Monday, March 14, 2011


--the number of hours I tossed and turned last night

--the number of girls I have

--x's 11, the number of years I have been with my husband

--the number of houses I own (well, have a mortgage on)

--the number of boyfriends I had in high school

--many to count--the number of crushes I had that didn't like me back

--the number of times I got on an actual bicycle and rode on an actual road in 2010

--the number of mothers I have (one birth, one adopted)

--in miles, the length of my first run last year when I started running regularly

--the number of wedding rings I have had.  (the prongs got broken off my first one.)

--the number of children who would not get up this morning

--the number of times I have filled up my oil tank this year :/

--the number of times I've had my nails done

--the number of emails in my inbox that I actually read this morning

--the number of degrees I have

--the number of tennis teams I have played for

--the number of matches I have won for the last tennis team (not so much.... lol)

--lastly, devastatingly, sadly, and depressingly the number of grey hairs I found on my head yesterday


Bobbi said...

That's funny. I got 2 engagement rings....same guy. He must have really wanted me to marry him :)

Christi said...

Great post!

Teamarcia said...

Very cool! The kids around here wouldn't get up today either.