Friday, March 11, 2011


Ok, I suppose I'll join the rest of the blogging world by doing the ABC's of me.  Since I don't really have any other interesting news to share today, ABC's will have to suffice.

A--40 and holding
B--Bedsize  King!  You have to have a king when you sleep with a 6'2" 240lb man.....
C--Chore I hate--washing floors.  It takes forever!
D--Dogs one Lab named Cole.  (he's black, duh.  cole... coal... get it?)
E--Essential start to my day--Mt Dew!!
F--Favorite Color--to look at is red, to wear is black.
G--gold or silver--silver
H--Height 5'6"
I--Instruments I play--used to play flute and took piano when I was young
J--Job Title--optometrist
K--Kids 3
L--Live--Boothbay Harbor, ME
M--Mom's name--Sheila
O--Overnight hospital stays-- 3x's for each kid (c-sections), pneumonia when preggo with child #2
P--Pet Peeve--clutter and hoarders
Q--Movie Quote--I don't watch or quote movies so I'm going to do something different....
Q--Queer habit--I bite my cuticles.  always have. always will.  Even that gross tasting stuff my mother put on to make me stop didn't work.
R--Right or Left handed--right
S--Siblings--weird family that I have--I have one brother, one half brother, many step-siblings.  But my brother and I are both adopted from different families, so really we aren't blood related at all....
T--Time I wake up--between 6:15 and 6:30 a.m.
U--Underwear--um yes.  t-back kind.
V--Vegetable I dislike--love most everything but squash is yuk!
W--What makes me run late--my kids and husband!  We are always late.
X--X-ray I have had--pinky, foot, teeth, colonoscopy
Y--Yummy food I make--peanut butter kiss cookies
Z--Zoo, favorite animal--does Sea World count as a zoo?  I love, love, love watching the dolphins.  (not the Miami kind...... ;)  If not, then penguin.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Christi said...

I love peanut butter kiss cookies. I make them every year at Christmas.