Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Month in Review

Well, here we are at the last day of August.  I can't believe summer vacation is over with and the kids are back in school.  I am glad because I don't have to pay childcare anymore!  But also sad, because colder weather is on it's way.  Here's a few pics of the kids as we waited for the bus this morning.

Clearly, I am not a photographer.....  I should take a class.  Maybe I'll retake them tomorrow and try to get the sun in a different position. 

Here's the recap for August:

Miles Run--59.45!  Wow!  This was up almost 16 miles from July!  Yay me!  It doesn't even count what I am going to run tonight, so add on 5 which is what I'm planning.  I hope this gets me a good enough base for the 1/2 marathon I signed up for yesterday. 

Miles Swam--2.5  Not so many but more than last month.  I hope to get back on track with that in the fall once we get into our school year routine.  I don't believe I'm doing another tri this year, so the running right now is a little more important.

Minutes on Spin Bike--240!  This is up quite a bit from last month as well.  Almost double.  I guess this counts me as a Spinstar!!  I'll have to notify Run with Jess that I completed her challenge.  She challenged fellow bloggers to spin 1, 2 or 6 classes for the month of August.  I went spinning 8 times!  I would also add that every single one of those minutes was me spinning all alone.  No class.  No instructor.  My lunch time class has been cancelled for the summer so it was just me and bike and clock.  I've got myself quite a little routine now--I'm pretty sure I could teach spin!  It was not as boring as you might expect.  Even when I forgot the iPod, I managed to get 30 minutes in each lunch.

Minutes Weight Training--120.  Again, double from last month.  Seems like I should be looking like a supermodel by now with all this working out.....  My stomach is nice and flat, but no supermodel.  Oh well, guess you need genetics for that.

Tennis--1 hour of tennis played

Races Ran--I completed my first 10K at the Olde Bristol Days Race.  I think that was it.  Slow month.

Current Excitement--I registered for the 1/2 Marathon.  Finally!  Now you won't have to listen to me blabber on about signing up for that anymore.

Current Obsession--I need a hydration belt!  The other one I bought ended up being too big, so I sold it on eBay.  (I made $10 on the deal!  ha!)  So now I need to find another one.  This weekend is when it's happening.  I need to get some long runs in and thus I need the fuel belt. 

Current Read--I am at a loss for books right now.  I have downloaded a few freebies off of Kindle but they all stink.  No offense to spiritual people but it seems like all the free ones are God books, as I call them.  Which bore me to tears.  So if you have any ideas on good books, please send them my way.  I have read just about everything that is popular at the moment so something older or obscure is what I am looking for.

Current Food Obsession--nothing at the moment.  I'm just trying not to eat everything in sight to not ruin all the good work I've been doing at the gym. 

Oh, I'm going to extend my Xperio Lens giveaway for another week to get a few more entries.  This is a really good prize!  I still can't believe my $70 sunglass giveaway got more entries than the $300 lens giveaway. 

How are your end of month totals looking?  Did you meet your goals?

Any good books to share?

Did you sign up for my giveaway???


Christi said...

I don't want to look at my monthly totals since I was lazy queen in August.

I don't know of any good books. I am a sci-fi freak so people really don't like what I suggest.

I have signed up for your give-away!

Carla Pierce said...

Ok, so now that you asked, hee hee
Days of running in Aug.-14. That is 8 more days than July. Miles run-103 which I guess is ok since I ran 37 miles in July and 0 in June. I need to startswimming again and getting out there on the bike. Maybe this will become a motivator.