Thursday, May 30, 2013

Most Boring Post Ever

What I've been doing lately:





Too much of this on a rainy holiday weekend

on the one sunny day we had, I got to do this

Way too much of this

Leads to this

notice the dunlap?  You know, where your belly done lap over your waistband? 

But I do love the new Tough Chik bike top! 

What's going on in your corner of the woods?


Lisa said...

Great blog title....sucked me right in :)

I'm right with you, except mine is mostly work these days. Weather's finally summer-ish, so we'll get to do some playing (i.e. hike) and some celebrating (i.e. engagement party for neice)...can't wait!

Running With The Girls said...

Ha ha ha.....I love your new TC outfit.

Anonymous said...

Here in northern Germany it´s still very very wet and a bit cool. We´re waiting for warmer days.....meanwhile I am running the mud from my shoes.
Ride my bike and swim as well when I get the time between work ( tax accountant ) and family life ( 1 daughter, 2 male cats and husband ).

Greetings from Enger/Germany