Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Better Late than Never--June Review

Hey look!  It's already July 9 so it's probably about time that I post up a review of June, yes?  The kids are all out of school now so that has been both relaxing and busy.  We had a couple of weeks where there wasn't much going on and that was super nice (and weird) to not have to be driving all over the state of Maine for this and that.  But then basketball camp for the boy happened and summer high school basketball for the eldest and BAM!  there we are, back to driving #allthemiles.  It is a bit easier to do when you don't have to worry about getting them up in the morning for school.  Big Sissy is also playing on a club field hockey team that has a tournament in Cape Cod early August.  Practices were looking to be far away for that but they keep switching them around (which is a little annoying) and now they are going to be only an hour away and not two hours.  (so that's less annoying...)

The next two weekends will prove to be challenging as far as getting everyone everywhere since they are the only two weekends that I have races planned in July and of course, the race day falls on the ending of lacrosse camp for the boy and field hockey camp for the girl.  All three things are in three different towns.  Of course.

Anyway, on with the review.

Run--53.07 miles.  Not too shabby for me!  This included a 10 mile road race which is what bumped me over the 50 mile mark.

Spin/bike--230 minutes This number is probably split up half and half with spin bike and road bike.  The spin bike is a perfect replacement for running in the noon time scorching heat.  I did that once last year and just about killed myself for the afternoon.  It's hard to check eyes when you are recovering from heat stroke.

Tennis--5 hours

Swim--a pathetic 2000 yds last month.  Swimming seems less of a priority since I don't have a tri on schedule this summer and if I don't make a plan to get to the pool every Friday after work (or if something interferes with that), I just never seem to make it up.  It's much easier just to throw on sneakers and head out for a run.

Weights--25 minutes  Lame.

Races--only one.  Just the New England Running Company 10 Mile Classic.  I won an entry into the race via Facebook so it was worth it for that reason.  Review of that race HERE.

Things I'm Loving
~loving summer and all that goes with it!  Long, sunny days and cool, starry nights.  Runs at 8 p.m. and make it home just before dark.  Bike rides in the early morning sun and home before the kids are even fully awake.
~a new running and biking buddy (selfies to be forthcoming)
~sunburns that turn into tans
~that I have my first trail race this Sunday! #nervous #excited #nervous
~kids that sleep in and then spend all day at the beach with my adopted daughter/sitter/nanny
~all of this:

 sunset perfection

squid fisher extraordinaire

Things I'm Not Loving
~no-shows that cause me to sit around all day doing nothing, but yet staff complaining because I need to move a Friday and there's nowhere to put those patients.  Not their fault, but still annoying.  I had enough time from no-shows today to see ALL of Friday's patients.  And to write this blog.....
~this getting-older-thing that causes my core to collapse no matter how many sit-ups I do.  When I tighten my abs, they are hard and flat, otherwise, they pooch out like I'm 5 months along.  I'll assume it's to do with age, although if you all have any thoughts on ways to spanx my stomach without actual spanx, that would be great.
taken today, see the stomach pooching out?  I'm not tightening my abs here and this is what happens.

Is it because of the 3 babies I carried?  I stretched that shit out to the max?  Kinda like needing a bladder sling but only for my abs.

I am serious here though.  There is some fat overlying but mostly I feel like it's the ab wall that is distended.  Anyway, I hate it.  It makes me look fatter and frumpier than I am.

Nothing new.  Everything on iTunes seems to be overplayed already or it just plain sucks.  I'm in a music funk.  Top 40 is overplayed and annoying and I don't like anything.  I swear, if I hear that damn Fancy song one more time, I might just implode from the stupidness of it.

This Side of Brightness Colum McCann  I'm not too far into this book but I'm liking it so far.  I really enjoyed one of his other books, Let the Great World Spin, which I read a year or so ago so I know I like his writing style.

There's still some time to get in on the things I'm giving away as I try to raise money for the Tri for a Cure race on July 20.  Click HERE to read the blog and donate or visit my facebook page to bid on items that I am auctioning off.  Any little bit helps.  Or if you would like to just donate, here's the link to my page.

That's it for June!  I have the Bradbury Mountain 6 Mile Trail race this weekend and next weekend I'm doing the bike leg in the Tri for a Cure relay.  Thanks for reading!


Becka said...

I've only had the one child and my abs do that too.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I am in that ab class too. Tight and toned when I flex and pooched out like I got a baby growing in there if I am not paying attention.