and walk.   I didn't have a drink with me so that kinda sucked.  I was so hot and tired and my legs felt like cinder blocks.  I got myself doing a slow run again back to the school to get a drink and rest in the car.  I managed 6, but just couldn't go any more. 

I couldn't really figure out what happened.  I have often felt tired or sore, but not heavy legs that can barely move.  What had I done wrong/differently?  After thinking about it a little, I remembered that I didn't eat dinner the night before.  I was really tired and not hungry so I went to bed early and didn't eat.  Hmmm.  I probably didn't have any fuel to draw from.  I also have a little bit of Mt. Dew in the morning and I didn't have that either.  Good lesson to learn.  Eat dinner the night before a long run!

I'm not sure how this 1/2 marathon thing is going to go.  I haven't done a run longer than 8 miles.  There isn't much time left.  Maybe November will have to be the first 1/2 marathon instead of October.  We'll see.

Ever bonked?

Do you have any nutrition advice for long runs?

Help me!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Long run attempt tonight.  I guess if I'm going to do this 1/2 marathon thing in October, I'd better get going on doing some longer runs.  My longest run to date was 8 miles and that was back in July.  I do 5-6 pretty consistently so 8 or 9 is not that far off.  It's getting harder because it's darker earlier now and the kids are needing to get to bed earlier (8:00) to get ready for school starting next week.  This pushes up all our evening activities--eating needs to be earlier, showers, packing for the next day etc.  I need longer days!!!  Just two more hours and I'd be able to do it all....  <sigh>  Anyhoo, tonight I will shoot for 8 and see what we get.  My legs should be ok since I'm not exercising at lunch today.  Then I will try for another long run on Sat or Sun.  I probably should find a schedule to follow......

2.  After I finished my 10K a couple of weeks ago, I saw a woman carrying around her little rat dog in a thing like this:
Seriously.  I am not joking.  I took a double and triple take to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.  I mean, really, the dog cannot walk on it's own 4 legs?  It's a dog for cripes sake!  Pul--leeese.  I rolled my eyes and looked again and realized the dog's leg was in a cast.  Phew.  Ok, that makes a little more sense.  But wait...  after discussing the dog (and the woman) a little with a friend of mine, her mom commented that she knew the lady and that the leg got broken when she was trying to dress the dog.  Oh my Christ.  What is this world coming to?  Please shoot me if I ever get to the point where I am carrying around a dog in a baby carrier and I broke it's leg trying to dress it.  I can't roll my eyes high enough into my head right now.

3.  I'm going to sign Princess up for dance lessons at a fancy dance studio that is 45 minutes from my house.  This is a big decision for me because:  a.  I have to get out of work early to bring her, b.  It is more expensive than the dance at the Y, c.  It is a long-ish drive to do weekly.  However, Princess is Princess and doesn't ever want to do any extra-curricular activites.  She wants to do this and is excited.  So, I will bring her weekly to a dance studio 45 minutes away for two classes.  It's actually not a whole lot different than running around on weekend to watch Sissy play basketball--it's just during the week and I need to leave work early.  Oh well.  In 5 years, I won't even remember that I left work early, but with any luck, Princess will be a beautiful dancer. :)

Sign up for my lens giveaway HERE!  One more week! 

Also, if you are local to me, you can 'like' my office on FB HERE, for a chance to win $100 gift card to my office!  Woot!

Any advice on 1/2 marathon training?

Would you carry a rat dog in a baby carrier?

Do you drive to the ends of the earth so your kids can take lessons/do sports?
Is it worth the $$ or time?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wordless wednesday

No.  The cats do not run the house.  They are, however, are in charge of Sissy's room.

Oh yeah, don't forget about my Polarized Sunglass Lens giveaway!!!  These are prescription or non-prescription lenses!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

tweens. ugh.

Dear Eldest Daughter Tween:

I love you like nothing else.  You are my first born child and are so sweet and caring.  However, there are some things that have been driving me crazy about you lately and it's my duty as your mom to help you (us) through these troubles.

1.  Surprise, I am your mom, not your maid.  I do not wake up each morning counting the minutes until I can pick up your clothes and bring them to the laundry.  (you can share this with your father as well....)

