Friday, October 7, 2011

Finally Friday

Welcome to Friday.  Thank you for finally arriving.  I have a few things that make me super glad it's Friday.

1.  I have a cold.  blah. suck. dislike.  whatever you want to say.  It stinks. 

2.  The weather is supposed to be supurb this weekend in Maine!  yahoo!!  almost 80 on sunday!  Hopefully, I can kick this cold later today and have a fabulous weekend enjoying the Indian summer.

3.  Can you say,  "Long Weekend"?.  I love a long weekend.  I was going to work on Monday but my staff couldn't find enough patients who wanted their eyes checked so we bagged it.  No point in coming in to see one or two people.  That's a waste of time.  Instead I'll enjoy the day with my kiddos and hopefully, get my hair done. 

4.  My other house is being listed this weekend.  Yay!  But that also means I will spend a good part of Saturday cleaning said house so it doesn't look like a pack of wild pigs have taken up residence there.  I hope to get the bulk of the cleaning done in 4 hours.  Wish me luck.

5.  My husband and son are coming home today from moose hunting.  No moose as of yet, but there is still today.  They shot one bird and almost ran over (or into) a moose last night, so not the most successful of hunts.  It will be good to see them.  We have missed them. 
Not our moose....

Ready to hunt!

Have a great weekend everyone!   I hope your weekend is full of moose, pumpkins, hunting, fishing, running or whatever it is that gets you going! 

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