Monday, September 12, 2011


Can you say, "bite off more than you can chew?".  Apparantly, I can and do.  All of a sudden September has turned into one crazy, busy month.  Here is a bullet list of what is happening in my world right now:

1.  3 kids
2.  As if #1 isn't enough, but my 3 kids are all doing 3 different things.
3.  Sissy field hockey.  Not a big deal as it's right after school and she's old enough to just go there herself.  But games are at 3:45 and she wants me there. 
4.  Princess does dance starting this week each Wed. at a studio 45 minutes away.  Often at the same time as the 3:45 games mentioned above.
5.  Princess is also doing field hockey. :)  Which I am soo happy about that I don't care how much harder it makes our schedule.  Practice Thurs. 5-6, games on Sat.
6. Manimal doing two different soccer clubs.  Which means practice Tues, Wed, Fri, and games Sat.  Often the same time as Princess' games.  ugh.
7.  Renters are out of our house.  The house is not in great shape.  We want to sell it ASAP.  Which means someone has to paint, clean gutters, fix porch, clean inside etc etc.  ugh
8.  1/2 Marathon is less than one month away.  This is when I'm supposed to be running the most, right?  And I'm running the least!  double ugh.
9.  Did I mention that I work?  Full-time?  At my own business?  ugh.
10.  Did I also mention that I do not have a maid?  Or a butler.  Or a chaffeur.  Thank goodness I have a husband who is awesome at cooking, and bringing the kids wherever.  Yay for hubs!!
11.  My roots are getting out of control.  I don't think I even have time to make it to the hairdresser.  I don't think I even have time for her to come to my house! 

Calgon!  Take me away! (older commercial reference for those of you under 40...)

On the plus side, the weather has been fabulous!!!  I did get another 10 mile run in last Friday.  It was great!  I'm pretty sure I can do this 1/2 marathon thing--just get me through the next few weeks without missing too many runs. 

What's shakin' in your neck of the woods?

Do you have too much to do and too little time?

Anyone know a cheap painter/handyman?


Carla Pierce said...

He He He-Maybe your Garmin can do some of these things. Lol) I have wanted a clone for so many years...but, seriously, back to reality. This is the world we live in today where we want a career, family (that is active in everything) and a fun hobby (like running, tennis, etc.) You will do just as much as you can per day and then collapse into bed! Having a husband who helps you do all these things is so important- and I had one; still have one although my hectic pace is no longer as hectic. Often wonder how single parent households manage. And therein lies the benfit, that one day, far in the future, life as you know it will get less busy!!! perhaps you only have another 10 years to wait?! Less, really because things will get easier. And you like doing all these things. I know you do. So maybe you can't get your hair done for another week or make it to your solo spin class, but you ARE a special Mom, Wife, Professional Working Woman, and Athlete and right now you are doing it all, or at least trying to! All the best-you are one of my favs!!!

ltlindian said...

:):):) Carla--you are so awesome. Thanks so much. All you say is true, about it getting easier, I know it will. And I do love it all! I love the busy-ness and the always having something to do. I love love love that my kids like sports and my hair can wait. :)(it's pulled back 90% of the time anyway)

If I can just sell that damn house, I would feel so much better!

Thanks for the awesome pick-me-up! You are one of my faves too. :)

Teamarcia said...

This time of year is especially hard because schedules are new. It will get easier and you'll get better at juggling it all. It's a good kind of busy after all. This too shall pass.

Lisa said...

Your September will be my October! You've got this....10 miles? Absolutely can do your 1/2.