Monday, June 16, 2014

Rude Awakening

I'm not one of those people that likes to weigh themselves every day.  Or even monthly.  I usually just go by how my clothes feel and how they are fitting me.  Since it's finally a bit of summer here, I've been able to wear my summer clothes which are mostly capris.  I haven't worn those pants in a while and since I bought a couple of new things for this season, I haven't had a chance to wear all of them yet.

This morning I grabbed a pair of pants to wear and found that they were a bit, um let's say, fitted.  And I had the ever attractive muffin top.

Hmmmm.  Did they shrink?  Maybe I just washed them and I need to stretch them out a bit.

Blissfully ignorant, I stepped on the scale just to have a look-see of where I was at.  Mind you, I haven't stepped on a scale in at least 3 months?  Maybe 4.  I honestly cannot remember.

Perhaps I should rethink that method of tracking my weight, because the number on the scale shocked me.

Like, really shocked me.

As in, it was the number that I was at 3 years ago BEFORE I had started any of this running stuff.  Did I mention that I was still running and exercising?

So putting two and two together, one can deduce that I must be eating like a teenage boy.  But with a 43 year old woman's metabolism.  How unfortunate for me.

That might explain why my 8 mile run the other day kicked the shit out of me.  Trying to drag around 10 extra pounds will do that to you.

So now it's time to get serious about eating.  Time to reach for more veggies and fruit and less nutella and chips.  Avoid Dairy Queen like the plague.

less of this

Eat more salads and fruits.
more of this

It's so easy to justify that ice cream in your head when you just finished running 6 miles.  Or to grab that burger at the drive through when you are out of town.  Why does junk food have to taste so good???  Why??

So today, I begin the crackdown.  (right after I finish up the Olive Garden leftovers.....)   I know what my weaknesses are and where I need to improve.
1.  less snacking--stay away from the chips, candy, nutella.
2.  double veggies and no carb at dinner.
3.  limited ice cream treats.  Just cause the kids are having it doesn't mean I need to.
4.  eat based on hunger, not time of day.  Then STOP when I'm full.
5.  continue with my exercise, maybe add a short run at dinner time to help me to eat less.

How do you keep your weight in check?  Especially as we age.  I'll take any tips you have.


Becka said...

Blah. I feel you. I was in that boat last year, lost all the weight, and then let myself slide over the holidays and here I am, almost back to where I was.

Running With The Girls said...

same here. bleh. summer salads full time now.....

Carrie said...

I was just noticing the chub around my belly seemed to be getting softer too. WTF. For me, it is the beer.