Thursday, January 16, 2014

Three Random Thoughts for Thursday

1.  As I am seeing an onslaught of college students while they are home on break, it occurs to me that yoga pants or leggings or stretch pants or whatever you want to call them, have somehow become actual pants that people wear as an actual outfit to places other than yoga or the gym.  Like the eye doctor or a basketball game or The Olive Garden. 

When did this happen?  Better question, why did this happen?

Just a random yoga pants picture I stole off of a google search but here is a perfect example of what I hate about this trend.  This woman is neither overweight or unfit but yet the yoga pants are grossing me out a bit.  There is a see-through quality that makes me wish she were wearing granny panties, not to mention the whole camel-toe of the butt thing.  I don't care who you are, that doesn't look good on anyone.

Then to pair them with dress shoes or boots, like it's an actual outfit, is just too much.  Seriously, folks.  These are pants meant to exercise in, not close real estate deals.

2.  I got Princess one of those Origami Owl necklace things for Christmas.  Holy expensive, Batman!  If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's basically a locket with charms in the middle that you can change out, that hangs on a necklace or bracelet or whatever.  All of the stuff you buy separately at Pampered Chef-like party. 
not her locket, but you get the idea
and yes, each of those crystal things are $5 each! what a freakin' racket.

Anyway, she had taken it off at field hockey on Monday and put it in her bag with the open top.  She forgot all about it until Tuesday evening when she went to look for it.  Of course, it was gone.  I thought it might be in the laundry because that's where I put all the dirty clothes that were in that bag, but nope.  It could have fallen out at the Y while we were there but I figured it would be long gone if that happened.  As a last ditch effort, I called the Y to see if anyone had turned it in.

They had.  Someone had found it and brought it to the front desk!  I had pretty much thought it was gone for good.  Let me tell you, we had one happy girl.  (and mom!)  So thank you, to the nice person who turned in a little old necklace.  You made a 10 year-old's day.

3.  I need to get back on the eating-right wagon.  I have fallen so far off of it, it's really hard to get back on.  My car looks like every fast-food restaurant threw up in it.  Sodas, fries, junior mints (but oh, are they delicious), what is wrong with me??  The kids have something every night and if we are away, it is just so much easier to drive thru somewhere at 6:30 and feed everyone than it is to get home at 7:00, cook something, make them eat it and then clean it up.  I can almost understand why America is obese.  It's HARD WORK to eat healthy with our scheduled lives.

the center console in my car.  yes, you see mt. dew, KFC drink (which means crispy, fatty chicken, candy, chips and a Chipolte napkin (which means a delicious bowl).  All since Tues. 

Oh the shame.

The fruit here in Maine in the winter is imported, old and not very tasty.  It's not a good excuse but it is part of the reason why I'm not eating much fruit right now.   I need to find a way to keep on track when traveling  kids all around and not just driving through the nearest crap food store.  I'm not a big carrot-stick type of girl but there has to be something better than what I've been doing.

Thank god I'm keeping my exercise level up or else I'd be a big as a house.

What do you think about yoga pants for everything?  Yay or nay?

Do you eat junk food when you have a busy schedule?


Kara said...

As someone currently wearing yoga pants and not planning on doing yoga, I stick my tongue out at you.

I'm also not planning on leaving the house. :P

Becka said...

I'd like to say I don't like the yoga pants. BUT, I wear the INB denims ALLLLL the time. Isn't that the same thing?

Hurray that someone turned in the necklace!! I have left quite a few items on treadmills at the gym (and my iPhone was stolen out of my locker 3 years ago) and not ONE thing has ever been turned in. You're lucky!!

I hear you on the eating nonsense. I have put on 10 pounds just between Halloween and New Years. I hate having to "diet" and need to remember this for next year.

Unknown said...

No to the yoga pants! They should even be banned from school. There is a time and a place for skin tight, see through, not covering the muffin top pants. At home, in front of your computer reading facebook. Yeah for the necklace.
My car looks the same, basketball season. Right now there is a box of munchkins, chips and coffee cups.