Friday, July 1, 2011

Three things Thursday! (a day late....)

Bear with me as I try to post this blog from my iPad.... Not so easy.

1. I got some new running sneakers!!! My older ones were hurting my feet on the longer runs and I read somewhere that your shoes should be a size larger for long runs because your feet swell. Makes sense so I went and got fitted. After 6 or 7 pairs I found the right ones:

I love them!  Aren't they pretty?  And they fit nicely too.  I had to get a size 9 in these.  Weird because I am a 7 1/2 (sometimes an 8) every other day.  But the 9 just felt good and had extra room in the toe area. 

2.  I have discovered Chipotle.  The restaurant, not the flavor.  It is delicious.  And cheap.  I have read about other bloggy folks eating there and didn't have a clue what it was.  Well, I happened upon it in Portland the other day and dropped in to grab some dinner.  I had the buritto bowl with chicken.  YUM!  Now I know what all the fuss is about.

3.  I am terrible with dates and times.  Do not trust me with anything like that.  If I tell you Sunday at 3, make sure you check with someone else to make sure that is correct.  For example:  Wednesday was a busy busy day.  I was scheduled to leave work early to go pick up my daughter and 5 other girls at basketball camp.  But I also remembered that I had a continuing education class in the opposite direction that same night.  Thus, we rearranged the schedule so that my husband could pick up the girls and I could get to my class on time.  I drive the hour to Portland, kill time buying my sneakers and checking out the mall and then head to the hotel where my class was supposed to be.  I enter the room and no one was there.  Not even a paper or a person or anything.  I ask the hotel clerk where the meeting is and they say there is not a meeting today.  Ugh.  Back out to the car I go to recheck the paper--maybe a different hotel?  Nope, the meeting was 6/22.  LAST wed.  Good God.  What a waste of time and travel for nothing.  At least I got to find/try Chipotle.  Do you suppose I could still deduct the milage and meal???  lol

Toying with the idea of a 1/2 marathon in October.  Is that possible?  Do I have enough time to train for that?  The longest run to date for me has been 6 miles.  Hmmmmm.  Any thoughts/advice on that?

One more week to enter my giveaway!  Get your entries in!  Oh--and have a SUPER Fourth of July weekend!!!


Christi said...

Chipotle is the bomb! I love it!

FYI, you have plenty of time to train for a 1/2 if you start now. So go for it!

I love the new shoes. They are pretty like mine.

Happy 4th!

Running With The Girls said...

You totally have enough time to train for a half. I started right about this time last year and my longest run prior to starting the training was 7 miles. You can do it!!! Are you planning on doing the Maine 1/2?

Love the shoes. They are cute. I wish I could wear Saucony.

Running With The Girls said...

Yep - you are right. Now that you've said you're going to do it, you are committed! You can do it. My 1st half was at the Maine 1/2 last year. Great course and wonderful supports. Immediately after running the 1/2, I said I was going to do the full. Now here I am - 4 weeks into training for the full!