2.  The jean shorts that you want to wear will not dry faster if you walk around in your underwear, telling me over and over how you wanted to wear those shorts today.

3.  The shorts may actually have been washed and dried in time if you followed rule #1.

4.  I do not need to straighten your hair for field hockey practice.  Or basketball camp.  Or any event that requires you sweating and needing a shower afterward.  Why do I need to straighten your hair anyway?  Can't you learn to do that yourself?

5.  If you like sleeping in a bed with neat sheets, you may want to consider making that bed in the morning.

6.  If you take off your shoes in the same place every day (ie YOUR ROOM), they will be there tomorrow.  This will save us all from hearing, "Where are my ____________?" insert shoes, flute, cleats, shorts, backpack, books, whatever.

7.  No, you cannot shower in my shower.  You have your own shower.  Do you know how many kids would kill to have their own bathroom???

8.  The barely-used binders from last year are just fine for this year.  Really.  You will not learn more quickly or get better grades with brand new ones.

9.  No, you do not need another bag.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Polarized Lens Giveaway!

Once again, the great folks at Essilor have given me a voucher for Xperio polarized prescription or non-prescption sunglass lenses!  Yay for you!  You have another chance to win this great prize!  This can be in your prescription--as in lenses for astigmatism, progressive, bifocals or non-prescription.  Depending on what you require, those lenses can cost up to $350!!  For the winner=FREE! 

If you are someone who spends any time outdoors, (which we know you are!) you already know how important it is to use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage, but do you ever think about how important it is to protect your eyes from UV damage?  UV damage to your eyes can lead to macular degeneration, cataract formation, and even wrinkles. 

I'm sure most of you have some kind of sunglasses that you wear but those big box or drug store sunglasses are not what you need.  If you have never tried a polarized lens, then you need to visit your eye doctor for a demonstration or go to Xperio and do the virtual demo.  I do not have any prescription for distance vision and I definately see much clearer with my Xperio polarized lenses.  Glare is virtually eliminated.  Xperio lenses block 100% UVA/UVA rays, reducing potential vision damage. 

Here's what you need to do:

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Leave me a comment for each that you do.  Good luck!

Contest ends 8/31.  Winner announced 9/1.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my arms are going to fall off

Since July when I ran the Tough Mountain Challenge, I have been following this blog called Dirt in your Skirt.  She is a girl who writes about her races (like we all do), but she mostly does the mud races, warrior dashes, spartan challenge etc.  It is probably one of the more interesting blogs that you are not reading and should be.  Anyhoo--as part of her training she posted a challenge that exists at a climbing center in VT.  Here it is:

1 minute hang (I assume on the climb wall)
800 M row in 4 minutes (1000 M for men)
100 hanging knee-ups
35 physio ball push-ups (50 for men)
5 negative pull-ups (10 for men)
3 minute plank
This all needs to be done within 15 minutes. 

Initially she posted this challenge and no woman had completed it.  The other day, she was the first woman to complete the challenge.  So after reading her blog, I thought I might give it a try.  I would have to do it a little differently as our Y is set up with stuff in different sections but I could try to do all the parts.

Today was the day.  I skipped the 1 minute hang as the climbing wall is off limits unless there is a climbing class.  I easily completed the 800 M row in 4 minutes.  Yay!  I couldn't find an arm hang thing so I did the knee-ups in the Roman Chair.  I did 25, rest, 25, rest, 20, rest, 10, rest then the final ten.  I went right to the pull-ups because the bar was right there and I didn't want to waste time switching rooms twice.  5 pull-ups, negative or regular, SUCK!.  Very hard for me.  I could only do one negative, the others I could barely pull myself up.  Wow.  Hard.  Kudos to you, Margaret.  Then I moved upstairs to the aerobic room where the balls were and tried to do the 35 push-ups on the ball.  Again, HARD.  I got 10 fairly quickly, but had to stop after 5 for the next 25 and rest.  The plank was next.  That was next to impossible after doing all these other arm exercises.  I managed to get through 15 seconds at a time, but then needed to rest.  My arms and legs were shaking so bad.  I made myself do 4 minutes since I had to rest so much so that it would total around 3 minutes of actual plank.  Without the 1 minute hang, this all took me about 19 minutes.  And I'm quite sure some of my pull-ups and push-ups would not pass as correct ones if I were doing the actual challenge.

