Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shut Up Already!

Caution!  Rant Post Ahead!

Whenever I go to my continuing education classes--and it doesn't matter where it is, it can be Maine, Florida or Texas--there is always one jackass that has to talk the whole time during the lecture.  He may ask questions, but more often he talks to the lecturer like he knows more about the subject than the lecturer does.

If you know so goddamn much about it, why don't you get your own lecture?  Shut the hell up so we can get this over with.  No one cares how smart you think you are, no one cares about what you do in your own practice and how it is soooo much better than what the lecturer is advising.  Everyone really just wants to sit here and get our stupid hours done with.  So shut up already.

If you've got some long winded question that is bordering on being stupid, then just wait until after the lecture to ask it.  For the love of Jesus, just wait.  The lecturer will be more than happy to explain how dumb you are to you when the rest of us have left and are enjoying a margarita.

And while I'm on a rant, the meat-locker like temperatures that you keep these rooms at while we have to sit idle for 2 hour increments, really sucks for us women.  If you want me to dress nicely in heels and a dress, then you cannot keep the room at 56*.  My toes are like little frozen sausages right now.

Advice for the vendors--if you want me to visit your booth and talk to you about your product/instrument, then you'd better have some good chocolate or snack to lure me there.  Maine is very good at this.  All the vendors are right on top of this with chocolate kisses, mini PB cups and sometimes bags of M&M's.  Lure me in with the candy, then strike for the kill.   At this particular meeting in TX, not one bit of chocolate to be found.  #vendorfail

Despite the babbling idiot, arctic temperatures and chocolate deficiency, I have managed to accumulate 11 hours of CE.



Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading as always! Kept Bruce and me entertained on the way to Gatlinburg! I will have some chocolate for you!

Lisa said...

Note to self: if we ever connect for a run, must bring chocolate.


Anonymous said...

LOL! There is one idiot at every seminar I go to as well! Always running on with questions when everyone else just wants to leave.
And totally agree with you about the chocolate at the vendor tables. I won't even make eye contact if I don't think I'm getting chocolate out of it.