Monday, March 3, 2014

The February Non-Review and Saying Goodbye

Normally I begin my monthly review by actually reviewing the month, but since I have lost my log book, I really have no clue what my monthly totals have been.  I can remember the last 2ish weeks but beyond that, my memory sucks.  I do follow a pretty regular pattern of exercise so I can make a reasonable guess as to what my totals were.  So here goes.

Run--36 miles.  Yuk.  What the heck do you expect for a short, shitty weather, stomach flu-fest month.  It's actually a little better than I thought.

Spinning--110 minutes of spin.

Swim--7000 yds

Tennis--7 hours of tennis.

Races--Mid-Winter Classic 10 miler.  Like the Beach to Beacon race, this is turning into one of my favorite races to do.  Not necessarily because of the distance, cause 10 miles really sucks ass any way you look at it, but because of the people who run it.  I have met so many fantastically NICE people running.  Really, people, if you don't run--you should!  People that run are nice.  They really are.

I had a PR, which is always nice, and it wasn't -15* out, so that's a bonus.
see how happy I look?  Yes, that's my happy face.

What I'm Loving--I am SOOOO loving that this month is over.  February was not the best of months in my life, the weather was crap and we all caught the stomach bug.  So I say Good Riddance! to Februrary.  Perhaps my level of happiness is directly related to the amount of running/exercise I am able to do.  Hmmmm.  I see a correlation there.

What I'm Disliking--oh my, so many things.  I'll just make a list:
~stomach bug
~puking kids
~puking kids that puke on the carpet--why? why? always the carpet.
~business being slow
~this fucking frigid cold weather that just won't go away.  Seriously.  Just. Go. Away.
~medical bills

Which brings me to the last part of this post.  Saying goodbye.

13 years ago, we got a puppy.  He was black and cute and furry and we named him Cole.
And apparently, that was way before I had a digital camera cause I can't find a single picture of him as a puppy saved on my computer.

oooh my babies are so little…

I made that doll house.  by hand.  glued every freakin' piece.

disregard the Cat digger that has fallen into the house it was demo-ing

He is clearly, the king of dog photobombing.

And best for last:

Cole was the only dog the kids have ever known.  We got him when our oldest was 1 1/2 so no one remembers a time without him.  He was a fetcher of all balls that were thrown.  For hours, he would fetch if someone would throw.  He was a good bird dog too, in his time.  He loved going on walks.  Really, he loved doing anything as long as he was with us.  Rides in the car, the boat, going to camp, hunting and just hanging out with us.  He never once, not once, bit anyone.  Those kids could pull on his ears (when they were babies), climb all over him and he would just lay there.

It is so hard to know when enough is enough.  So hard to make that decision.  Even harder to explain it to the kids.  How do you justify that choice when you aren't sure yourself?

My husband decided it was time.  I couldn't do it.  He took him and stayed with him.

And it's done.


Unknown said...

I am so sorry about your pup!!! That is my absolute worst nightmare. He was loved!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Sorry about Cole, so hard to say goodbye to pets. Hugs to your family

Running Librarian said...

sorry about your loss

Carrie said...

So sorry again about Cole. Our oldest is 10 and was our baby well before the human kind. Labs are the best.

But hey, you beat my measly 20 miles run!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about Cole. Know what´s like...we had a cat for ten years and our daughter is growing up with him. So hard to say goodbye !!