Tuesday, March 15, 2011

thoughts on getting older.....

I am still reeling from my discovery this weekend.  Somehow, I thought "that won't happen to me".  I thought maybe I didn't inherit that gene, maybe I would be one of the ones that it didn't happen to.  I had a rude awakening at the stop light on Sunday when I saw in the rearview mirror these:

Two grey hairs.  Pulled from my head.  Concrete evidence that I cannot deny since I pulled them out myself.  When exactly did this happen?  They are at least 3 inches long and my hair grows about an inch every three months or so, right?  So they had to have been there at least 6-9 months!!  Seriously, does everything like this just happen at the drop of a hat after 40?  Really?  I have already gotten over the trauma of discovering a man-hair on my chin.  Only to discover 2 more.  So now I have a routine every 2-3 months of searching and plucking them out, lest I look like one of those women with 'little beards' as our Governor LePage had eluded to.  (Inside Maine joke, although it may have made national news.  He is quite the character.... Here's the story if you are interested:  http://www.wcsh6.com/news/story.aspx?storyid=149048&catid=2)
And now I have to also search and destroy grey hairs on my head???  Will the madness never end?  Ugh.

Is this how a mid-life crisis begins?  I guess I am on my way to a full-fledged one then.  I will go kicking and screaming into middle age.  It will not be pretty and I will not go down easily.  Prisoners will be taken and chin hairs will be lost.  Thankfully, I had started my fitness routine awhile ago so I'm in pretty good shape and can outrun some folks that are younger than me and I'm not overweight. 

Now if someone can do something about the dark circles under my eyes, that would be great.  Really.  I'm open to suggestions.  Here's the routine for the week:

Mon: cardio tennis/spin
Tues: hope to try a brick workout today at lunch:  run then spin
Wed: spin and strength class
Thur:  cardio tennis, run at night
Fri:  swim and hair coloring appointment!!!  Also: FIND MY BIKE!  to relieve that stress of not having a bike for my upcoming tri.
Sat:  jiu-jitsu fitness class, maybe easy run that night
Sun:  run

Have a great day everyone and don't let those chin/grey hairs get you down!


Bobbi said...

OMGsh....you saved your grey hairs....you are too freakin funny!

Christi said...

I feel your pain. I have been finding grey hairs for about 10 years now. But you can't tell because I have a fabulous hair stylist!

Have a great week of workouts. It looks like you have the right mix going on.

Emz said...

I love this post. real. raw. wonderful!