Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nothing to Say Post

So what do you say when you really have nothing to say?  Hmmm.  Well, let's see, this week is an adventure in time management.  As in, I have more stuff to do than I have time to do it.  Story of my life. 

You know Easter is Sunday right?  Have I  gotten anything at all for Easter bunny stuff?  Um, No.  So this is how the week is going for me.  I had to get my swim in last night because our local YMCA is closed on Good Friday and Easter.  Seriously?  Closed on Good Friday?  Like because they are all in church paying penance for the death of Jesus?  Pul --leese. 

Only the Y in my town is closed, the others around us are still open.  How freakin' annoying.  There is still school for cripes sake!  At least I don't use the day care anymore.  That sucked.

So anyway, after picking the kids up from school on Friday, we need to pack up and head south two hours to Massachusetts for a field hockey tournament on Saturday for Sissy and Princess.  That should be done around 1 p.m. and then we'll have to turn around and head back to Maine for Sissy's basketball games that are scheduled in the evening.  Phew.

That doesn't leave a lot of time for shopping of any kind--food, baskets, clothes. 

Sunday, of course, is Easter and nothing on God's green earth is open that day.  Believe me, I've called to check.  Only LLBean is open and that doesn't get me any groceries for the week. 
this will be me--trying to get groceries... no money, just throw fruit and veggies

C'mon, are there really no heathens other than me that would like to take in a day of shopping on the ONE DAY that I have nothing scheduled??  I was thinking I could take the kids out to the mall to get some clothes for our vacation in 2 weeks, but Noooo, that's not going to happen. 
It had better not rain on Sunday.  That's all I've got to say.
I'll leave you with a couple of things that made me laugh today.  Have a great Easter holiday!
my favorite easter cartoon of all time
and one last gif just because it was so stupid it made me laugh


..:danielle:.. said...

ya know what IS open on sunday? hospitals. cuz i have to work. so you could go to your local hospital to eat, the cafeteria will be open. fun for all.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Love that pole dancing bunny! So funny!

Carrie said...

Restaurants are open too...and Home Depot. Hooray! Just don't eat my GS cookies!

Lisa said...

I needed your post tonight! Hilarious :)

Not a big Easter family here, but have scored a dinner invitation (at a restaurant). For me, I've got some wall painting to do - rain or shine!