Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mean Girls and Smashed Screens

This weekend was a bit of a crazy one with double duty games on Saturday.  We had to drive Friday night 2 hours south to Massachusetts to get near where Sissy and Princess were playing a field hockey tournament the next morning.

This tourney was Princess' last tourney and she was about done.  She didn't really want to play goalie anymore even though she is the best one they have.  She agreed to play the first game as goalie and the other two games she could play as a field player.  The first game didn't go so well.  Our team is a U12 team and most of the girls are 9.  We played a more skilled team with mostly 11 and 12 year old girls and, of course, we lost.

She had quite a few saves with most of the goals coming off a good save and they had a player there to hit the rebound right in.  As she came off the field, she had tears in her eyes (which isn't unusual cause she tends to be very dramatic), so I thought she was sad about losing.

But what she said to me almost had me in tears myself.  I went to help her take off her helmet and she said that a girl on the other team told her that she sucked at goalie.  Those exact words.

I swear to god, the mother bear in me came out and if I knew which kid it was I probably would have throat punched her.

What compels a child, under age 12, to say that to another girl?  None of my kids would ever dream of saying such a thing.  How mean can you possibly be?  There wasn't a trophy, medals or anything for the winners.  It was just a round robin.  The games didn't matter at all, other than just to have fun and learn.

Of all the kids to say that to, Princess is the one it would hurt the most.  My other two kids would have been mad, but would either have ignored them, or played harder.  Princess is easily hurt by comments and she didn't want to play anymore.

Thankfully, coach was awesome and spoke to the other coach and to her credit, she came right over and apologized to Princess and told her what a great job she did and that she was going to speak to her team about what had happened.

All in all, the adults handled it well, but I was so sad it happened in the first place.

isn't she cute?  how could you say something mean to her?  really?

Big Sissy's team did great and went 4-0.  She even had two goals!  So proud of both of them.  It was a fun day other than the mean comment at the beginning.  I wish we didn't have to drive so far away to participate.

Sissy is behind #90.  I'm an eye doc, not a photographer...

It was a beautiful day, sunny and 50's.  I was surprised to find that we were playing outside because all our other tournaments have been inside.  We had no outdoor gear so thankfully, it was not very cold.

Princess messing around on some track equipment

After the games, we had time to swing back to my in-laws house and grab the dog and head back to Maine 3 hours away for Sissy's basketball games out in East Middle of Nowhere.  Not a joke.  It was totally in the middle of nowhere.

We finally arrived home at 10:30 p.m. and the Easter Bunny still had to come.  Holy hell.  The things we do for our kids, right?

The icing on the cake was a smashed screen on my computer when I opened it up today.  Fabulous.
that's not a spider web...

Any ideas on how to fix this?  I found a replacement screen on ebay which I ordered in hopes that my computer guy or I can replace it.

I can't have anything nice.

Thank goodness the computer still works.  I'm not sure what I'd do if I couldn't Facebook, blog, tweet and Instagram.  The horrors.

Have you dealt with any mean girls in sports yet?

I don't remember anyone trash talking me at any age in any sport I ever played.  Either I didn't hear or I wasn't good enough for them to speak to.  Or maybe kids are more mean now?

Have you ever smashed your screen on your incredibly expensive laptop?  Did you cry for days?  

I'm still mourning.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nothing to Say Post

So what do you say when you really have nothing to say?  Hmmm.  Well, let's see, this week is an adventure in time management.  As in, I have more stuff to do than I have time to do it.  Story of my life. 

You know Easter is Sunday right?  Have I  gotten anything at all for Easter bunny stuff?  Um, No.  So this is how the week is going for me.  I had to get my swim in last night because our local YMCA is closed on Good Friday and Easter.  Seriously?  Closed on Good Friday?  Like because they are all in church paying penance for the death of Jesus?  Pul --leese. 

Only the Y in my town is closed, the others around us are still open.  How freakin' annoying.  There is still school for cripes sake!  At least I don't use the day care anymore.  That sucked.

So anyway, after picking the kids up from school on Friday, we need to pack up and head south two hours to Massachusetts for a field hockey tournament on Saturday for Sissy and Princess.  That should be done around 1 p.m. and then we'll have to turn around and head back to Maine for Sissy's basketball games that are scheduled in the evening.  Phew.

That doesn't leave a lot of time for shopping of any kind--food, baskets, clothes. 

Sunday, of course, is Easter and nothing on God's green earth is open that day.  Believe me, I've called to check.  Only LLBean is open and that doesn't get me any groceries for the week. 
this will be me--trying to get groceries... no money, just throw fruit and veggies

C'mon, are there really no heathens other than me that would like to take in a day of shopping on the ONE DAY that I have nothing scheduled??  I was thinking I could take the kids out to the mall to get some clothes for our vacation in 2 weeks, but Noooo, that's not going to happen. 
It had better not rain on Sunday.  That's all I've got to say.
I'll leave you with a couple of things that made me laugh today.  Have a great Easter holiday!
my favorite easter cartoon of all time
and one last gif just because it was so stupid it made me laugh

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kinda Wordless Wednesday

Mother Nature--- Suck it.

