Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Another rousing edition of TTT. 

1. New Music--I spent some time downloading some new music for running the other day.  I wanted to share some songs that I found that make me want to get going!  First, Flo-Rida's Good Feeling.  It's a little different than your typical rap-like song, but I really like it!  It gives me a Good Feeling!!  Maybe I was a gangsta in another life cause I just seem to like his songs.  Another one I'm really liking now and lmfao at is LMFAO's I'm Sexy and I Know It.  Ok, so that's the first time I've seen that video and I haven't stopped laughing!  Just the words were making me laugh and now I have the visual too......  oh boy! 

2.  I had to purchase a new ipod touch as my old one did not survive the Maine 1/2 Marathon.  As you might remember, it was downpouring the entire time I ran (all 2 hours 1 min and 58 sec).  My ipod worked for the whole race and I had tucked it into my sleeve to keep it as dry as possible so I thought it was ok.  However, since I was soaked through, I mean wringing out my clothes soaked, my ipod also got soaked.  I tried to dry it in rice, but the damage was already done.  It would turn on and took a charge but when I went to swipe to unlock it, it didn't feel my touch.  :(  It was now an ipod no-touch.  So being the ipod junkie that I am, I immediately went and purchased a new one.  Now I have a camera too!  Bonus!

3.  I just got an email that the proofs from the Maine 1/2 Marathon were finally posted!  Yay!  I was so excited to find a picture of me doing this race because my family wasn't able to be there to get photos.  So, I plugged in my bib number only to find that "There are no images currently available".  Seriously?  NO images?   NONE?  ugh.  I scrolled through the lost and found thinking maybe, just maybe, I could find myself.  But no such luck.  I swear to god, that I am always that girl who is NEVER in the picture.  Race pictures, yearbook, whatever.  Or I'm the one whose head is behind that other girl.  It's like I never really have any proof that I ran that race.  Same thing happened in college for tennis.  Somehow, we never had a team photo and my face was not on the page at all.  Unlike Silly Girl Running, who thinks she messes up race photos, I am just absent from them.  (and btw, she doesn't mess them up, she always looks super cute!)  I should be called "Girl Who Runs but is Never in Photos". 

I come up with the brilliant idea to search the bib number of the girl who came in just ahead of me to see if they got a photo of her.  Of course, they did.  I am off to the side, half cut off.  But at least I am in the photo....  I will not order it, however.  There is a better photo of me behind another girl who came in ahead of me, but I am not the main focus of that photo, so I probably won't order that one either.  Here is the link if you'd like to see the wonderful photos I have to choose from:


I'm in blue.  yay me.  I promise that next big race that I am in, I am going to wear the most bright, garish, obnoxious outfit I can possibly dream up.  There will be no way that the photographer will be able to miss me.  I WILL have a decent professional race photo one of these days.


Bobbi said...

I'll have to take a listen to your songs. I desperately need new music. I have made myself sick, Sick, SICK of U2!! And I have the same luck as you with the race photos. If it weren't for Greg taking pics at most races, I wouldn't have anything. Greg, however, seems to get pics that look like freakin' Nike ads!!! I think they should have a flashing "photographer" sign where the guy stands so you can jockey for position..... hahaha...

Lisa said...

Bummer about the photos :(

Funny story though: My husband has a serious wingspan when he raises his arms. So......when he raises them at a finish line, he inevitably covers someone else's face. Not intentional, but still!

Terzah said...

Race photos are a crap shoot. I've had tolerable ones, but never one that I loved. And I've had plenty that are god-awful. Looking good in the photo just isn't something I think about in a race until it's too late.

But finding NO photos would be a bummer too....

Thanks for the new tunes. I need to branch out for sure!