Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Update

I feel like I barely even had enough time off--this weekend was so busy!  Filled with fun things though, so it's all good.  Sissy had her Y league championship game on Friday night so that's where we were.  We weren't expecting to win so we went in with the mindset to just have a good time and do the best you can.  Well, these girls (many of whom had never dribbled a basketball!)  played the best game they had played all year.  They didn't win, but you could see that many of the girls had improved.   It was nice.  And Sissy scored 2 3 pointers!!  Two!  In a 3-6th grade Y league game!  Proud mama I was!  And she was so proud of herself as well.  After that first 3 pointer, it didn't even matter if they won or not.  I knew she was going to be so happy that winning would have been secondary. 

Earlier that day we learned that Sissy had also been asked to play on the Maniacs AAU basketball team this spring!  Again, a proud moment for both parents and kid.  She was so relieved that she wouldn't have to try out.  Now we just wait for a schedule and where to send the money.  I expect there to be some driving around this spring for that.  It's our first year with AAU so we aren't sure what to expect.  I do know that an 8th grade team of the Maniacs went to Tennessee last June for regionals or nationals.  So the potential to travel (and win!) a lot is there.

Saturday was cleaning and shopping day.  yuk.  But I did take time out mid-morning to do my Run for Sherry. 

Sherry Arnold was a mom/teacher/runner who went running one morning in Montana and never came home.  This was a run organized in her memory.  Runners from all over the US (and the world!) ran on Saturday in Sherry's honor.  Here's a link to a slideshow of many who participated if you'd like to watch.  It's pretty moving to see how many ran for her.

Four miles.  It was lightly snowing and 33 degrees out.  Just perfect really.  No ipod.  No cars.  Just me and my thoughts on the road.  For you Sherry.

Sunday brought us to Portland to see the Lady Dribblers perform at half time of the local semi-pro basketball team, The Maine Red Claws.  The girls did a great job!  It was a nice way to finish up the basketball season. 

I also managed to transfer my files from my old pc to my new macbook.  Yes, all by myself.  I just needed one small phone call to applecare to find those files.......  but all is good now.  Now the daunting task of removing everything from the old pc so I can hand it over to one very happy 6th grader. 

I hope your weekend was as nice as mine.  Happy Monday!


Christi said...

That sounds like a great weekend!

I spent weekends in my past hanging at the gym watching my boy play basketball. He played with a competitive team and we traveled a lot. Great times!

Teamarcia said...

Yay Sissy! That had to be so great to see her so proud of herself.
Nice run for Sherry too!

Terzah said...

That definitely looks like a fun kind of busy to me. Congrats on raising such active kids!