Tax time-- you can suck it too.

If I were on Pintrest--I would Pin this.  It was awesome and I made it up.  Lime Cilantro Scallops with mango pineapple salsa. 

Three weeks until this:

but who's counting.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Clean Bottle Winner and Off Track

After one crazy sports-filled weekend with the kids, I finally had time to pick a winner for the Clean Bottle giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Jen!  Get me your address and I'll mail it out to you!  (Or I could drop it off on my way through one day.... )

This past week has been so crazy with kid's activites and uncooperative weather that I have really gotten off track with my running and exercise.  Some days it seems that everything works against you to get that workout in and if you even hesitate for one moment, then the chance is gone.  For example, Saturday we had basketball for Manimal all afternoon and we needed to leave by 11:00 to arrive at the courts.  That meant that there was plenty of time to get a run in before we needed to leave, instead I hung out with the kids a bit, brought all of our Girl Scout cookie money to the bank and went to the dump.  By the time that was done it was 10:30 and too late to get a run in before we needed to go. 

Fine, I told myself.  I'll just run when we get home.  Uh huh.  Suuuureee, you will.  As you can imagine, that didn't happen.  It was so windy and so cold and honestly, I just didn't feel like getting out there and getting it done.  I should have.  But I didn't. 

Sunday was more of the same.  Sissy had basketball at USM starting at 10:15 so we needed to leave by 8:15 to get there.  No running in the morning because I just don't get up at that hour on Sunday.  No way.  Only for a race. 

I did pack my running clothes so I could run inbetween games, but when we arrived I had packed everything except my sneakers.  Doh!  And it was so god damn windy and cold again that I might have just skipped it anyway. 

So two basketball games, an hour ride and a two hour field hockey scrimmage later, there would be no running for me yesterday.  I held out hope that I could hop on the trainer once we got settled at home, which was around 7, for those interested.  I headed upstairs to get my shorts on and Princess had decided  at 7 p.m., on a school night, to rearrange her bedroom.

Her bed was completely moved to the side of the room with her headboard right in the middle of the room and all her crap that was under her bed was in the open space available.  Clothes everywhere. 


Seriously.  This girl is going to send me over the freakin' edge.

I had all I could do not to blow a gasket.  I just love rearranging bedroom furniture at 7 p.m. on a Sunday night.  Woo.

If you are counting, that's two, TWO days of no exercise in a row!  After two days in a row missed during the week!  ugh.  That translates into 3 days of exercise out of 7.  yuk. 

I feel so fat now. 

But today is Monday.  A new week with a new start.  A clean slate as they say. 

I'm starting over this week and it's going to be a better one.

I will get my exercise done.
I will eat more fruits and veggies.
I will not resort to fast food when in a pinch and hungry.
I will remember that sometimes life and living it is more important than getting my workout in.
The trainer/gym/treadmill will always be there tomorrow.

We all have weeks like these ones.  How do you stay on track?

Oh! I forgot to add that I did manage to get in on the open registration of the Beach to Beacon 10K on Friday morning!  The 4,000 (I think) slots available sold out in 4:58 minutes!  Yay for fast fingers!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Week Thus Far

My little corner of useless information.  Since I have nothing to report about running/fitness/triathlon, I will share with you a few things from the week thus far.

1.  Dark wash jeans make your hands all blue.  I have these pants that are a really dark wash denim material but are cut like dress pants, so I wear them to work.  And all day my hands look dirty/bluish even though I wash them a million times a day.  Somehow, I always forget that these pants do this and I'm surprised each time when it happens. 
not my actual hands but you get the idea

2.  I had a mole removed from my back last week and was supposed to return to see the dermatologist tomorrow to have the stitches out.  That would require me leaving work early and driving 20 minutes to the satellite office.  Ummm, I don't think so.  Thirteen year old girls have way better eyes than a man in his late 50's so Sissy took them out for me last night using nail clippers and my tweezers.  Another excellent use of these kids. 

3.  I wish this were the new pope.
seriously, how do you not laugh at grumpy cat?  there must be something wrong with you if you don't think this is funny.

4.  This Morning.  Ugh.  The mornings of all mornings.  So last night my husband takes my van to bring Sissy to AAU bball.  He never takes my van.  Like never.  So I nicely ask if he'll put gas in it since I won't have any for work tomorrow if he doesn't.  Fast forward to this morning.  Of course, we are late.  Per usual.  Of course, everyone doesn't want to get out of bed because of the god damn time change.  I somehow get the kids the school in a not-that-late-fashion and head to work.  I am half way to work, which means I have now driven 15 minutes towards work and Princess calls me.  I forgot my science project and it's due today, can you go home and get it?  

