Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Week Thus Far

My little corner of useless information.  Since I have nothing to report about running/fitness/triathlon, I will share with you a few things from the week thus far.

1.  Dark wash jeans make your hands all blue.  I have these pants that are a really dark wash denim material but are cut like dress pants, so I wear them to work.  And all day my hands look dirty/bluish even though I wash them a million times a day.  Somehow, I always forget that these pants do this and I'm surprised each time when it happens. 
not my actual hands but you get the idea

2.  I had a mole removed from my back last week and was supposed to return to see the dermatologist tomorrow to have the stitches out.  That would require me leaving work early and driving 20 minutes to the satellite office.  Ummm, I don't think so.  Thirteen year old girls have way better eyes than a man in his late 50's so Sissy took them out for me last night using nail clippers and my tweezers.  Another excellent use of these kids. 

3.  I wish this were the new pope.
seriously, how do you not laugh at grumpy cat?  there must be something wrong with you if you don't think this is funny.

4.  This Morning.  Ugh.  The mornings of all mornings.  So last night my husband takes my van to bring Sissy to AAU bball.  He never takes my van.  Like never.  So I nicely ask if he'll put gas in it since I won't have any for work tomorrow if he doesn't.  Fast forward to this morning.  Of course, we are late.  Per usual.  Of course, everyone doesn't want to get out of bed because of the god damn time change.  I somehow get the kids the school in a not-that-late-fashion and head to work.  I am half way to work, which means I have now driven 15 minutes towards work and Princess calls me.  I forgot my science project and it's due today, can you go home and get it?  

Oh my fucking good lord. 

so I'm pretty mad and wheel that car around and guess what?  Husband didn't put gas in the car.  Gas light promptly comes on.  Fuck me.

So I head home some 15 minutes away to get this science project and Princess calls me again.  Oh, mom?  You have to print out my report too. 


fucking fuck fuckers.

Rewind back to last night.  The night that we were actually home at 5.  The night we didn't have anything to do and actually ate dinner together at the table. 

Me to Princess:  Do you have any homework?

Princess: No. 

Me:  Are you sure?

Princess:  Yes, mom. 

So not only do I have to drive 15 minutes home, 10 minutes to school and then 30 minutes to work, I also have to stop and print the fucking report AND get some fucking gas!

The icing on the cake--I get home, get the project and print the report to find out......

wait for it.....

It's not even finished!  She has one page written and the last sentence is "Now let me tell you about the plants". 

I half want to just leave it all there and let her take the god damn zero. 

Ever had a day completely screwed up by the actions of everyone else?


Carrie said...

Just look at Grumpy Cat...he'll make it better for you.

Teamarcia said...

Oh wow. I think I'd say zero for the win.

Caratunk Girl said...

That sucks! Wow. I would have totally lost my shit!!