Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Long run attempt tonight.  I guess if I'm going to do this 1/2 marathon thing in October, I'd better get going on doing some longer runs.  My longest run to date was 8 miles and that was back in July.  I do 5-6 pretty consistently so 8 or 9 is not that far off.  It's getting harder because it's darker earlier now and the kids are needing to get to bed earlier (8:00) to get ready for school starting next week.  This pushes up all our evening activities--eating needs to be earlier, showers, packing for the next day etc.  I need longer days!!!  Just two more hours and I'd be able to do it all....  <sigh>  Anyhoo, tonight I will shoot for 8 and see what we get.  My legs should be ok since I'm not exercising at lunch today.  Then I will try for another long run on Sat or Sun.  I probably should find a schedule to follow......

2.  After I finished my 10K a couple of weeks ago, I saw a woman carrying around her little rat dog in a thing like this:
Seriously.  I am not joking.  I took a double and triple take to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.  I mean, really, the dog cannot walk on it's own 4 legs?  It's a dog for cripes sake!  Pul--leeese.  I rolled my eyes and looked again and realized the dog's leg was in a cast.  Phew.  Ok, that makes a little more sense.  But wait...  after discussing the dog (and the woman) a little with a friend of mine, her mom commented that she knew the lady and that the leg got broken when she was trying to dress the dog.  Oh my Christ.  What is this world coming to?  Please shoot me if I ever get to the point where I am carrying around a dog in a baby carrier and I broke it's leg trying to dress it.  I can't roll my eyes high enough into my head right now.

3.  I'm going to sign Princess up for dance lessons at a fancy dance studio that is 45 minutes from my house.  This is a big decision for me because:  a.  I have to get out of work early to bring her, b.  It is more expensive than the dance at the Y, c.  It is a long-ish drive to do weekly.  However, Princess is Princess and doesn't ever want to do any extra-curricular activites.  She wants to do this and is excited.  So, I will bring her weekly to a dance studio 45 minutes away for two classes.  It's actually not a whole lot different than running around on weekend to watch Sissy play basketball--it's just during the week and I need to leave work early.  Oh well.  In 5 years, I won't even remember that I left work early, but with any luck, Princess will be a beautiful dancer. :)

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Any advice on 1/2 marathon training?

Would you carry a rat dog in a baby carrier?

Do you drive to the ends of the earth so your kids can take lessons/do sports?
Is it worth the $$ or time?


Lisa said...

I would never have a rat dog (and I'm a true dog lover!!)....I would probably break my back if I tried to do that w my 65 lb lab :)

Yeah, so sad that its already getting darker earlier. Almost time for the reflective vests to re-emerge.


Christi said...

No miniature dogs for me and certainly no dog carriers!

Carrie said...

Just say NO to rat dogs and dog carriers!

I still have a bit to go until my boys are old enough to have to cart to expensive, faraway stuff, but when that time comes, I'm sure I'll be doing it.

I don't have any advice on 1/2 marathon training as I'm not doing that until next year...get on it girl! No matter what you do, you'll do fine!

Oh, and I'll liked your office on Facebook. I'm getting low on contacts and could totally use it!