Monday, August 22, 2011

tweens. ugh.

Dear Eldest Daughter Tween:

I love you like nothing else.  You are my first born child and are so sweet and caring.  However, there are some things that have been driving me crazy about you lately and it's my duty as your mom to help you (us) through these troubles.

1.  Surprise, I am your mom, not your maid.  I do not wake up each morning counting the minutes until I can pick up your clothes and bring them to the laundry.  (you can share this with your father as well....)

2.  The jean shorts that you want to wear will not dry faster if you walk around in your underwear, telling me over and over how you wanted to wear those shorts today.

3.  The shorts may actually have been washed and dried in time if you followed rule #1.

4.  I do not need to straighten your hair for field hockey practice.  Or basketball camp.  Or any event that requires you sweating and needing a shower afterward.  Why do I need to straighten your hair anyway?  Can't you learn to do that yourself?

5.  If you like sleeping in a bed with neat sheets, you may want to consider making that bed in the morning.

6.  If you take off your shoes in the same place every day (ie YOUR ROOM), they will be there tomorrow.  This will save us all from hearing, "Where are my ____________?" insert shoes, flute, cleats, shorts, backpack, books, whatever.

7.  No, you cannot shower in my shower.  You have your own shower.  Do you know how many kids would kill to have their own bathroom???

8.  The barely-used binders from last year are just fine for this year.  Really.  You will not learn more quickly or get better grades with brand new ones.

9.  No, you do not need another bag.


Teamarcia said...

I so share your pain on all of these.

Carla Pierce said...

Love it!!!and can I just say that it doesn't get any better?!Well, perhaps about using her own shower and not having to find shoes, etc and doing her own laundry. Wow, after reading this blog post of yours and then figuring out my situation- it does get better!!!!!