So if any of you are looking for a new challenge--here it is.  I'm quite sure my arms/shoulders will be jello for the next two days.   Oh, and read about Margaret, she's one tough B**ch!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Part II

The other part of our awesome weekend was the fishing tournament.  It is a striper and bluefish tournament for the adults and mackeral and harbor pollock for the kids.  Every year that we have done it, we have won at least 2-3 prizes.  This year was no exception.  The kids couldn't catch a harbor pollock to save our lives but we did pretty well with the mackeral.  Princess took first, Manimal got 2nd and Sissy took 5th.  Prizes were $50 for first, $25 for second and $10 for fifth.  Not bad!
Holy mackeral!

All the kids with their prize money!

I also had a few random things I wanted to share that I had heard over the past few weeks and they made me laugh out loud.  Funny things that kids and family members have said.

1.  Sissy and her friend on the way home from basketball camp complaining about their team and how none of them know how to play.  Random chattering about not knowing how to post up, or box out.  Then Sissy's friend said, "I'm running back on defense and I yell for help, and everyone thinks I'm hurt!"  I almost spit my soda out.  THAT was funny.

2.  Family on vacation and I lost my good tweezers.  I cannot get my ***man hair out of my chin with the crappy tweezers.  Hubs says "you better find some and get that out, we don't need you going around looking like a catfish".  Ok kinda funny comment, but what was really funny was Sissy about 10 seconds later, finally getting the joke and dying laughing.  Silence.  Silence.  Oh,  HAHAHAHA, I get it!  That's a good one, Dad!  HAHAHAHA.  Kids are just funny.

3.  Last one.  Still on vacation at the camp and Sissy is trying to get this kite to fly.  (no wind, that was the problem)  Anyhoo--hubs is up on the bank barking hints down to her to help her.  He finally goes down to try to get the kite in the air.  5 minutes later all you hear is him--"F*% kin kite.  Piece of shit tail, mother *&^**er.  Sonofab*&ch."  I yell from on the bank, "What did you say, hubs?  We can't hear you up here!"  (snickering to myself)  Sissy yells up to me "Dad was just saying how much he loves the kite tail!"

That kid just cracks me up sometimes!  Happy Tuesday!

***man hair=the beard-like hair(s) that grow out of my chin that make me crazy when I can feel them, but not see them

Monday, August 15, 2011

My First 10K!

This weekend was so jam-packed with stuff, I may have to divide it into two or three posts to cover it all!  Friday I got out of work around noon and went home.  We all had to say good-bye to our babysitter for this summer. :(  It was her last day and we were all very sad.  She had to leave to get back to Alabama for college.  boo hoo.  The kids were twice as upset because now that meant they had to go to summer camp for the last two weeks of their summer.  They have really enjoyed the sleeping in, eating at home, driving to the beach, watching tv thing that has been their summer with our driving babysitter.  Perhaps it will work out best for everyone as we will get back in the routine of getting up early, packing lunches and going to bed early. 

We went to the pool that afternoon and basically had it to ourselves!  I swam my 2000 yds and they played in the kids pool.  That was great! 

Saturday was the designated day of the thing I hate most--school shopping.  ugh.  I detest school shopping.  I decided to break it up into parts so as not to ruin the entire day with that misery.  We were just getting school supplies and cleats for Sissy (older daughter).  She is starting field hockey on Wed. and, of course, her freakin' feet grew AGAIN!  (This kid better be at least 5' 10" with all the changes in shoe size we have had over the past year!)  Clothes (which they don't need) and anything else, would be saved for another day of torture. 

Suprisingly, other than the stupid summer traffic back up in Wiscasset, (which was backed up 10 miles...),

the morning was relatively painless.  We argued over binders and pencils and such, but in the end, we got what they needed and they were bullied into agreed to use binders from last year.  Funny how when you suggest that they use their own money to buy new binders, the older ones suddenly seem ok..... hmmm.....

