Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Workout-Less Wednesday

So today is beginning less-than-stellar as I forgot all my stuff at home.  "All my stuff" includes, my lunch, sneakers, workout gear, snacks, water bottle etc.  Basically everything I need.  <sad panda face> I really needed a workout today since I have basically done nothing since Saturday.

the only shoes I have today

This is the week of dance recital/basketball/kids' sports hell and thus, my time to workout is severely limited.  So this missed opportunity to get it done at lunch time really sucks.

Strangely enough, I am so sore.  Sunday I did the p90x core blaster with my daughter which is a quick 16 minute workout.  Monday I found this "How Fit Are You?" challenge so I did that before playing tennis for an hour.  Well, I'm not sure which one (or both!) of those kicked my ass but yesterday I could barely walk.  My hamstrings, glutes and the top part of my quads were killing me!  Oh, and it hurt to laugh.

I thought it might not be wise to run when I could barely walk so I took yesterday off.  And now today is looking like a rest day as well.  sigh.

Here's how I fared with the 6 challenges:

The Challenges:

Endurance Challenge: Leg Matrix
You'll do each of these four moves back to back without resting. The moves:
1. Squat
2. Squat Jump
3. Lunge (right leg, then left leg)
4. Lunge Jump (right leg, then left leg)
Do the correct form of each move and immediately move on to the next one without resting. See how many you can do with proper form before you have to take a break. The number or reps you can do with correct form without resting will tell you how fit your endurance is.

Excellent 24
Good 10-15
Below Average less than 10

My Results: I was able to do 36+ of these without stopping.  I say 36+ because I chose to stop at 36 once I was so far past the Excellent rating of 24.  I guess I should have kept going to see how many I could do.  Perhaps this is the reason for my hamstrings screaming yesterday.  hmmmm.

Agility Challenge: Four-Point Touch
To do this test, you'll set up four cones in a square, five yards apart. You'll start in the center of the cones with your knees bent and your hips slightly forward. Set a timer to 15 seconds, and then move as quickly as possible to the front left cone, touch it, and move back to the center. Then move to the front right cone, touch it, and move back to the center. Continue running to each of the four cones in order. You're trying to see how many times you touch the cones in the 15 seconds.

Excellent 9
Good 6-8
Poor <6

My Results:  I was able to touch 8 cones in the 15 seconds.  Guess I could be faster.

Balance Challenge: Single-Leg Balance and Touch
You'll measure both legs separately. Perform the Single-Leg Balance and Touch, doing it in perfect form on one leg over and over for 60 seconds. See how many you can do in that time, and then repeat the test on the other side.

Excellent  21
Good  10-20
Poor <10

My Results:  I was able to touch my left toe 27 times and my right toe 28 times in the 60 seconds.  Yay me.

Lower-Body Strength Challenge: Three-Rep Single-Leg Squat
You'll test both legs individually, starting with the right leg. You'll perform the the single-leg squat with proper form, where the move gets progressively harder.

The first challenge was to one legged squat until you sit on the bench.  Then stand up.  If you can do that, move on.
Next, same leg, squat but just barely touch the bench with your bum and stand right back up.
Then, same leg, you stand on the bench and squat until the other leg is parallel with the bench and then stand back up.  Repeat on the other leg.

Excellent--doing all three.
Good--doing the first two.
Poor--doing none.

My Results:  I was able to do the first one with much difficulty.  I don't know if this was because I had already done all those squats or because I was using a standard chair instead of a bench.  Maybe the bench is higher than a chair?  I tried it later at home using my coffee table and was able to do the second challenge, but it was difficult.  Guess I need to work on this.

Hip Flexor Flexibility Challenge: The Thomas Test
The Thomas Test is done by laying on a lifting bench and pulling one leg in as close to your body as possible while trying to keep the other leg straight.  Do on both legs.

Excellent--if your leg drops below your hips
Good--your leg is parallel to your hips
Poor--your leg is above your hips

My Results:  I was good on this one in that I did it on the floor since I didn't have a bench.  I was able to keep my leg straight and parallel to my hips.  I will try this again when I can use a bench.

Core Stability Challenge: The Walk Out
Get down on hands and knees, walk your hands out as far as you are able.  Hold that pose for 20 seconds, then walk back in with your hands.

Excellent: your thighs are nearly parallel to the ground.
Good:  your thighs are less than 45 degrees to the ground.
Poor:  your thighs are more than 45 degrees to the ground.

My Results:  I was somewhere between Good and Excellent.

Here's the video if you want to watch the moves and give the challenge a try.

I am also still keeping up with the 30 day Arm Challenge.  I did get behind a day so I'm still on day 6 instead of 7, but at least I'm still doing it.  That is getting harder and harder.  Today is 15 push-ups, 20 dips and 40 bicep curls!  And that's only day 6!  I should have some fantastic pipes by day 30!

Are you having a better week than I am?

If you take the fitness challenge, share below how you did.  I'm wondering if it should be age adjusted.  After all, I am old.....

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MCM Mama said...

My week is sucking in the workout department. I didn't feel like working out on Monday, never got around to it yesterday and had a sick kid today, sigh. Fun week so far.