Monday, March 21, 2011

excellent series of events

My weekend started off just super!  First of all, I had Friday off.  And just like every other Friday that I take off, I crammed it full of things to do so that each and every minute was accounted for.  Unfortunately, this does not make my Friday off very relaxing.  However, these were all things that needed to get done so it had to happen.  So even though it was looking to be a stressful day, it really turned out awesome! 

First awesome thing--I got my hair done! :)  I can't think of anything else that makes me happier or feel better about myself than getting my hair done.  I just LOVE fresh from the salon hair.  I would never wash again if it wouldn't start stinking.  If I were loaded, I would have someone to do my hair each and every day. 

Second awesome thing--My friend doing the tri with me met me briefly after my hair appointment to give me some clothes she has that are too big for her.  This was awesome because they were size 6 pants and jeans.  Yes, you heard correctly, size 6!!  Which I now fit into!  Perfectly, I might add.  :D  Did I mention they were size 6??  Here's a pic of me in my SIZE 6 pants:

I'm not sure I remember when I was last a size 6.  Mind you, I've never been super heavy, just an 8 or a 10, but man, getting down to a 6 is somethin' special.  Did I mention they were size 6?  And not a Lane Bryant or some other big person's store size 6, they are J Crew and Banana Republic!

Third awesome thing--I found a bike!!  yay!!  My friend and former co-worker has so graciously agreed to lend me her race bike.  She has already been bitten by the tri-bug so she is duly equipped already.  I hate to ask to borrow things from others, but, this bike thing was really getting stressful and renting was going to cost me $200 for two weeks.  ugh.  What a waste of money.  So I bit the bullet and asked her and without a second thought she said yes!  Thank you so much KB!!!

All workouts this weekend went along as planned and I really had a good run last night which I was psyched to add to my Cupcake Marathon list until my Garmin crapped out and I couldn't get a pic of the distance.  I've got a time but no distance.  I'm going to send them in anyway and hope they will take me at my word even without a picture.  I have an honest face, right?

Workouts for the week:
Mon:  cardio tennis/spin
Tues:  spin
Wed:  spin and strength class
Thurs:  cardio tennis at lunch/run at night
Fri:  mile swim/bike
Sat:  nothing because of S's bball tourney
Sun:  run

Have a great Monday!  Did anyone catch that awesome moon?


Bobbi said...

DID YOU SAY SIZE 6??????!!!!

ltlindian said...

heck yeah! size 6, baby!

Christi said...

Love the hair! And really did you just say a size 6? Sweet!