Both Saturday and Sunday were days of a fishing tournment--but I will save that for tomorrow.  Sunday was a 10K race that I had considered doing but didn't want to mess up the fishing for the tournament.  My husband actually suggested that I run it and the kids would do the kids race, so I said, why not?  It would be my first 10K but I knew that I could do it.  I have been running that distance for awhile now. 

I got up at dark thirty because I couldn't sleep and got ready to leave.  I had to give myself around an hour to get there because the race was on the other peninsula which would be about a 10 minute boat ride, but a 45 minute car ride.  I left while everyone else was asleep--they were going to meet up with me later as the kids run wasn't until 9:30.  It was a perfect morning for running, the sun was hidden by the clouds and the temps were cool 68 ish.  It was a little humid and foggy but at least the sun wasn't shining yet! 

I thought I might know a lot of people running the race as my optometry office is just down the road from Bristol, but there were only a couple of people I recognized.  It is also a big area for 'people from away' who come here for the summer so I guess the race was mostly those people.  Anyhoo--the horn sounded and we were off.  There were some hills, but I'm used to those, so they weren't bad and the weather was perfect so it didn't bother me.  Around mile 2 I got a cramp, which sucked.  I didn't take any more water at the stations because I didn't want it to get worse and it finally went away around mile 4.  Phew.  I kept a 8:00 pace for the first two miles and then dropped down to around a 9 min pace for the rest.  I played cat and mouse with one lady for the first 4 miles.  We were running next to each other, then she would pull ahead, then I would catch up and lead for a bit.  We did this until around 4.5 miles then I went ahead on a hill and never saw her again.  That made me feel good.  I wish I knew if she was a local--she would make a good long run partner for me! 

First 10K=PR!!  53:07  I was pretty pleased with my time.  Unfortunately, even though it was a small race, there were a lot of fast people running so no age group award for me.  That's ok.  I was pleased that I did it and that my time was decent.

Here I look FAST!

Here I look OLD. 

Fast. Old. Fast. Old.  Hmmm..... Maybe I can be Old and Fast!  That would be ok, I guess.  Old is better than dead, right?  

Kids had a great run as well.  It was an actual full timed mile.  (Some of the kids races we have done have been less than a mile, or not timed.)

Sissy finishing 1st in her age group 7:57!  NICE!!

Even Princess did it this time!  2nd in her age group 8:13!!  This girl could be fast!

Manimal finishing 2nd in his age group at 8:31!!  FAAST!  He's only 6!!

All in all a very nice local race.  I think I'll be back to do it again next year.  Especially since it is a memorial race for a former patient of mine. 

1/2 marathon--on the agenda! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful today. 

Today I had the pleasure of running into a young lady (I mean younger than me by 20 ish years--because I am still a young lady myself....) that I had not seen in many years.  I recognized her face right away but she had changed in that she had difficulty with her speech and walking was also difficult.  She had had a brain injury since I had last seen her. 

Although her outward appearance had changed, her inner self had not.  She was still that smart, active young girl that I knew.  She wanted to do things for herself and she could!  Just in a different way and more slowly.  I ran into her again at the gym where she was exercising by herself.  We chatted for a little bit as we both did our own thing.  She didn't like using the main gym because everyone wanted to help her.  She wanted to do it for herself. 

I am thankful that I had the chance to see her again and learn a lesson.  Due to her speech and walk, people (myself included) often pre-judge and assume that she needs (or wants!) help.  Assumes that she cannot do it for herself.  Assumes that her mental status is not what is was previously. 

It is natural to want to help those that don't do things as quickly as we would.  Or in the same way.  Or maybe we just want to answer the question for them because it is faster and after all, we are just helping.  But maybe helping is actually just letting them do for themselves.  Even if it takes longer. After all, everyone wants to be independent, don't we? 

I am also thankful for my health.  My ability to run, jump, see, speak, think--all those things that we normally never even have a single thought about.  We just wake up and things work like they should, so off we go.  We never take the time to think about how wonderful our body is and all the amazing things that it does for us each day. 

I had a reminder today.  So today, I am thankful.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

End of Vacation

Well, we are heading back home tomorrow after 6 days of vacation on a lake in Northern Maine.  I mean way northern Maine.  Like almost Canada, northern Maine.  In fact, we needed to pick up some things from the grocery store and we were looking across the river to Canada.  I have a numbers run down of our vacation to share with you, so here goes!

