Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fix me, I'm 40?

A few weeks ago I was setting up camp in my bedroom to do my favorite job in the world--folding laundry--and I turned on the tv for some entertainment while I folded.  The Insider or Entertainment Tonight or one of the trashy gossip shows was on when the tv came on.  Normally I would turn that channel faster than you can say Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, oh wait! that show is trash too..., but for whatever reason, I just left it on that channel.

What was considers news that night was Trista (the original bachelorette) yes, ashamed that I even know who she is, was getting a boob job and her eyelids lifted because she was 40 and it was her gift to herself and she deserved to feel beautiful again. 

It went on to show before and after pictures of what she looked like and how much happier she was with herself and how much more confident she felt since having the surgery.  This was all reported by the fake-ass looking reporter like having plastic surgery is usual and expected and downright necessary for every women about to hit 40.



Is there really that much difference?  Was that even worth the 15-20K it cost?  Why should we women start to feel bad about ourselves at age 40?  Shouldn't we be feeling great about what we have accomplished with our lives and done with those bodies?  Certainly, I wish that I would have no grey hairs, or no man hairs growing on my chin and sure my boobs have been higher in my lifetime and my eyes used to look more open and doe-eyed. 

Why are we told by the media and Hollywood that when we don't look 20 anymore or like Barbie we have to fix it?

This is what we are bombarded with day after day.  No wonder our girls have eating disorders and body dysmorphia.  I cannot imagine that wasn't any better news to cover that day than Trista's new boobs...  Sad really.

I honestly don't even care that she had the surgery.  Good for her, if it makes her feel better. 

What bothered me was that:
1.  it was even news.  Let the poor girl have surgery in peace for cripes sake.
2.  that is was considered usual and almost necessary for a old hag of a woman in her 40's to 'fix' herself.

Ok, enough of that nonsense.  Let's move on to more important topics.  Like the state of my feet, for instance.

Oh my freakin' grossness.  How did I not notice this until today?  None of it hurts, thankfully.  But it appears that I am in dire need of a pedicure or at least a pumice stone.  Can you say runner problems?

How are your feet?  Are they as gross as mine?

What do you think about Trista 'fixing' herself because she's 40?


Unknown said...

Im with you it doesnt need to be broadcast that she got boobs and rid of crows feet! I am on the downhill slide into my 40's and I earned these crows feet and saggy boobs! Sure Id like some lift and taughtness but since I havent made millions trying to find mr right on tv i will most likely go to my grave with my rocks in socks looking boobs :)I'll just keep rolling them up in my sports bra so I can keep running!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

My feet are pretty ugly also! It just gets annoying that plastic surgery is portrayed as the cure all. We should be learning to love our bodies and accept aging with some amount of grace, but instead there is this crazy pressure to have huge boobs and no wrinkles and the average person can not afford that!

Lisa said...

I left 40 behind awhile back and really haven't thought much about it. I run, I try to eat fairly well (ok, fail on that), but mostly I try not to look back. It gets me nowhere fast.

I have a wonderful husband who's aging alongside me and we couldn't be happier. So I guess the media won't be knocking on my door anytime soon, huh?

Oh, and if I were to ever do plastic surgery, it would DEFINITELY be on my feet. Mine are not to be shown in public. So I just keep them in running shoes :)

Running With The Girls said...

I have gross feet as well .... maybe I can pay huge $$$ to have someone fix them! Ha! or I could take a few minutes and pumice them.

Terzah said...

My feet are definitely grosser than yours. Sigh. I'm OK with that. And yeah....not interested in the surgery thing...she looked fine before.

Heather said...

40+ here and I would totally have plastic surgery if I had the disposable income. But only to lift/reduce my boobs. After nursing for 11 years straight (not the same kid! lol) and a set of twins who caused the girls to grow quite large I want to be able to run/move/play without feeling the pain. But I wouldn't advertise the fact!

Teamarcia said...

My first thought was the same as yours: why is this even news? Why would anyone care?
My feet are gross and I'm proud of it!