Wednesday, February 23, 2011

how much stuff do I need?

Getting ready for a tri (even just a sprint tri) is getting to be a challenge.  I've got the running thing down pat.  I have sneakers and shorts and my ipod--all set there, swimming is coming along nicely, but the bike part has me worried.  First of all, I hate biking.  Well, I hate spinning and the stationary bike.  It is boring as hell.  You can't really use the ipod as a distration (hello, quite unsafe!) and all there is to think about is how boring it is.  The other thing I've been worried about is my actual bike.  It sucks.  It's just a cheap bike from the sports store to ride with my kids.  I realize that I won't be breaking any records here, and most likely a newer, nicer, faster bike probably won't have any real impact on my final time, however--I do need to have a water bottle holder, at least, right?  Those pedals that hold your feet on would be nice as well. 

So I am trying to decide if I buy a new bike (not very likely as estimates were in the $500-1000 range!!!), rent a bike for the race or just rock the Olympia Sports one that I have.  Decisions, decisions.

The other issue nagging me a little is what to wear.  For the first race, it is a reverse tri which means you run first, then bike, then swim.  This might be a little easier for clothing changes than the traditional way of swim, bike, run.  I am thinking I will wear my swim suit with a sports bra underneath.  Yes, I know that I really don't need a sports bra, but honestly, I just can't imagine running without one.  Little boobs bounce too.  Really.  They do.  Anyhoo, I will wear the swim suit with my sports bra, then my bike shorts over that and some shirt which the weather that day will decide.  I will wear my running sneakers for the run and bike and then I don't have to change there.  All will need to do is whip off the running shorts and trade them for some bike shorts.  I might not even do that if it's going to cost me too much time.  That should be a short transition, dump the ipod and grab the helmet and off I go.  Switching to the swim should be easy, take off everything except the swim suit and bra and throw on some goggles.  It's only 6 lengths so I'll skip the cap, but I really do need the goggles. 

Good God, I'm getting nervous just writing about it.  I'm going to be a wreck that morning......

On a more irritating note, we are supposed to have 3 rounds of snow/sleet/rain over the next week.  The weatherman isn't sure which or how much just yet.  (God, I wish I could be that vague in my job.....)  This does not bode well for my Virtual 5K race I'm doing this weekend.  I really wanted it to be outside but that is looking like it might not happen.  I do have two weekends to complete it so maybe the next weekend will be better. 

Thanks for reading and have a super great day!

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