Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Things you deal with when you have a boy

So my son who is 8, is thinking he'd like to try football this fall and lacrosse this spring.  We've been putting off taking him to football even though my husband was a pretty talented football player when he was younger, because we didn't want his little head getting banged around.  But now he's asked to play and well, if he wants to play that instead of soccer, why shouldn't he?

Anyway, lacrosse is starting in a few weeks and a flyer was sent out to let you know what your kid needs if he's going to play.

Equipment that needs to be purchased: (helmet and uniform are provided)
stick, mouth guard, cleats, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, black shorts and a cup.

What?  Wait.  A cup?

I've only had girls thus far and no cups have been needed in soccer so I have no idea what that entails.

Do nuggets that small really need a cup?  Do they even make them that small?  They must on both parts because it's part of the equipment list.

So being the savvy mom that I am, I head to google for the answers.  I type in Cups for Boys.  Once I get past the Barney and Thomas the Train drinking cups, I find a site called

I think this is what I'm looking for!  I knew google would have the answers!

I head to this site to search for my son's cup.  I click the "sizes" tab to see what's available for 8 year olds. This is what comes up.

I'm sorry, but is this not one of the funniest things you have seen??  Detailed drawings of said cups with dimensions.  Is this something I really need to measure??  Oh my.

But the names!  Oh, the names are best.  Mongo, Hog, Trophy, Boss and Hammer.  I cannot stop laughing.  No wonder all boys/men have such a thing for their 'little man'.  The Trophy??  Really?  My son's size, based on weight (which I assume is body weight and not ball weight...), would be The Hammer.  This makes me giggle.

Perhaps this is a task best left to the husband.  He played football and baseball, I'm going to assume he knows where to get and how to work a cup.

Time to punt.  pun totally intended

To the moms:  have you had to purchase a cup for your son?  Tell me about it.  Please.  Because you know this task will still end up being something the woman has to do.

To the dads or men in general--HELP!


Andy said...

Best idea is to try them on and make sure the junk is protected... There is nothing worse then getting hit in the jimmies... #ouch

Running With The Girls said...

When Tucker gets to that stage it's all Ward. I'm not doing it. So far we've lucked out.... thankfully swim, Hip Hop and soccer don't require cups! And track won't either. Phew!