Monday, September 17, 2012

Spam, Taking a Break and Rude People

Sorry folks, I've had to switch back to the security word thing when you post a comment.  I cannot tell you how many anonymous posts regarding cialis or viagara I have had over the past 3 weeks.  Literally, like 100's.  Thankfully, they go into the spam basket and aren't posted but I do have to delete them off my email so I figure I'll just go back to each of you verifying you are a real person in order to comment.  Sorry Ipad/Iphone and Itouch users.  I know it's a pain. 

I took a little break last week from blogging, running and kinda just did the life thing.  Things are so busy getting back to school and all the activities that go along with it that it was getting hard to just keep up, let alone do the extraneous things.  I felt guilty for not exercising (as much) but I think it ended up being a good thing. 

I ran 9 miles like a boss this Sunday after two days of nothing.  It was the most perfect fall day.  Temperatures in the high 50's, beautiful sun, crisp air and stunning water views.  I felt like I could have run all day.  It was really that awesome.  It wasn't fast--for some reason, I am just not as fast as I used to be.  My happy pace seems to be in the 10 minute/mile range when it used to be the 9 minute/mile range.  So I'm not sure I'll break the magic 2 hours for my 1/2 in two weeks.  I tried not to let that realization ruin my spectacular run.

I'm not sure why I am having a slower pace than I used to.  It could be my heel that is constantly plaguing me with pain.  It doesn't bother me while I run, but I know that I have changed my stride because of it.  It seems as though I underpronate on my left foot only.  It's like I'm running on the outside of my foot.  When I am finished running about 20 minutes later, I can barely even walk the pain in my heel is so bad.  Stretching seems to help some but I hobbled around all day yesterday.  Even after putting in my arch inserts and wearing sneakers all day. 

I did put on compression socks with my sneakers and inserts and that seemed to help some.  And unlike other days when the pain continues into the next day, when I woke up this morning, my feet felt great.  No heel pain today.  Maybe compression socks are part of the answer.  I'll add them more to see--maybe even use them on a run.

The other reason my pace could be slower is that I didn't concentrate on running as much this summer when I was training for my tri.  I was more concerned with surviving the ocean swim and gaining back time on the bike that I really only ran 2 x's a week.  Plus, with the heel hurting, it was really no fun to run consecutive days. 

At any rate, although I would like to break the 2 hour mark, I am not expecting to.  I am going to give it my all since it is my last race of the year and I can have plenty of time to rest and recover.  And visit the doctor to figure out what the hell is going on with my heel...

Have you noticed that people are less courteous these days?  A specific example that occurred to me last week:  I was at the Y getting ready to leave and a man and I approached the exit doors at almost the same time.  If we had kept going at the same pace, I would have arrived first.  Instead of stopping to let me go first, or gasp! even open the door for me, he quickened his pace to beat me to the door and went through it ahead of me and then didn't even hold it as I went through.  Then as we are both in our cars to get out of the parking lot, he did basically the same thing--he backed out in front of me so he could leave first rather than waiting for me to pull out and then leaving after I did. 

I realize these are small things and they didn't really bother me too much, but it was two separate kinda rude acts within minutes of each other.  It is so much trouble to hold the door for someone?  Or let them pull out in front of you to leave the parking lot?  Seriously, it would have added like 20 seconds to his departure from the Y.   And I'm not saying this because I'm a woman and he was male.  I hold the door for men and women all the time.  It was really like he just didn't care about anything but getting his ass out of there as fast as possible. 

I'm going to be aware of how I conduct myself when I'm in a hurry and thinking inside my head.  Hopefully, I don't do those things to others without realizing it. 

Are you as courteous as you could be?  Do you even notice?

Are you running slower than you used to?


Sarah G said...

I try to be as courteous as I can and yes I notice when someone else deliberately does things like you experienced. People like that bug me.

Yes I am running slower than I used to, I'm chalking it up to rising my bike way more often than running over the summer.

Your heal pain sounds like plantar fasciitis to me. I had to start wearing custom insoles a couple of years ago. It's resolved for me now but it took daily stretching, wearing a boot at night for several months for it to happen.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Rude people suck. I agree is it so hard to hold a door or let someone go first. and people who think they can cut in lines are the worst!

Hope your heel pain gets better soon.

Louise Cunningham said...

I totally hear what you are saying about people being rude. I guess my parents raised me to be courteous and kind, and I cant say that I know many people that are nowadays. I would have been upset with that loser guy too!

Running With The Girls said...

Rude people DO suck. I hate it. And I see it more and more in schools. We work on the respect thing so much in my room - and as soon as they leave my room it's gone! Ugh.

Terzah said...

I agree with the plantar fascitis theory above.

Good luck in your half! Don't dismiss the sub-2-hour possibility yet--the rest and mellowness may have done you good (not to mention all that x-training for the tri).

Ali Mc said...

I hate rude people....but I always try to breathe and remember that it has nothing to do with me ....although, somedays that doesn't work either and I find myself wishing I could drive over them ;)

I agree with some other people saying PF for your heel problem....I'd definitely get it checked out.

PS: NICE PR's!!!

Ed said...

I purposely try to be extra nice to people just to make up for the guy you just described...sometimes it goes notice sometimes it doesn't. Thus is life I guess...