Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back from the Dead and February Review

Well, nothing like a good ole stomach virus to put you down and out for a day and a half.  Thanks a lot.  Monday saw me perfectly normal--worked all day, got my hair done, went home, put the kids to bed and then WHAMMO at about midnight, Mr. Stomach Virus woke me up and got all vomit-ey and the other way on me.  Talk about a quick way to drop 5 pounds.  Tuesday was spent lying my bed wishing I could open my eyes without my head wanting to explode.  I missed a staff meeting (not so sad about that), no workout (not happy about that) and didn't get to bring my girls to a field hockey clinic (very unhappy about that).  I did manage to shower at 5 p.m. and eat some toast so there was something accomplished that day. 

I think I can remember 3, maybe 4, times I have missed work in 16 years because I was sick.  Usually I miss work because my kids are sick.  I never skip work for a cold or anything like that.  I has to be a vomiting thing, oh and I had pnuemonia once when I was pregnant, for me to call in to work.  What a way to end February..

February Review

Miles Run--26  ick.  Not so good.  It would have been a nice even 30 if I were running today like I usually do.  But, just getting over the pukies, I've decided to give myself a break and rest another day.  Even 30 still stinks.  March will be better.

Minutes Spinning--275  Not so much this month either.  I will try to remember this is a short month, combine that with school vacation and sickness--that would explain the poor numbers.

Swim--10,000 yards.  This is a pretty good number!  That's a lot of swimming.  At least something is staying on track.

Tennis--6 hours of tennis.  If Lisa holds the class, then I'm there.  Pretty consistent.

Weights/Yoga--60 minutes.  Lame.  Wow--overall February was a pretty lame month.

Races--none.  Looks like I've barely managed to even exercise....

Current Book--Auschwitz  A book about a Jewish doctor's experience at the concentration camp.  Not a very uplifting book, but an important one to read anyway.  It's hard to believe that those things happened.  I just can't imagine it.

Current Excitement--nothing too exciting going on here.  I did lose 5 lbs with my latest sickness....

I still have a bunch of stuff I'm going to give away later in the week for my bloggy birthday.  And I will announce the winners of the popcorn giveaway tomorrow.  You still have time to enter!  Quick!  Last chance for some awesome popcorn!!

Did you have a lame February as far as exercise goes?

Do you call in sick to work ever?


Carrie said...

I had a pretty good February, though I'm looking to get back in to speed workouts.

I'm one of those that rarely get sick...knock on wood. In the last 15 years, I went to work and was sent home because I could barely stand (didn't call out though), the next time I was pregnant and had a scare and needed to call out, the third time I had mastitis and a fever of 103. I also like to revel in the fact I had perfect attendance in school from grade 5 through high school. :-) Glad to hear you are feeling better. I promise to bring your winnings by tomorrow!

Running With The Girls said...

I was hit by pneumonia earlier in the month and it totally killed my mileage for the month. I had 129 miles for Jan and prob 80ish miles for Feb. Boo.

Yes, I call in sick. That week stated above. But that was the first time I had ever really called in for myself. Most of the time I'm out because of a sick kid!

That Carrie is holding onto your prize. Better watch her.

Christi said...

I am glad to hear you are feeling better.

Great job on the swimming!