Thursday, March 20, 2014

Would you Rather #2

Another exciting episode of "Would You Rather" is available for your reading pleasure today, folks!  Thanks to Rachel at Running in Real Life, I have some more super-duper interesting questions to answer.

Would You Rather:

~Run a race at -10 with slushy roads or 85* with the sun beating down?

~Wear running clothes that are way too tight or clothes that are way too loose?

~Have really big upper body muscles or really big lower body muscles? (the kicker here is that whatever you don't choose is super puny.)

~Travel to the past to meet your great-great grandparents or travel to the future to meet you great-great grandchildren?

~Watch your favorite sporting event on a large TV in your house or watch your favorite sporting even in person but have really crappy seats?

My answers:

1.  I would rather be hot than cold any day so I would rather run in the sun than the -10* slush.  85* and beating sun would rock my world right now.

2.  Too tight or too loose, that is a tough one.  I think I would rather have stuff be too tight, I know I would have unbearable chafing from stuff that was too loose.  I have a running skirt that is a little too big and every 15 seconds I'm hauling it up.  So annoying.

3.  I think I'd rather have strong legs although I don't like either choice.  Wah.

4.  I think I would rather travel to the future to meet my grandkids.  It would be cool to see what happens in the future and I wouldn't really want to go back in time.  I mean, what if there wasn't indoor plumbing or I had to haul water or milk cows or something like that?  No thanks.

5.  This one is so easy--I would totally rather be at the event in person.  Crappy seats or not.

I also picked a winner for the compression socks giveaway.  Thanks to all for entering!

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