Friday, February 21, 2014

5 Miles for Friday

So let me just give you a rundown of the weather we have had this week in Maine.  Snowstorm Saturday into Sunday, sun on Monday in the 30's, Tues another snow storm, Wed cloudy but no snow, Thursday spring-like with temps in the 40's and sun and today snow in the morning and then pouring rain with lightening with temps in the 40's again.

Bi-polar much,  Mother Nature?

Since we were having down pours and the roads were still a shitty, slushy mess from the snow this morning, running outside was not going to happen.  Today is actually my swim day but everyone had dentist appointments this afternoon so the swim didn't happen.

Instead I headed to the indoor track at the Y (which I am so so so happy and lucky that we have) to run.  Manimal and the husband came too and practiced some basketball.

My friend, Jen, from Running with the Girls, just happened to be hosting a virtual run to help raise money for the Tri for a Cure.  It's a local sprint triathlon just for women that raises a bunch of money for cancer.  Here's the link to her page and donation page if you want to participate and/or donate to this great cause.

She was coupling this virtual run and giveaway with her birthday which is coming up.  The suggested distance was 3.7 miles for her 37th birthday.  3.7 was a weird number for me so I went for the more regular (and my favorite number!) 5 for my milage today.

I also got to try out my other new pair of Brooks--the Pure Connects.  They were very minimalist looking so I wasn't sure I was going to like them, but there was plenty of cushioning in the arch area.  They felt like what the Newtons look like they would feel like.  It made it easy to have a fore-foot strike rather than a heel strike.  In fact, it felt weird to heel strike in these shoes.

I had a bit of a tweak in my left knee right at the beginning of the run and I wasn't sure if it was the shoes or just a random tweak that would go away.  It bothered for just around a lap or two and then went away for good.  The rest of the miles were easy and comfortable.

so so lucky to have this track to use

The verdict on the sneakers--not sure if I would use these for longer runs since they force the fore-foot strike more so than my other sneakers, but I am going to keep them.  They are comfortable, didn't cause any hot spots and I like the color.  Plus, they were on sale and I had a discount code so I got them for $50.  You can't beat running sneakers for $50.  Well, free ones would be better but that's not happening.

Tomorrow is an early wake up call for Manimal's basketball games at 8:00.  Ugh.  At a town 90 minutes away.  We need to leave the house earlier than we do on a work day.  The things we do for these damn kids!  lol

Is Mother Nature a bipolar bitch where you live?

Head over to Jen's blog and help her out with a donation.  She has some great prizes too.


Running With The Girls said...

Thank you!!! Ward LOVES his connects. Won't run in anything but. :) Have a great time tomorrow!

Lisa said...

Oh yes, Mother Nature is a raging bitch here in MA as well. Multiple storms as well, followed by downpours last night WITH thunder & lightning. Seriously, enough already.

But it did make me even more grateful for the 40+ temps with sun this morning. 5 miles in this felt like the best Christmas present ever!

RunToTheFinish said...

I might get punched in the face if I complain about florida during the winter so I will just say the last two weeks have been lovely..I think summer is here already though.

Major props to all of you kicking butt through the winter!