Tuesday, March 22, 2011

please do not......

Three to four times a year I will have a patient ask me a question that just sends me over the edge (in my mind, of course).  Out loud, I'm just as polite as ever, but inside I am just steaming at the rudness and stupidness of the question. 

"Don't you get bored doing the same thing every single day?"

Seriously.  I have been asked this question more than 10 times by different people.  It is usually when I am doing the "which is better, one or two" part of the exam, which I admit, is not the most exciting part of the eye exam.  But seriously,  even if you thought this, why the heck would you ever say it outloud?? 

My response is usually something along the lines of, "oh no, every person is different so it never gets boring to me". 

What I would like to say is, "oh you mean your job (insert whatever that person's occupation is)  is so much more exciting than mine?  You are right, I should pack it up and find something more interesting to do."

First of all, how insulting can you be?  Really.  First of all, isn't everyone's job repetitive to some degree?  Isn't that why we were hired or chose to do a certain job?  Because we are good at it?  Would you really want someone examining your eyes who did different things every day?  Or would you want the doctor who did eye exams every day?   I don't know about you, but I would prefer to see the gynocologist who practices gynocology every day and not the one who dabbles in cardiac surgery just so she doesn't get bored. 

Secondly, my job is NOT boring!  I love my job.  I help people to see well, comfortably and stylishly.  I fit contact lenses, treat lazy eye, treat eye infections, remove metal from corneas and can help to detect diabetes, just to name a few things.  Each day brings me something different. 

So please, please, if you ever thought about asking me or any eye doctor (or anyone else, for that matter) if their job was boring--please do not.  It's just plain rude.

Now back to our regularly scheduled triathalon/fitness blog.  Sorry for the interruption.

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Emz said...


I love your reply. Verbal or written.
It's all in the attitude & yours rocks!