Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hump Day Happenings

1.  The first week back to work from vacation hasn't been too bad...  It's always an adjustment getting used to waking up at 6:30 vs. 8:30 but we've made the transition.  Good practice for school, which is in 3 weeks.  I must say I would probably rather be doing this:

But someone has to pay the bills.

2.  Asparagus for breakfast = instant weird urine smell.

3.  Jen from Running With the Girls and I have started a little friendly challenge.  We were twittering one night and all of a sudden we were challenging each other to plank for 75 sec and do 35 push-ups by the end of August!  Jen even went further to make it an official challenge on her blog with some prizes for those that participate! 

All of this challenging each other is contagious because now my kids are all trying to out-plank each other and even my husband tossed a challenge at one of his friends to see who could plank the longest.  I swear, you make it a competition and everyone wants to play. 

Right now I'm in last place:
me: 63 sec
sissy: 68 sec
hubby: 2 min 30 sec
princess: 6 min 35 sec
manimal: 10 min (but not the best quality plank for the whole time)

I see I'm going to have to try again tonight.  No way I'm staying in last place!

I'll keep you updated with the results.  Follow us on twitter too @ltlindian @RunningWTG!

4.  The Rev3 Maine Tri is less than 2 weeks away.  Yikes!  My rented wetsuit is scheduled to arrive tomorrow so I will have a chance to try it out this weekend.  I've never swam (swum? oh, my English is failing miserably...) in a wetsuit or in the ocean (other than playing around).  To say I'm a little nervous about this, would be the understatment of the year. 

I opted to rent a suit online and have them mail it to me rather than rent through Rev3 and pick it up at expo because they would send it to me right away so I can try it out before race day.  I thought that might make me a little bit more at ease if I knew it fit ok and that I could put it on and take it off.  Nightmare no. 1--wetsuit doesn't fit.  I can scratch that one off the list. 

I guess I need to get some Body Glide, right?

Do you have any advice on the swim part of my tri?

Join us for the plank, push-up and wall squat challenge!  See RWG for more details!


..:danielle:.. said...

until i just read this i had forgotten that i kinda sorta maybe said i would try to do this challenge to. oops. guess ill get on that....
also, can we meet at rev3 please? k thank! :)

Terzah said...

Geez, I have *no* idea how long I could hold a plank at this point. I did surprise myself by being able to swing across some monkey bars at a playground with the kids on our trip last week. I could tell my core is stronger. But planks.....maybe I'll try it just to see....