Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Review

Time to recap what I've been doing for the past month.  The weather continues to be the same: cold, miserable and wet.  I swear, June is the most depressing month of the whole year here in Maine.  You are so wanting it to be summer, but yet, Mother Nature says 'screw you' and gives you more shitty spring weather.  Is it too much to ask to have sun in July?  And have it be warmer than 58*?  ugh.

Me when I look at the weather report.

Despite the crappy weather, I have still be able to get some shit done.  I think I've done pretty darn good, well, for me anyway.

45.71 miles.  Why the heck don't I take a look at the totals before the end of the month?  Seriously.  One stupid 5 mile run and I would have reached the 50 mark.  Better than the last two months though.

297 minutes most of which actually on a bike!  Way better than last month and even better than April.  Getting 50 minutes on the bike outside is so much nicer than 50 minutes on the spin bike.  I can hardly even stand to watch the clock for 30 minutes... but 50 outside really just flies by.  I feel like I'm getting pretty strong on the bike now.  I'm not worried about that portion of the 70.3 coming up.  I know I can do it.  The trick will be to have something left for the run after....  I've got to plan a few bricks.  Maybe I should get on that since this 70.3 thing is really not that far away.  7? 8 weeks?

7500 yds.  Same as May.  Pretty consistent with the 2000 yds/week schedule.  I just don't have the discipline to get my ass out of bed in the am for extra swims.  I don't.  Weekly will just have be good enough.

35 minutes.  Pretty slacking with this mostly because I'm not going to the Y anymore to workout.  I run or bike outside (even among the raindrops) so I'm not around the weight room anymore.  I do manage to get some push ups in here and there at home but not like I should.

Music I Love:
Nothing really new to love this month.  I forgot to mention Avril's new one Never Growing Up last month.  How can you not love a song that you can sing the word f**k in?  Loudly.  Like it's your anthem.  Except it's not because you are the most grown up person you know.  But you can pretend.

Things I Love
Loving my bike and riding it everywhere right now.  Loving cherries that have just become somewhat affordable at the grocery store.  Loving that we are 2 weeks away from needing any and all car seat/booster seats.  Manimal turns 8 here shortly and that's the age where you don't need a booster seat anymore.  Woo! 13 years of having some sort of car/booster seat of some kind in my car and we are soon to be done with it! I have two to give away if anyone wants them.

Things I Hate
I am hating going to the grocery store during my lunch hour to find a million summer folks clogging up all the parking spaces, aisles and check out lines.  God damn, I just want my chicken and cookies!  Get the fuck out of the way.  Go home.  No, don't go home.  Please spend all your money here and then go home.  Living in a tourist town is always a PIA in the summer.  #truth

The traffic.  ugh the traffic.  Shoot me now with all the god damn traffic.  And when I say traffic, I mean traffic backed up 4 freakin' miles on a two lane stupid road that there's no way to get around it to get home kind of traffic.  Again.  Summer people.

Because of this stupid place, and this stupid line, we get this stupid traffic.

All summer long.  Red's is on the other side of this bridge on the right.  This is what I have to deal with anytime I want to go anywhere during the summer.  From Friday 2 p.m. ish to Sunday 3 p.m. ish you wait to get over this damn bridge.  Either way.

People!  The lobster rolls are just ok.  They aren't anything fantastic.

none but I do have a 50 mile bike ride coming up in a couple of weeks.  That will be my first organized group ride that I have been on.  Please let it be nice out.  No rain.

How was your month?  Do you have to deal with summer people?


Running With The Girls said...

Ha! LMAO with the weather report dude! And I've never eaten at Red's - but I heard they are just "okay" - people can get them anywhere in Maine. Why line up there? Ugh! I hate driving in Wiscasset in the summer. I avoid the area like the plague.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

"How can you not love a song that you can sing the word f**k in? Loudly. Like it's your anthem. Except it's not because you are the most grown up person you know. But you can pretend."
Love that!
so jealous of your weather, we are dying in the heat right now, rain and the 50s sound so divine!

..:danielle:.. said...

i seriously love your music choice. i think youre stuck in high school :) no wonder we get along. speaking of which... when are we running together again?! i tentatively still have the 5k on my calendar for the end of the month...