Monday, February 28, 2011

monday :/

And the crappy weather continues here in midcoast Maine.  Ugh.  I have just about had enough of the snow/sleet/cold.  I was able to complete most of my workout goals for this past week.  I didn't get the extra 5K run in like I wanted to but I did shovel heavy, wet snow off my entire deck all by myself.  That should count for something, right?  And all that shoveling was after my mile swim.  I was pretty tired after that.

Saturday was busy with jiu-jitsu for D and basketball tournament for S.  S did well in her tournament, but her team is all 5th graders and it was a 5th and 6th grade tourney.  They won the first and lost the second.  I am pondering the pros and cons of putting her in an AAU league next year rather than the local Y league.  We'll have to see how it goes.  Here is a pic of S shooting a foul shot at a different game.

Here is D warming up at jiu-jitsu, he has the green cast on (in case you thought he was the girl.... lol).

And finally, I shouldn't leave out my middle child, C.  She hasn't decided what she wants to do yet.  Although, she is pretty good at being a princess.  :)

Oh, that girl has some attitude!  She gets that from her dad. 
This week I am really going to try to get some double workouts in.  I need to kickstart my routine.  This weather has gotten me in a bit of a slump.  Goals for this week:
Monday:  spin 1/2 hour, cardio tennis
Tuesday: spin 1 hour
Wed:  Spin/strength training
Thurs: 4-5 mile run, cardio tennis
Friday:  2000 yds swim
Sat:  possibly Jiu-jitsu fitness class, but most likely picking up Girl Scout cookies and sorting them. 
Sun: 4-5 mile run

Maybe a little ambitious for me and my schedule but you have to set high goals in order to achieve them, right? 

Have a super day!

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