Wednesday, March 5, 2014

40 in 40 and the stealer of the juice

So I keep seeing this 40/40 thing all over facebook about 40 bags in 40 days.  Basically, you clean 40 small areas in your house and purge stuff you don't need, want or love.  One area each day.

I think it's a great idea.  I think I can actually do it.

It's not like 'spring clean your bedroom' is one of the tasks.  Well, I suppose it could be if you had that kind of time.  But instead, it looks more like this:

Day 1:  the vanity
Day 2:  junk drawers
Day 3:  closet
Day 4:  master bath drawers
Day 5:  kids vanity
Day 6:  refrigerator
Day 7:  pantry

and so on.  You customize it however you wish.  Just small tasks that might take 15-20 minutes at most but over the course of 40 days, you get a lot shit done.

It perfectly aligns itself with Lent.  So my former-non-practicing-Catholic-self can do this for Lent.  I'm going to give up clutter and hoarding for Lent!

trying to avoid this

I'll take before and after pictures so you all can see what gets done.  Also, so I actually do it and not slack off on day 6.....

Day 1 begins this evening.  Stay tuned.

Today at work a fellow came in for his eye exam--all fine and normal, right?  On his way in to said exam, he took a moment to plug his car into our building.

Yes, you read that correctly.

HE PLUGGED HIS ELECTRIC CAR INTO OUR BUILDING!!    To charge!!  While he was having an eye exam!

Without asking!!!!

File that under "biggest balls ever".  I wonder if he just assumed it was like plugging in an ipad to charge.  Or if he was trying to scam some free juice.  I would imagine that a car would draw a little more charge than an ipad.

Do we need to lock out outside outlets now?  what the....

Do you want to join me in the 40 bags in 40 days challenge?  Go ahead and hashtag it.  I'll follow on whatever media you wish. #40bags40days

Plugging in the car--ballsy or smart?  My vote is he's a thief!


Becka said...

I'm glad you did a quick blog about it. I saw your picture on Instagram but wasn't sure what the process was. I did a lot of purging when the ex moved out last summer, but I like the idea of just doing a small area at a time. Maybe I will start that too... Great idea!

..:danielle:.. said...

so I like this idea but heres my problem (which actually happened this am, not doing the 40/40 thing...) thinking of you I was like ok ill just organize under the bathroom counter. which then turned into ONG my bathroom is soooooo dirty which then turned into... you see where this is going. and hen wont nap. ugh.