1--failed swims across the lake, see here for more info
2--successful swims to the float with kids (no goggles to see the gross bottom!)
umpteen million--s'mores eaten by the kids
3--books read on ipad while family fished
3000--calories eaten each day (probably more!)  ugh!!
1--wild bunny seen

5--chocolate chip cookies eaten today
2--bike rides with the kids
5--family members who crapped in the woods
6--leeches removed from family (gross!!)
6--miles ran with little to no heel strike
3--days my calfs hurt after above run
15--trout caught (at least!)

180--dollars spent thus far on diesel for truck!  ack!
25--lobsters brought to camp to eat!  yum!
3--camp fires
2--times it rained
3--awesome sunsets

10--hours spent fishing

2--phones that died.  :(  my blackberry just stopped working and husband's phone ended up in the stream
9--boxes of fireworks shot off
3--large plastic cups of raspberries picked
5--hours to drive home tomorrow.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today was the first day of our vacation at my parent's camp.  Since it is on a lake, I thought I would be able to get some swimming miles in since I haven't been good about getting to the pool this summer.  Well, I can easily swim a mile in the pool so I assumed that swimming across the lake and back would not be a big deal either.  I am not so stupid as to go out alone, but I did figure that it wouldn't be a big deal and it would be an easy hour of exercise.


I asked my daughter to follow me in the kayak, just in case.  My husband was also going to take the small motor boat out to fish so he could keep an eye out as well.  So around 9 a.m.  I get all my swim gear on and head out.  The water felt cold initially, but right after I began I forgot all about that.  I started swimming and was a little freaked out about how I could see stuff with my goggles on.  Weird, I know, but I'm used to looking at the (somewhat) clean pool and the nice white bottom of that.  Instead it was brownish and creepy looking.  I tried going on but everytime I faced down on my stroke I had a small panic at what I was seeing.  My breathing became faster and I felt like I was racing.  (I wasn't.)

I took a little break and grabbed the kayak to gather my thoughts.  Really?  Was I seriously freaking out about a lake?  This is not me.  I don't freak out about stuff like that.  But yet I was.  I got my breathing under control a bit and started again.  This time I closed my eyes when my face was down and opened them when I took a breath.  This was a little better but I couldn't see where I was going.  Apparantly, I was going crooked because I ran into the kayak.  Which totally freaked me out again.  Right as I'm on a bunch of weeds.  Fast breathing again.  Mini panic. 

Took another short break to calm down.  Tried to talk myself out of this freaking out.  You can do it.  It's just a lake.  No sharks.  Nothing's going to get you.  How in the world are you going to do an olympic tri if you can't open water swim?  Wait, that didn't help my anxiety at all, but I did think that.  I thought of all the other people who do tri's and swim in the lake.  If they can do it, so can I.  I began again. 

More swimming and trying to get my breathing under control.  It was so fast that I just couldn't get into my regular swimming rhythm.  I finally started to get a little calmer and then I hit a patch of really cold water, then warm, then cold again.  That was it.  My throat filled with phlegm and I tried to breath and really just gasped.  I had another mini panic and then reached for the kayak again.  I coughed and gagged and just couldn't get the phlegm out of my throat.  Heart is beating like crazy.  That's it.  I'm done. 

I made it about .25 mile which was about half way across the lake.  It took most of the morning for my chest to feel normal again.  This was something new for me.  I have had such a boost in confidence lately with being able to run longer distances and swim longer distances (in the pool) that I figured this was nothing.  In fact, the night we arrived I was telling my uncle that I could totally swim across.  No problem.  hmmm.  Not so much.

I may try tomorrow, just swimming along the shore.  I don't know why I'm so anxious about it, I know nothing is going to happen to me, but yet my heart races even as my mind is saying stop. 

I'm really kinda bummed about this as I really thought I might want to do an olympic length tri next year.  But I am going to have to get over this OWS thing if that's what I'm going to do.  What a reality check for me.  I did go back in and swim out to the float with the kids and that was not a big deal.  But I didn't have my goggles on or head in the water looking either.  Maybe with repeated efforts, I will learn to relax. 

Running tomorrow.  I KNOW I can do that. 

