Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We Have Reached a Whole New Level of Rude

So I think I mentioned this on twitter the other day but it's worth bringing up again.  The level of rudeness the world has arrived at is mind boggling.  Each day we do things that were completely unheard of years ago and even if we could have dreamt them up, there is no way anyone would have done that shit because it is so unbelievably rude. 

Example 1:

I am doing an eye exam, as in EXAMINING THIS GUY'S EYES, and when I finish with the glasses part and put the dilating drops in, I usually take 5 minutes to explain what I came up with, what I recommend about glasses and any concerns I might have.  I am in the process of telling this 60 something year old man what I found and while I am speaking (yes, I was speaking and looking directly at him while I speak) he picks up his phone, which must have been vibrating, and answers it.

While I am in mid sentence. 

Not an excuse me, pardon me, hold on a sec, nothing!  He just starts speaking to whoever is clearly way more important than I am. 

I sit there for 30 seconds or so flabbergasted and then just get up and leave.  I mean, really?  Really??  Whatever was on the phone couldn't have waited the 2 minutes I was going to tell you about your eyes?  Jeez.  At least the teenagers pretend to listen to me while they are texting. 

Example 2:

Today I step in to greet my first patient and he has headphones on.  Ok. Fine.  He does take a moment to shut off or turn down his ipod, but continues to keep the headphones in.  Which is a little awkward because I'm not super sure if he's listening to me or the tunes.  Again, another 70 something year old man.  He wears the headphones for the ENTIRE eye exam.  Rude, yes?  Or am I being a little sensitive?  It just felt like he wasn't really listening to me.  I say, yes to rude.

Example 3:

Maybe not completely rude, but certainly annoying--Princess has dance on Tuesdays and we go up every week for lessons since September.  For some reason, they only starting learning their recital pieces after February vacation.  Ballet was done two weeks ago and they still have one more week to practice it.  Tap and jazz, for reasons I don't understand, they haven't even been taught the whole routine yet!  The recital is 5/11!  That is 10 days for those of you who are numerically challenged.  Which means we have one more lesson on Tuesday and then the dress rehearsal (which should be an Olympic event in trying of one's patience--but that's a whole other post in itself) to get this shit done.  Highly unlikely, so we now have to come to another lesson on Friday. 

Like I don't have any thing else planned for Friday.  Don't complain though or your kiddo might end up in the back behind the tall girls.... did I just say that in my out loud voice?

shut up abby

Let me remind you that because I am an idiot over-achiever mother, I drive my Princess to a dance studio that is 45 minutes away.  So that is really convenient.


I'd better get a Rockette out of all this hassle.

Have you noticed more rudeness in your life?  Or are they just rude to me?

Dance moms = train wreck show I cannot tear my eyes from.  What is with those parents anyway?


Sarah G said...

You're not sensitive, I think 1 & 2 were rude for sure! Not sure if #3 qualifies as rude it's definitely not a shining example of good time management.

People in general were way ruder to me when I was at my heaviest. I noticed it but it became painfully obvious after losing the weight and seeing how much nicer people are to me now. :(

Anonymous said...

People lost respect for others. You are right, it´s the same here in Germany. Behaving could be called superficial....often discussed with family and friends. Hoping I don´t become infected.
Sort of "push the I-like-button and you are my friend" living.

By the way, I fancy the blog very much....thank you and please cary on !