Thursday, August 21, 2014

Color Me Rad

The Color Me Rad "race" series came back to Maine this year.  Last year I was unable to attend because it was the day before the Rev 3 triathlon and I needed to rack my bike, sign in, packet pick-up etc etc.  Last year a million people from our town went (slight exaggeration since there are only 2500ish people in our town, but whatever) and everyone had #allthefun and I was sad I missed it.

This year I signed up early in February to get the cheapest entry fee.  My husband said he didn't want to do it so I signed up just myself and the kids.  Note to self:  sign husband up for any untimed fun race whether he wants to do it or not.

Truth be told when the day of the race came, it felt a bit like a chore to hurry up, get it done and over with.  Oldest kid had to work later so we had to drive over and then come right back.  I didn't get a chance to pick up the shirts/bibs the day before so we were going to need to do that that morning.  And it turns out that everyone was tired from the day before so we left the house later than we should have.  Ugh.

I remember there being an issue with crazy bad traffic last year so I was worried about that but it ended up not being a problem at all.  Either there were way less people doing it this year, or the cops and volunteers had a better system of getting everyone in and out.

I wanted to get pictures but strangely enough, no one would pose with me.

 no we will not smile for the camera

I'm not sure why.....
what? grampa boxes aren't cool enough for you?

They finally relented and we got some nice before pictures.

 all smiles once we bought them tutus, and color packets...

It was really a fun atmosphere with music playing, people doing zumba and an announcer calling out everything.  We were supposed to go in the 9:00 am wave but it really didn't matter.  We ended up starting around 9:30.

I have to say, this was a pretty fun event.  Everyone there was there to have a good time.  People had costumes, tutus, crazy colored socks and a big smile!  There were moms, dads, babies in strollers, toddlers toddling, grade school kids sprinting--then walking--then sprinting again.  Big people, small people, heavy people, skinny people, fit people, unfit people.  Everyone was doing what they could and having a great time doing it.

There were three stations where you got color powder flung at you.  I was glad to have the sunglasses that they gave you with your registration and I tried not to breathe as we went through.  People were high five-ing each other and everyone was just in a great mood.  At one point we were running along a walking path that went parallel to a fairly busy road and the cars were honking and passengers were waving.  Everyone was just having a fun time with this event.

I have no idea what our pace was, but I know it was pretty slow since I was not winded at all.  It was like a faster walk for me, but that was fine because I wanted to stay with the kids.  Manimal ran with me for awhile while the girls were up ahead, then he went ahead with his big sister and I ran with Princess.  My husband did his best running and we ran across the finish line together.

They gave you a color packet to use at the finish and we got even more colorful.  My son was loving this part!  He got to make a huge mess and everyone was doing the same.

color bomb at the finish

Even the babies got some color!

random baby covered in blue.  permission to take photo granted by mom--no worries...

Grabbed some after photos,

then we had to head out so the kid could get to work.  All in all, I'm glad we did it because it was pretty fun.  It was pretty expensive to sign up the day of--$50, but I had signed the majority of us up way back in February so the fee was much better--$25.  Plus, a portion of the entry fees go back to the YMCA's in Maine (that were participating) and I think they get to split up more than $6k.  Any volunteers that the Y recruited got the Y an additional $75 per volunteer.  I wasn't able to volunteer this year, but will probably do it next year.

This is a race to do with a group of people for sure!  Everyone can do it.  So if one comes around your area, get a team from work, a family team, a bunch of friends or whoever and go do this event.  It's just fun.  You'll get people to "run" who said they never would.

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