Any thoughts on OWS?  Any other with OWS anxiety?

Oh--forgot!  Fail on the hydration belt too.  Too Freaking Big.  Bloggy giveaway or eBay?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WTG and WTF Wednesday

1.  I need to alter WTF Wednesday a little bit to give a WTG shout out to my eldest daughter.  This week she is attending basketball camp at Bowdoin college with about 175 ish other girls.  Yesterday she won the Camper of the Day award!  Yay, Big Sister!!!  She had a feeling she might win it because she had a bunch of steals, good passes and baskets while the head coach was watching.    She was so excited and proud of herself.  She's not had her growth spurt yet (sorry kid, I didn't grow until I was a junior in high school.....), so she's shorter than many of her friends that play bball.  But she works hard at it and is a very good ball handler.   She won a special red t-shirt that she wore to camp today (of course!). 

I was never that kid that won the special awards in sports.  I tried but I was never good enough to stand out from others.  I'm so glad that she is one of those kids that stands out.  She works hard and it pays off for her.  I hope her work-hard attitude carries through as she gets older.


2.  Back to WTF now.  Ok, I must be getting old now because I think I sound like my mother.  Or grandmother.  Or somebody who is older.  And not hip.  Or cool.  What is with songs on the radio, like Top 40 radio, that I feel like I have to turn off or turn down during certain parts?  For example:

Rihanna  S & M--sex in the air, I don't care, I like the smell of it.
Bruno Mars  Lazy Day Song--find a really nice girl have some really nice sex
Katy Perry ET--Tell me what's next, alien sex I'ma disrobe you, than I'mma probe you.  See I abducted you, so I tell ya what to do.  I tell ya what to do, what to do, what to do

So I'm not a prude here and my kids are well aware of all the swear words and such, but really, do I want my 8 year old singing at the top of her lungs, "Sex in the air, I don't care, I like the smell of it"???  Not that she knows what that means, but still!  I'ma disrobe you?  I'ma probe you?  Really??? 

First of all, it's really poor English.  Secondly, disrobing and probing?  Agggghhhh!  WTF!!!

What's a good parent to do?   Does it even matter?  I suppose we had similar songs when we were growing up.  One I can think of right away was Start Me Up--Rolling Stones.  you make a dead man come (or cum, I suppose is the correct spelling)  I can remember a babysitter not willing to tell me what it meant, I think I was in 3rd or 4th grade.  It was a little while before I found out.    Any thoughts on this?

3.  I was wanting to do a post about this myself someone else has done it much more eloquently than I could.  What are we doing to ourselves?  Our nation is 30% obese.  Read THIS.  And THIS.  We need to do something to shock this country into shape.  WTF. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July recap

It took me a bit of time to compile my totals for this month as I have not logged all my workouts on to  That just isn't working out for July.  I need to find a different way to keep track of my exercise.  Maybe a log book where I write down what I do each day?  Any ideas?

Miles Ran--44  A little bit down from last month but it's probably close to the same as I didn't keep track very well.

Yards Swam--2000  Lame swimming for July.  I just wasn't able to get to the pool like I wanted to.  It seems like every Friday I had something going on for the kids and that's my swim day.  Maybe August will be better....

Minutes Spinning--135  Again, pretty lame amount of spinning.  Spin class was often cancelled due to lack of participants and often it was way too hot to go sit in a room and spin.  I will do better this month as I have joined Run with Jess' spin challenge.  Check it out!

Tennis--3 hours of tennis

Weight Training--60 minutes

Races Ran--Tough Mountain Challenge and Lobster Roll 5K (New PR!)

New Music--Party Rock Anthem, Edge of Glory, Last Friday Night, Moves Like Jagger

Music Annoyance--Rolling in the Deep.  Apparantly, I am the only person on earth who doesn't like this song.  It is played constantly on all the radio stations!  I swear, if I hear it one more time I'm going to blow a gasket!  Play something else already!

Current Excitement--since I am about 1/2 a click away from entering my first 1/2 marathon, I had been searching online for a hydration belt.   While shopping at TJMaxx this weekend, I found a Nathan Speed 4 on clearance for $15!!!!!  Woot!!  What a great find!  It is a large so I didn't think it was going to fit well, but when I tried it on, I found that I preferred to wear it low on my hips so I don't hit it when I run.  So, the large works out just fine. (seeing how I'm not a 12 yo girl and I have had children...)  My happiness over the deal outweighed my annoyance that it was a large. 

