Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some Pretty New Shoes!

So so so excited!  I swear, I knew if I were patient and looked long enough, I would find what I want.  Isn't that how it works?  Good things come to those who wait?

For at least 6 months now, I've been searching around for some new bike shoes.  The ones I have came with the bike when I bought it used.  I was so happy to have some that it didn't really matter that they were 1.  ass ugly 2.  a size too big and 3.  did I mention they were ass ugly?  But they functioned and were free.  So who's going to complain?

U G LY right?  And a size 9.  Holy Shrek foot.

Many folks offered their advice and said that the Pearl Izumi brand would be the way to go.  However, those shoes brand new are close to $200.  Yikes!  Which I would spend (if I had to), but I have no problem buying things used or on clearance or off craigslist in order to get a deal.  I'm not a professional triathlete, it's just a hobby, so I don't mind waiting to get what I want.

So I found a brand new pair of Pearl Izumi Tri Fly IV on ebay in approximately my size.  Now I've never been fitted for bike shoes before.  The shoes I have say they are size 42 and I bought them from a man so I'll assume they are men's shoes.  Which I think is around a 9 womens in US sizes.  And they are pretty darn big for me.  The Izumi's that I found were 41.5 womens.  So I figured around an 8.5 womens.  Should be fine.  I wanted them a little big so I can slip them on and off quickly. 

I thought I was taking a little bit of a chance buying the shoes without trying them on but the price was right.   I put them on my watch list and then....oops forgot about them.  The auction ended and no one bought them.  So in my scheming little mind, I contacted the seller directly and offered to purchase them outright or when he relisted them.  Bam!  $66 for brand new, never worn, never even tried on, Pearl Izumi Tri Fly bike shoes!  Boo ya!

aren't they so pretty?

And the best part is, they fit freakin' perfectly!!  Like they were made for me! 

They came with brand new Shimano clips which don't match at all the pedals I have on my bike currently.

Thankfully, with a little digging of the dirt out of the hex nut, a little bit of unscrewing and screwing (that sounds a little dirty...), and voila!  Old clips are on new shoes. 

I'll keep the new Shimano clips in case I want to get new pedals someday.  But for right now, I know how to clip in and out of these ones pretty easily so I'll just go with the ones I have. 

Have you ever scored a super deal on something on ebay?

Do you have preference between types of clips and pedals?


That Pink Girl said...

Yea for new shoes AND a great deal!!! They look great!

I use Speedplay pedals and love them. Mine are PINK! :0

Terzah said...

I wish you could do this with running shoes! Good score!

Unknown said...

I have those shoes and LOVE them. what a steal!! Great job

Those are LOOK cleats to work with Look pedals just so you know, they will not fit shimano :)