Thursday, July 14, 2011

the numbers

70--the number of dollars spent on new dance shoes for Princess (daughter #2) to attend dance camp
2--number of new leotards I bought for same Princess
2--number of times I broke my promise to not spend money on extra stuff.  See above posts
10--number of lobsters hauled from lobster traps last night
1--number of thunderstorms that interrupted trap hauling
2--number of scared shitless kids that had to be picked up at the boat landing during above thunderstorm
2--number of not-so-smart people who dropped the kids off and then continued with the boat back to the boat yard in same thunderstorm
30--number of minutes I had to wait to see if the not-so-smart people would make it back alive
4--number of towels used to dry off above people
0--number of miles ran since Sunday.  :(  boo.  bad so bad
3--number of days off I have after today!  :)  yay!
915--number of dollars spent on sports camps for the kids thus far this summer
1000--number of dollars spent on sitter for the kids when not attending camp
10--number of pounds lost since 2010
9--number of charts sitting on my desk/floor waiting for me to attend to them  (ugh!)
1--number of days until the full moon (double ugh!)
0--number of winners of Nike Sunglass giveaway who have contacted me with their address!!  Shame!  If the winner doesn't contact me by this weekend, I will pull another name for the winner!

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Christi said...

I love the run down of the numbers.