Sunday, June 8, 2014

May Review

As per usual, I am right on time with my monthly reviews.  I just don't feel like I have much to say since I haven't been racing but I do have plenty of things coming up in the next few months so you should hear from me a little more as the summer goes on.

Run--41.58 miles.  Not my best, but not my worst.  I seriously don't know how y'all manage 100+ miles/month.  50-60 seems to be about right for me.

Spin--160 minutes.  I'm getting my road bike out and ready to go today so I imagine this number will go up as the summer goes on.

Swim--5500 yds.  I don't have a tri on the schedule for this year so it's likely this number will not change much.  I like to swim to cross train and it gives my body a break, but now the Y is closed on Sundays so it makes it that much harder to get to the pool when it's sunny and 70* out.

Tennis--6 hours

Weights/stretching--100 minutes.  I had made a decent effort at the arm challenge for May but only to to day 14.  I may just try to finish out the month, doing the exercises not necessarily each day, but as I can.

Things I'm Loving--

~Holy shit these are good.  Seriously.  They are the best bar thing I have ever had.  It's like a fruit roll up with nuts.  There is a grape/peanut one that tastes like a peanut butter sandwich.  All natural, gluten free, no GMO and they taste good!!  Now I need to try to find a cheaper place to purchase them.  If you see them at a gas station, grab one and try it.  I promise you will be surprised.

~The weather has finally improved somewhat here and today it feels like summer.  Unfortunately, I'm sitting in class looking out at the beautiful sunny day as I type this, but I'm done at noon and can enjoy the gorgeous drive home and a bike ride tonight.  Yay for summer days!

~Lacrosse continues to be one of my favorite sports to watch my kids play.  They have a great season--each one of them!  They all have been significant contributors to their respective teams and it makes me wish that the season wasn't so short.

This is the most fun sport I never had a chance to play.  So much fun.  SOOOO much better than baseball/softball.  

Did I mention that my eldest is 'graduating' 8th grade this week?  Oh my.  She is almost as tall as me.

I'm 5'6".  She's almost there.  Let's also remember that at her age I was 4'11" and grew 6" from freshman to junior year…..  Her dad is 6'3".  If she grows like I did, she'll be 5'10".  Grow, baby, grow.

How did my kid get so pretty?  I'm pretty sure I did not look anything like that in 8th grade.  In fact, I KNOW I didn't.  Here's the proof.

I'm the one with her pants down.  why?  no clue.

~Spartan Up--still reading
~Goldfinch--still reading but really, really good so far.  Go buy it.  Now.
~Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant.  All good.  Good series.  

~Turn Down for What, DJ Snake.
~She Looks so Perfect (for the teeny bopper in me), 5 Seconds of Summer.
~Come With me Now, Kongos.
~Sing, Ed Sheeran.
~Rewind, Rascal Flats.

Please remember I'm still have a fundraising effort for the Tri for a Cure relay I'm doing in July.  I have plenty of great prizes to give away and only one person in the lottery right now.  Here's the link to my fundraising page--Tri for a Cure, and here's the link to the original blog so you can mark down your entries.  Please help me to reach my goal!  All money raised goes to fight cancer right here in Maine.  I greatly appreciate any and all donations.

I hope summer has finally arrived where you live.  Enjoy June!

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