Oh Yah!  Don't be hating cause I look cool in my hydration belt.....  You know you want one.  It's ok.  My husband was jealous too.  ;)

Current Obsession--still obsessing about entering the 1/2 marathon.....  Oh and beach going.  Still rocking the melanoma-like tan.

New Food Obsession--buffalo wing flavored Pretzel Crisps with hummus.  Holy crap, these things are awesome!  They aren't too spicy but just the right amount.  With hummus...mmmmm..yum!  You need to get you some preztel crisps!

Current Triumph--nothing major but since last month I needed to cut down spending, I have actually done pretty well with that and the only thing I bought for myself this month was that hydration belt.  And that was just too good of deal that I could not pass it up.  So yay to me for being somewhat frugal!

Books Read--I have read quite a few recently.  My favorite creepy-like book was While I Sleep.  I found it randomly on Kindle and it was quite good.  It's about a woman who has a weird type of amnesia where she wakes up every morning and doesn't remember anything.  Each day she learns who she is again and what happened to her, but then forgets by morning.  She starts to write a journal about her memories and then finds that things are not really what they seem.  Read it.  It's good.

That's it for this month.  I hope everyone else had a great July, I know I did!

Question for the day:  How do you keep track of your workouts/milage? journal? garmin? computer?  do share!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lobster Roll 5K recap

Wow!  What a busy Monday!  I have so much to talk about--weekend news, race recap, July milage totals--I'll have to split it up between posts so I have something to talk about later this week. :)  Today I'll do the race recap as that's easy and I don't have to add up anything.

Weekend started Thursday night as I had Friday off.  We headed north to Millinocket to visit my cousins and aunt from Maryland.  We don't get to see them much, as you might imagine, so that was great to be able to visit with them.  A lot of my cousins were there and all of their kids so it was a fun day.  The kids fished and swam and we talked and ate.  I had thought about doing an OWS that day, but it was a little cooler than I wanted and I opted to not get wet.

Saturday morning was the 2nd annual Lobster Roll 5K race in Boothbay Harbor (my hometown!).  The race is put on by the boosters club who are trying to raise money for an outside track for the community.  My race buddy BL was coming up for the race that day so I waited at the house for her.  She arrived and we zoomed down to register, as we were running late that morning.  We got there about 10 minutes before the start.  We managed to get the form filled out and pay and then jogged to the start line.  Phew! 

I had no thoughts as to what I wanted to do this race as far as a goal time.  I thought I could beat my PR as I feel pretty comfortable on this course, but I wasn't going to be disappointed if I didn't.  It was cooler and cloudy, perfect for running.  I left my ipod and garmin at home--I think I run faster without them. 

Turns out I was right about running faster without any technology.  I beat my 5K time again--but just a few seconds!  But hey, still counts as a PR, right?  24:21!  Although, you can see clearly, that I am crossing the finish line at 24:20.

That's me in the bright pink.  Not too flashy, huh?  My new PR gets me a 3rd place in my AG.  No prize, but third place.  BL had a nice time too and a 4th place AG finish.  Yay us!

Racing to the finish!

BL heading to the finish!

Kids race was afterward and Big Sis came in second and Manimal was definately first for his age, but probably 9 or 10th overall.  They didn't really do an official time for the kids so I don't know exactly.  Princess didn't run (of course).  Here's a couple shots of them. 
big sister finishing

Manimal with nice form!

So my goal for the summer was to run a 5K in the 24's.  I've made that so now I'm thinking I might be able to break 24 and run it in the 23's later this fall.  Guess I'll have to find another 5K to run this fall and see!  It's only 21 more seconds.......

I think in my mind that I run about an 8 minute mile so I don't try to push myself to go faster when training but if I'm racing and I don't know what my time is, I just try to keep up with the people in front of me.  BL told me her first mile was 7:25 and I was ahead of her, so I must have been somewhere in the 7:10 range!  That brings me to the question of the day:  Do you run faster/better with or without technology?