Wednesday, September 23, 2015

May-August Review

Wow.  I guess I really have been lazy in writing blog posts this summer. It appears as though I haven't done any mileage review since April.  Shame on me.

I have been running though.  And still quite a bit!

113.2 miles run

The big deal about May was I completed my first marathon!  Yay me.  Race report HERE if you care to read about it.  Basically, it was hot as hell, long and annoying at times.  I killed the first half and crashed and burned the second half.  Overall finish time 4:08 and change.  Not a BQ but a very respectable first marathon finish.

79.13 miles run
135 minutes of biking

My first month that was less than 100 miles since the beginning of the year.  I guess that's ok the month after a marathon.  Still, I was kinda bummed I didn't reach 100.

75 miles run
220 minutes biking

Another low mileage month.  Summer is busy people!  I'm not sure why, but even with all the extra sunlight, it was super hard to find time to run.  I did run a half marathon that month and had a respectable finish on another god-awful hot day.  I also broke my 10K pr at the LLBean Fourth of July race.  Race report HERE.  That day was humid too.  Lots of hot and humid weather this summer.

92.06 miles run
135 minutes biking

Not a single run over 6 miles in this month but lots of shorter ones and I guess if you do enough shorter runs, they total up to a lot.  Just short of 100 but still a respectable mileage total.

August was my birthday month and I'm now a fabulous 45 years old.  It's hard to believe that I'm 45. I don't feel 45, I don't think I look 45 and I certainly don't act 45.  What does 45 act like anyway?

50 is just around the corner and I really just can't believe I'm almost there.  It's really true what everyone says about getting old.  You feel the same way you felt at 20, but you clearly aren't.  In my mind, I'm still that same girl, but on the outside things just aren't what they used to be.  I hate it.  Getting old is not fun.  But at the same time, I like being alive too so I suppose the alternative isn't any better.

I can totally get why people have a mid-life crisis.  Thank God running keeps me sane.

kids got me a selfie stick for my birthday! best present EVER!

Ooooh!  In other exciting news, I got chosen to be an InknBurn ambassador!  I love their gear and have been applying for 3 years now.  Finally!  I got chosen.  Woo!

where it all started..... with the peacock skirt!

 dragonfly on my friend and I

Yup. It's a fish tank tank

Their clothes are different and cool and I love them.  No one looks like me when I wear them.  Like seriously?  Who has a fish tank tank?

seriously now.  Are they not the coolest??

Who doesn't want to look like a robot?  Their stuff is all made in the USA, hand printed, cut and sewn.  It's a bit more expensive, but it is so worth it.  The colors never fade, the designs are unique and different.  You will not look like everyone else.

Check them out at

I hope you all had a great summer like I did!  Another year older.  Another PR.  Another grey hair. or 50......

Thanks for reading.  Hopefully, I'll be back at it a little more frequently now.

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

and do you think you will do another marathon? I did my one and only back in 2012 and still am not very tempted to do another, I seem to like the half distance so much better. I loved the first 21 miles of the marathon and the last 5.2 were. just. so. killer. (!)
I love that we get to be Inknburn ambassadors together, so fun when you *know* other people doing it