Thursday, September 8, 2011

Winner! and three things thursday

1.  I am finally getting around to posting the winner of the Xperio Poloarized Lenses. chose a winner:

True Random Number Generator
Which turned out to be Rachel @Running in Real Life!  Congratulations!  Send me an email with your address and such and I'll send out your voucher! 
2.  Princess has decided that she might like to try out field hockey!  Wow!  This is a momentous occasion!  That she is even considering trying it it amazing.  This is the girl who (although very athletic) refuses to do any sports at all.  So I just kinda threw it out there when I saw the paper for sign-up.  She really likes hitting around the hockey puck while skating and field hockey is similar to that so I thought she might like it.  She has agreed to try it tonight as long as her BFF is doing it.  BFF's mom said she would do it if Princess was doing it so perfect!  Practice is tonight so we will see how that goes. 
3.  Really bad running week.  Weather, school, early darkness--it just isn't coming together as far a milage goes.  I ran Monday during the day to miss the raindrops but nothing since.  :( boo!  Tuesday I had late work night, Wed. was pouring, today pouring in the morning (not that I would have gotten up anyway, but I like to pretend....).   Hopefully, I can get a run in tonight either during or after my daughter's field hockey.  I need to try to get another long run in this weekend.  Tomorrow might be the day for me to make up for all the missed runs this week. 
I hope your week is going a little better than mine!


Rachel said...

Awesome! I am so excited that I won. Thanks so much!

Field hockey sounds really fun! I wish that would have been an option when I was growing up. I hope she likes it!

Carrie said...

Congrats lucky girl!