Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's on!

OK.  Bring it.  The battle lines have been drawn.  My family is in a full-fledged war with.....

the squirrels.

The kids received a multi-perch bird feeder at Christmas to put outside and be able to watch all the birds that live in our woods as they feed from it.  One month ago, this is what the feeder looked like:
Happy, cute birds enjoying the food at almost every perch available.  They would empty that feeder of sunflower seeds about every other day.  We wondered how such little birds could go through the food so quickly.  Until we came home the other day to find our feeder on the ground.   This is what our feeder looks like today:
And this:
Son's of bitches!  Chewed the hanger off, and chewed every last perch off!  No wonder the feed was going so quickly!  I can only imagine what was going on while we were at work everyday. 

Well, now it's on.  The squirrels are not going to know what hit them.  My husband is on the war path and it involves wire and a battery.  Stay tuned.

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Wire and a battery?