Oh my fucking good lord. 

so I'm pretty mad and wheel that car around and guess what?  Husband didn't put gas in the car.  Gas light promptly comes on.  Fuck me.

So I head home some 15 minutes away to get this science project and Princess calls me again.  Oh, mom?  You have to print out my report too. 


fucking fuck fuckers.

Rewind back to last night.  The night that we were actually home at 5.  The night we didn't have anything to do and actually ate dinner together at the table. 

Me to Princess:  Do you have any homework?

Princess: No. 

Me:  Are you sure?

Princess:  Yes, mom. 

So not only do I have to drive 15 minutes home, 10 minutes to school and then 30 minutes to work, I also have to stop and print the fucking report AND get some fucking gas!

The icing on the cake--I get home, get the project and print the report to find out......

wait for it.....

It's not even finished!  She has one page written and the last sentence is "Now let me tell you about the plants". 

I half want to just leave it all there and let her take the god damn zero. 

Ever had a day completely screwed up by the actions of everyone else?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Clean Bottle Review and Giveaway

Almost a year ago now, I was watching Shark Tank and I saw Clean Bottle on that show.  Clean Bottle is basically a water bottle that can be broken down so that it can be cleaned throughly.  The top comes off, the bottom comes off and the nozzle comes out so you can clean out any mold that may develop in there. 

I wanted to try it out and thought it would be a great product to review on my blog so I contacted them to see if they might send me one to review.  They said they would, so I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I never received one even after contacting the company another time. 

So I was mad. 

But then I saw the really cute bottle they had designed to celebrate the Olympics
and decided that I wanted to have one anyway.  So I bought the "Buy 3 Get One Free" thing and got 4 of them. 

I have had the bottles for about 8 months now and have really enjoyed them.  I rotate 2 of them so one is always clean.  It is the perfect size and fits perfectly into my holder on my bike, on the spin bikes and in my cup holder in my car. 

The first time I needed to clean it, I had a hard time removing the nozzle from the top, but my husband got it out for me pretty easily.  Guess I just need man hands. 

one dirty ass nozzle

Once I had the nozzle out, it was pretty easy to clean.  I soaked it in bleach to kill everything, used a q-tip to clean out the gunk and then put it all in the dishwasher. 

Here is the bottle all disassembled and clean.

The top comes all apart to clean everything out, the bottom comes off so you can clean the entire bottle properly and the nozzle is removed to get the funk out.  Yay!  A bottle I don't have to throw away when it gets gross.

It goes easily in the diswasher and reassembles pretty easily.  I even used it during my triathlon this summer.

Even though they said they were going to give me a bottle to review and didn't, I still really like this bottle and would recommend it to anyone.  The bottle part is made in the USA, which is nice, and the company donates 10% of it's profits to eco and cycling friendly charities.  Cue the Awwweee.

For my readers and twitter followers, I have one limited edition Olympics Clean Bottle to give away.   You can't buy this one anymore so it may even be a collectable!  And no, I have not used it. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Month End Mish Mash

Funny how when I'm not really training for anything I really don't have much to say on my blog.  It's really kinda pathetic how mundane my life is.  Gonna go with a numbers list today since I've got nothing better. (and pretty poor grammar to boot)

1.  Miles Run in Feb--34 pretty dang average for me.
2.  Yards Swimming--6250 a bit low, but that did include a masters swim which I enjoyed.
3.  Minutes Spinning--240
4.  Weights--55 minutes
5.  Tennis--4 hours

Overall a low numbers month but, what the heck, February is a short one and the weather was downright shitty. 

6.  I have been sleeping like a freakin' baby lately.  I don't know what I've done to appease the sleep gods to deserve good sleep but when my head hits the pillow--I'm out for 8 hours.  I even slept in until 10:30 on Sunday!  10:30!  I never slept in that late even in college.  In defense of my laziness, we didn't get back from a 9:00 p.m. basketball game until 1:00 a.m. and I had to drive 2 hours home from it so I'm sure that had something to do with it.  I'm pretty sure this will all end on Sunday when daylight savings time fucks everything up again.

7.  I have finally given up on having blonde hair.  Guess what?  I'm not a blonde.  And my trying to make my hair lighter was seriously a PIA.  Every 6 weeks these god-awful roots would show up and make me look like I'm some low-class hooker who can't afford a dye job.  I had had enough.  I just don't have the time to spend 2.5 hours every 2 months fixing my roots.  So I went back to my normal color.  And guess what?  It looks pretty good!

brown hair suits me.  huh.  smiling does not.  how unusual to have the same color hair as your eyebrows..

8.  Ever have one of those days where you feel like you suck at being a parent?  Well, that was yesterday.  Someone please please help me not to fuck this up.  I really don't know how to do any better. 

9.  Or have a day when you totally choose the wrong underwear and spend the whole day pulling them out of your ass?  Yah.  That's today.

10.  And a new favorite video/song to end on a happier note.  This song, I love.  Not sure what that says about a 40-something white woman loving this particular song, but whatever.  I love it.