Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some Words for Wednesday

I am still on a high from Sunday.  Although, no one else really seems to care about how awesome I am and how great a personal challenge I accomplished .  Once you get away from all the runnerds and triatha-freaks, it just seems like another crazy race to everyone else.  But thankfully, Boothbay Harbor is full of triatha-freaks so we all get along just fine. :) 

From our little town alone, 8 people were down racing the Rev3 OOB.  Everyone else but me, was racing the 70.3.  Awesome, right?  It gets even better.  The oldest of the crew who went down was 73!  Sooo inspiring.  I am in awe of how great he did. 

Oh, and that girl in the bike photo, who I played cat and mouse with on the bike and the run... the one I said beat me at the end?  Yah, her.

Well, guess what.  She didn't beat me.  She was in a different age group (younger!) and had an earlier start and therefore, I beat her!  Ha!  Not that it matters really, but it feels good to know that my time was better.  Even if it was only 28 seconds. 

Competitive much?

On the other hand, the other woman that kept passing me, I was happy for her that she did well.  She was so chatty and would cheer me on each time she went by me or I went by her.  I wished she lived closer to me, we would have made great training partners.  If riding next to each other were allowed, I would have loved to bike next to her and chat the whole time.

The other thing I forgot to mention in my last post was how irritating the relay folks were on the run.  Not the people themselves, but didn't it piss me off after swimming a mile, biking 25 miles then in the middle of running the 6.2, to have those relay people pass me looking all fresh and clean and non-sweaty.  I would swear under my breath each time someone with a R on their leg went by me.  Man/woman--it didn't matter.  I kept wanting to yell out to them "I'd kick your ass if I hadn't just biked 25 miles!".  Or stick my foot out and trip them.

I also forgot to post the medal that we got at the finish.  It was pretty sweet.
You can't really see it, but it's in the shape of a lobster claw and you can use it as a bottle opener!  Handy.  Those Rev3 folks think of everything.

On a totally different topic, my 7 year old boy is driving me crazy lately.  I swear to god I have to say everything at least three times before he even begins to listen to me.  Manimal, get your shoes on.  Get your shoes on.  GET YOUR SHOES ON!  Then he gets all sad and it makes me feel bad when his dad gets mad (because I'm getting mad) and speaks to him or punishes him.

I'm not sure why the 7 year old mind can't comprehend that, but I don't want to get mad at him.  I don't want his dad to get upset at him.  I don't want to punish him.  But, seriously?  Should I really have to say everything 3-4 times?

I'm not sure how else to handle this.  It's hard to come up with a good punishment--he doesn't use video games hardly at all.  The only things to take away from him are the sports that he does--soccer, basketball and jiujitsu.  And I don't want to take exercise away from him, that seems just dumb.  The other option is to put him in his room.   Which sucks because then one of us parents are stuck at the house to make sure he stays put.

Why is the kid's punishment, a punishment for the parents as well??

What's your favorite race medal?  
It's got to be pretty sweet to beat the lobster claw one I just got...

Are you ever at a loss as to how to properly parent your children?
without being a complete jerk


Nitsirk said...

Congrats on the race. It sounds like it was a good one. My favorite medal was from Lobsterman Oly back in 2006. It is a lobster cracker in the shape of a claw (I sense a theme..).

I have the same issue with my 3 year old. I take away TV. Luckily at 3, his 20 minutes a day are precious and now I only have to start counting to three and he starts moving.

..:danielle:.. said...

first of all, you did AWESOME and you are BADASS!!! we care, we really care! (although i am in the crazy runnerds category...)
im sad now reading your "i wanted to trip the relay runners" comment because i just signed up to do lobsterman as a relay, and ill be the runner. boooooo (its ok to hate, you would absolutely kick my ass overall. since i would drown first thing).
i LOVED the medals for this race! the crow athletics great cranberry island 50k also had lobster claw bottle opener medals, so cool! and very "Maine". my fave medal has been either the rock n roll arizona half (a cactus) or disney half (donald duck)! :)

Unknown said...

YOUR TOO FUNNY :) AND BADASS TO BOOT! Great job on your tri! Loved the part about trippin the relayers bawhahahaha.

On the kid front im right there with ya 5 year old and 8 year old... funny how we end up feeling like the ass when you get to the loud point.. I am ashamed to say I pretty much looked like straight white trash in our local grocery store the other night because my son (the 8 year old) kept asking for dr pepper after I repeatedly told him no. So I yelled looked ridiculous... in front of a lady and her child... who I see is in my sons class on the first day of school..... Great! I will be reading to see if you get some veteran parental advice on the listening:) Have a great day!

Christi said...

Congrats on your race!