Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WTF Wednesday

Welcome to another arousing edition of WTF Wednesday!  I have done pretty well with workouts this week, despite the god-awful heat.  I did spin for 20 minutes and then tennis for an hour on Monday at lunch.  Monday night I ran 4 miles.  Yesterday I did the full spin class at lunch and got my hair done at night.  Oh wait, hair coloring is not part of exercise, but it sure does make me feel good!! :)  It was worth skipping my evening run to rid myself of those hideous roots.  Between my blondish hair and my really dark tan, I'm beginning to look like a walking ad for melanoma prevention.  Or those older ladies that come back from winter in FL with skin so tan it looks like leather and hair so blonde it looks like straw.  I'm wondering if I'm a little too tan.  Is that possible?

I did manage to print out a schedule for 1/2 marathon training in 10 weeks (although I haven't looked at it yet.....).  I will.  Starting tonight.  Promise.  I think I'm really going to do this.  Maybe.  The Dempsey challenge is the following weekend in October so I'm not sure if I can handle two big races in two weeks.  Must decide which is more important.  Hmmmm.  First 1/2 marathon or Patrick Dempsey?  This requires more thought. 

1.  90's are on track for this week in Maine.  Yes, you heard right.  90's.  In Maine!  Not complaining, just making an observation.  WTF.

2.  Spin/strength class during lunch hour then drive through McD's for fries and salad.  Counterproductive, perhaps?  WTF.

3.  My weekends are pretty much filled up from now until 8/27!  And that is the last weekend before school starts again!  I'm not sure how that happened but it did.  A race, family gathering, vacation, wedding and they are all used up!  WTF!  All those things better be fun.....  Oh and my birthday is somewhere in that mess.  Not that we are counting those anymore...


Carrie said...

Have fun working out in the heat! I got my run in this morning and it was humid as heck. BTW - I think we live pretty close together.

Christi said...

My weekends are all booked up as well and I believed it happened in like the span of 2 mins. Crazy!

I got my hair appts and manis/pedis as exercise! :P They always make me happy!